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I bought this gem last August and started reading it straight away during the drive home (I wasn't driving). Reading your post makes me want to pull it off of my bookshelf and read it again!


Darlene--I found my copy at one of my library sales, and I've wanted to pick it up and read for ages. Once you get into it, you really don't want to put it down. I wonder if the sequels are equally as clever?

Dorothy W.

I'd really like to read this book! I've got a copy around here somewhere -- it sounds like just the thing for a busy, stressful time like right now.


Dorothy--Actually it is a perfect book for when you're feeling otherwise stressed. You can easily read as little or as much as you like and pick up the thread later. Plus she's so amusing to read--I think you'd like her dry humor. It's nice and light hearted but not necessarily fluffy, if that makes sense.


This book sounds gorgeous! I think I have seen it around in a new edition??


I'm so glad you are enjoying this. The Provincial Lady has seen my through many a dark moment, and I am immensely grateful to her. I know exactly what you mean about seeming to read one's mind! And it is a pick up and put down sort of book, until it seems necessary to read the next 100 pages straight off! :-)

Bride of the Book God

I'm glad you enjoyed this, I have a lovely Virago omnibus edition of this and all the sequels. I don't know if you realise that her daughter wrote a book as well, which I read last year - review here


Sounds delightful.

It's good to know that someone's elses life isn't perfect.


I'm going to have to buy my own copy of this. I tried Interlibrary loan, but I couldn't finish it in time. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but it seemed the kind of book you don't want to rush through.


I went to the library looking for this very book last week. Alas, it wasn't in, but I'll keep looking it. It sounds just wonderful.


Karen--I think my edition is just a plain old paperback book club eidtion, though it has some wonderfull illustrations. I think it was one of the books Virago republished as part of their 30th anniversary and I would love to get that one!
Litlove--Yes, that was exactly it. I would read a bit here and there, but all of a sudden I just had to read the rest straight through. The Provincial Lady is a wonderful character! It's nice to have a book like that on hand to turn to.
Bride of the Book God--Yes, someone did tell me her daughter also wrote a book, which I now must look for as well. Is the Virago omnibus edition an older one? That would nice to have all the books together in one. Thanks for the link, I will go check it out.
Isabel--No, I think that's why I enjoyed the book--she did have her problems, but she was always so optimistic (in a humorous way, too).
Sam--It is a thick little book even though it's only diary entries. It's definitely one to own I think! And one that is nice to take your time with!
Teresa--Yes, keep this one on your list. I'm glad to hear the library had it And that it was checked out! It's one of those books that deserves readership even though it was written in the 30s!


Rereading all those lovely little snippets made me want to reread the whole thing! Perhaps I'll pick up one of the sequels instead. I was lucky enough to pick up an omnibus edition in a charity shop last year, which has three or four of the books in it.


I've had this on my shelf for years, not realizing it was the sort of book I am looking for these days, light and with dry humor.


Oh this sounds like such fun! It is going on my TBR list right away!


Cath--I would love to have an omnibus edition. I do have the Provincial Lady in London which I need to pull out and keep close by. It would be nice to have her on hand just to pick up now and again!
Debby--There are parts that are really very funny. It's all very light hearted, and you can easily read a bit here and there and not lose the thread if you happen to set it aside for a day or two. All in all very enjoyable!
Stefanie--I think you'd get a big kick out of it. I need to read this sort of book more often I think! It's not often I get a good chuckle out of a book.

Simon T

So pleased you liked it, Danielle, and reading the excerpts makes me want to re-read it all over again... I've got a four-in-one of the Provincial Lady books, and have read each volume between 3 and 5 times each. I know these are books I'm going to re-read all my life. I think The PL in London is the American title for The PL Goes Further, which is my favourite of the four. She's written a book which is unexpectedly popular - so even more autobiographical I guess! But endlessly amusing. I have it by my bed, and often have to resist just re-reading the Provincial Lady books to the exclusion of all others...


Simon--I can easily see where you would want to read this book to the exclusion of others. It was really very charming, but not just 'nice' also very witty. I just liked her voice so much. I'm glad to hear you like PL in London even more, since that's the other one I own. I am going to pull it off my shelves. I'd love to have the omnibus edition. And I love the PLs literary endeavors--how could any reader not take to her?!


I love those books.

Valentine's Meat Juice.


Oh, dash it all. The link didn't link. Here's where you can find out about Valentine's Meat Juice:


I had to come back and read your review after I finished reading this for myself. The extracts that you picked were some of my favorites too - especially about the childless widow one - seriously, how exactly one explain that to one's husband? I was positively squealing with laughter there!
Really nicely written review - now that I can appreciate it more


Vipula--Your comment and rereading those excerpts makes me want to read the book all over again! She really is funny--I wonder if women appreciate the humor much more than men!? :)

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