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I think charming and delightful are the perfect words to describe this book - they can't be used enough I think!


It really is a great book; a little too serious for Chick Lit fans, I think. You can hear Johnnie Ray on YouTube; he was a really big star in the mid-50's.

Keep up the good work, Danielle.


Oh, this sounds really good; I'll have to add it to my TBR list.


Karen--I really enjoyed this book. I think I could easily have turned back to the beginning and started reading all over again!:)
Cathy--It does deal with more serious subjects than you might find in standard chick lit books. It could easily have had a more serious cover illustration. And I thought that Johnnie Ray was made up to be honest. I had to look him up and there he was! I will have to check out his music on YouTube--thanks!
Heather--I can't recommend this one enough. A nice story, interestingly told and she really writes well.


I've had this on my wishlist for ages, and it obviously deserves to be bought!


This sounds so good! I have to put it on my TBR list. Oh my, how that list grows.


I loved this book. It is the kind that causes a real pang when you have to read the last words and close it. Your wonderful review has me wondering whether it's too early for a reread!


I just received this one via Bookmooch and it is next on the list. You make it sound even more tempting!


Cornflower--I think this is actually one of my favorite books I've read this year. Pure pleasure to read!
Nadia--Those lists are impossible to keep short, aren't they! This is one I can definitely recommend.
Litlove--I loved this one, too. I could happily have turned back to the first page and started over again, and even contemplated doing that, but decided I would look for something else. I'm reading The Chase by Candida Clark, which seems promising--I'm only a few chapters in--and different enough that I won't be constantly comparing the two.
Melanie--Lucky you! It's a good one to have on hand. Save it when you're looking for an especially good comfort read. (Though if it's next up--that's even better!).

Dorothy W.

I believe you completely that this is a charming book! It sounds like a lot of fun (and charming is a useful word, isn't it?).


Dorothy--Not every book fits into that charming category, but this one certainly does. It really was a fun read--one to keep in mind when you just want somehting nice and pleasant (yet still with a good story) to read.


I love the cover of this book, and I actually didn't think chick lit. I thought nostalgia (although this was before my time, as well).


Lisa--I like the cover, too, though sometimes an abundance of pink colors makes people think chick lit. I actually thought this had a nice classy nostalgic look as well.


This sounds really good! I'm adding it to my wish list as well.


Avisannschild--I Loved this one. I was all ready to go back to the beginning and start reading it all over when I finished it. It was a slow start for me, but well worth sticking with it! :)

Claire (Paperback_Reader)

After reading this review a couple of months ago I kept the book in mind, read it, and loved it:


Commenting 6 months too late...I just almost finished reading it and enjoyed it immensely. I guess its not a chick lit per say...because the language is rich and the book so engaging. I loved the whole high society set up and how it is done without being frivolous. Yes it is a bit of stretch to see penelope not being attracted to harry !!Thanks to you I read a really good book at the start of january 2010


Vipula--I'm so glad you liked this one. I think it does go beyond the chick lit genre happily. It had a nice little romance but that's not all there was to it, though I'm glad they got together in the end! That's a great book to start the new year off with! :)

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