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Kristen M.

You got through it! I only ended up reading the first act this week. My print copy was too abbreviated on names (I had to keep flipping back to the character listing) and it didn't have footnotes so I tried reading it online but it's hard to do that for long stretches.

In good news, I'm ordering myself a nice big Royal Shakespeare Company volume!


As you know, I know very little indeed about Shakespeare, but I'll be keeping you company as I promised my son I'd reread Romeo and Juliet (they're doing it in school). And have you seen Shakespeare in Love? It's one of my favourite films and it ends with Shakespeare thinking up the idea for Twelth Night. I'm so impressed with your approach to his plays, Danielle!


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed 12th Night. Macbeth is my favorite of Shakespeare's plays, but I enjoy Hamlet as well, so either way you're in for a treat.


I LOVE Twelfth Night. Now read Margaret Cavendish's Convent of Pleasure - I read it alongside Twelfth Night in college.

Dorothy W.

I love this project! I like the idea of reading the play and then watching a few versions of it, and then maybe reading some criticism and even finding a fictional version, if possible. You get a lot of different perspectives on the play that way.


Kristen--It did take longer than I anticipated, but I was so looking forward to seeing the film I stuck with it! I had a good book to work with though--with footnotes on one side and the play on the other. The names are tricky--especially as they are so close in spelling. I did discover that has the plays in text form and some have links--if you hover the curser over underlined words a little box pops up with the meaning--it's pretty cool. You'll have to tell me about the RSC volume. And let me know what you think when you finish (I'm still going to do some more reading on this), as I'd love to know! :)
Litlove--I read Romeo and Juliet last year (will have to pull out my movie to watch again). When I was in school we read King Lear, which I don't remember enjoying (though I think I would appreciate it now). I would much have preferred Romeo and Juliet. That's nice you're reading along with your son! And I did see Shakespeare in Love when it came out. I think I have it on video--must look for it. I don't remember the reference to 12th Night at the end, so really must watch it again soon. And I'm not usually so well prepared/or well thought out when it comes to most of my reading, but it's sort of fun with Shakespeare!
Teresa--I plan on reading both at some point this year (maybe I'll switch off between comedies and tragedies). I think I really should have read them long before now, so I am looking forward to them both!
Jordan--I love it, too. I can't wait to get my DVD! :) Thanks for the suggestion on the Cavendish play. I will see if my library has it--I would love to read something alongside the Shakespeare.
Dorothy--I really enjoyed reading the play as well, and think it will be fun to watch the plays and read other material. I think it will help set it all more firmy in my mind. I know many of these stories have been retold in modern literature, so I thought it would be interesting to read the plays and then modern interpretations! Hopefully I can slowly work on this over the course of the year!


I love all of the comedies, but Much Ado is my favorite. And Hamlet is my favorite tragedy.

Watching some of the many film versions is a great way to appreciate the timelessness!


Jenclair--I'd like the read all the comedies and most of the tragedies. I'm less interested in the histories, but I have plenty to read before I get through them all. I do like watching the different adaptations and interpretations--you're right it does give the plays a timeless quality--knowing that even now we can watch them and apply them to how we live! Now that is truly the sign of a classic!

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