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I happened to mooch this book from Bookmooch just because I was wanting to try some Heyer, and this was available. It looks like I picked a good one! I'm looking forward to seeing how I like it--although given the height of my TBR pile, it might take a while :)


Teresa--I really enjoyed this one! It's nice just to have some of her books on hand to pick up when the mood strikes, as I know all about those TBR piles! :)


I've read a few of the Heyer books and I think the one hat I have enjoyed the most so far is The Reluctant Widow. The others I have enjoyed but have been almost equally frustrated with as well. This one sounds as if it might be really good as well.


Nicole--I've heard good things about The Reluctant Widow and have it on my pile! A Civil Contract was quite charming--a more serious tone, which I really liked.


What a wonderful review! I must read this one. I love Heyer but have only read the fluffiest of her romances (because I like them!!, but I can see how good she would be with a bit more weight in her material.


Of the Heyer canon, I think we did well choosing this book, Danielle. A super read!


I've finally gotten to read a few Heyer books so she's been a great discovery for me. Although, I understand what you mean about not reading books back-to-back. I usually don't do that either but have found myself reading two of her mysteries back-to-back. They are quite fun though and so I'm liking them.

I'll have to add A Civil Contract to my Heyer must-read-list!


This story sounds lovely. I really like Heyer and the characters she creates. I will definitely be adding this one to the wishlist.

Dorothy W.

This DOES sound quite different from the typical romance! Well, I'm no expert on the genre, but to write about that kind of non-flashy love seems different. It sounds like a charming book, and I'm glad to hear you liked it so much.


Litlove--She really did do fluffy romance well and I do love picking them up now and again, but this one was a bit weightier. Still very typical Heyer, but all done in a roundabout way.
Cornflower--It was a great choice! I think it was a good one to choose for those readers uncertain about Heyer. It was a nice balance of history and drama with a dash of romance. I'm glad you picked it!
Iliana--This is definitely one to add to your list. I must try one or two of her mysteries--maybe after I finish the mystery I'm working on at the moment. I do like to spread my books by one author out a bit, but sometimes it can be fun to compare!
Jaimie--Heyer did a good job with this one. Poor Jenny was so plain, but she was infinitely preferable (and likeable) over the swooning Julia! :)
Dorothy--Yes, this isn't typical romance--no swooning passionate embraces, but it really did work well. It was nice in a quiet way. It was set against the peninsular war and particularly the Battle of Waterloo, which was interesting (hearing about it as a news event so to speak) happening in the background. I have two more to read that Sourcebooks sent, but I think I'll wait a bit before jumping in to either of them.

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