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I have An Accomplished Woman on my tbr pile too, so will be interested to hear what that one's like. And I've been after that Andrew Taylor for a while myself. Must check the library catalogue to see if they have it yet.


Cath--I'm really enjoying it so far. It's set in the Regency period with a very likeable and independent heroine! I've also moved the Taylor book to my bedside and hope to start it soon!


I have The Birthday Present sitting here waiting to be read. It's due back at the library today, so I hope I can renew it as I've only read the first few pages. At the time I wasn't in the mood for either political stuff or 'adventure sex' (as described on the book cover).

I borrow far more books than I actually read - still it keeps the library open.


Have you read the biography of George Sand by Belinda Jack (I think... I'll check that out), Danielle? Only Sand dressed in men's clothes for a while. You probably do know this, I expect, after the Slaves read Indiana. But anyway, that is a wonderful pile of library books there - I think I pretty much wanted to read all of them! I must get started on the Barbara Vine and keep you company! :-)


Wonderful loot! I have one book on hold so who knows what else I'll find when I go pick it up :)

I have lots of good stuff about Andrew Taylor's books so I hope you get to read that one and you can tell us all about it!


What a great stack of library books! I've always used the library but I must say that since I began working in one I have been using both the one I work in and the the public library a lot more.


Lots of good things there -where to begin! I for one am interested in your thoughts on the Vine and the Taylor. Happy reading!


We can all use a little job security right about now. I just found out this morning that North Carolina is cutting the salary of all state employees (which includes me at the community college library) through the remainder of the fiscal year, which is June 30. But, luckily I still have a job. I used the same sort of justification on Saturday when I bought five new books from the local independent bookstore. I'm trying to keep them in business. :)


What a great stockpile! I haven't read any of these so will be looking out to see what you think of them. I have read another book by Jude Morgan and remember really enjoying the style of the writing etc... and anything with a hint of Jane Austen about it usually hooks me in!


BooksPlease--Unfortunately I already know there is a long list of people waiting for the Vine book (it was only recently released here), so I need to get started on it soon. I've heard good things about this one, even though the storyline isn't as appealing as some of her other books.
Litlove--Yes, I did know Georges Sand dressed as a man on occasion, but I had not thought of her when this all came across my mind. I haven't read this biography, but now I'll be looking for a copy! And don't all these books look tempting....will have to start the Vine soon as I can't renew it.
Iliana--I keep planning on starting the Taylor, but every night when I finally have a chance to pick up a book, I'm too tired! :( I like to browse, but if I know I have several books to pick up, I try and not look too hard!
Stefanie--Isn't it great to have access to two libraries!! I use both as well. The public library has all the more contemporary fun stuff, and the university has more serious books, lots of biographies and books of criticism and history. Still, I'm sometimes surprised by the really fun books I find there as well.
Tara--That's the problem. I know I should start with the book that needs to be returned first, but sometimes it's another book entirely that draws me in (one that I can usually renew and should save until later).
Lisa--So sorry to hear that, but I would rather try a solution like that to save money and spare jobs than outright cuts. I would be willing to work a day or two less (for less pay) if it meant I or my coworkers wouldn't have to fear losing our jobs. I have a feeling, though, that my university system is not looking at those options. I fear they are simply going to Cut! And I like to think that bookmooching and ordering online is helping the economy, too. Bookmooch helps our poor postal workers and online shopping helps bookstores, though I need to shop more locally now, too.
Karen--That's quite a nice pile, eh! They all look tempting. I'm really enjoying the Jude Morgan book, and have another by that author somewhere on my shelves (want to say it's about Lord Byron, but can't quite recall now). As for An Accomplished Woman--not an outright retelling of a JA story, but it certainly has that nice Regency feel to it. I'm hooked, too.


It seems to me that any title with the word "secret" catches my attention. Secret Keeper, Secret Scripture...they all intrigue me.

You have a good point about supporting the library. Keep them working hard!


Matt--Secrets are always tempting to know! :) Even if I don't read all the books I check out, I figure it's job security for those library workers!

Dorothy W.

I like that justification for checking out lots of books! :) I need to stop by my own public library. I have yet to read Barbara Vine, although I have a book of hers. I'll get there one of these days!


Dorothy--It makes me feel better to think I'm helping someone keep their job. Also it's a lot of rationalization! :) Barbara Vine is great--when you get to her. She has lots of good books to choose from!

Paul Harris

Hi Danielle,

I'm glad you choose to read my book. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments after you have read it (good or bad!), feel free to get in touch via my website.

Keep up the good work supporting your local library!


Paul Harris


Paul--Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm looking forward to reading your book soon--I've heard very good things about it and am always looking for a really good thriller. I will certainly post here when I do read it, and will let you know if I have any questions along the way!

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