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I have so far been very good and avoided buying Sarah Waters new book. I don't know how I have managed to be so restrained as I am really looking forward to reading it - I just have so many other new books waiting for me at the moment! I will enjoy hearing what you think about it as you go - it will keep me satisfied until I buy it myself!


I love it when I get a book straight from cataloguing! That new book feel for free!


I'm eagerly awaiting the copy of The Little Stranger that I put on hold at my local library -- like you, I got on the hold list early, so I should be getting one of the first copies. (I just checked online and the status says "In transit" so it must be coming soon!) The last five books I've read have been poetry, and the one before that was nonfiction, so I'm looking forward to a really good novel.


I am so incredibly jealous, The Little Stranger isn't out in the UK until the end of this month! I splurged and pre-ordered a copy. I also read the first chapter on Virago's Sarah Waters website and am eager to read more (like you, I'm not sure where it's going yet).


I was stunned to see a library copy of The Little Stranger. The Uk release is still nearly a month ago. I am so tempted to order the US edition from the Book Depository but I really should get my library pile down and enjoy the anticipation a little longer - shouldn't I?!


Karen--I am glad that I was able to borrow it, though I was all set to buy a copy and would have had the bookstore had it. Sometimes the anticipation is part of the fun, so if you have some other good books going no doubt the time will fly by until you have a copy of her book, too.
Marg--I was even the first person to check it out! This is why I try and request new books--it is almost the same as buying it for myself!
Heather--It sounds like you're ready for something really good fiction-wise. I suspect you won't be let down! I love it when I see those 'in transit' or 'cataloging complete' notes in the library records! I can usually gage about when I'll get a book.
Paperback Reader--I was really surprised when I found out it was being published here first. I assumed it would be out in the UK first since she's a British author. I'm very curious how she's presenting the story. I've not read all her books, but the two I have read she has managed to really surprise me. I have a feeling the case will be the same here.
FleurFisher--I have done that more than once--ordered the UK edition of a book that's not due out in the US, because I couldn't wait! It's very tempting, but I am trying to be more patient as well. At least the wait won't be too long, and if you're kept busy with library books, the time is sure to fly by! :)


OOOOO. The Little Stranger sounds great. Thanks for that teaser.

Kristen M.

I just read Why Shoot a Butler? this past week and it was my first Heyer mystery. I really liked it! It had a strong mystery and the characters were interesting. I have two more of her mysteries sitting here and I'm trying not to just power through them all at once!


I'll be curious to see what you think of the Heyer mystery.

Agatha Christie is one of my favorites; I've probably read all her books except Black Coffee and could re-read most of them over and over! You are in for a treat...

Incidentally, there was a recent article that her home in England is now a museum and will be open soon for visitors. I'd love to go some day!

Bride of the Book God

When I was a student I spent a large part of one summer on an Agatha Christie binge; at one point I was reading 3 a day! Hope you enjoy your experience - I know she's a bit unfashionable these days but I still love her.


Lovely new books and I'm very interested to hear more about the Sarah Waters. I love her too!

Dorothy W.

Nice new books! The Waters sounds fun. I may read it one day, but I have another of her books to read first (The Night Watch). The Vita Sackville-West sounds fun too. I only know her name, but it would be fun to find out more. And is there anything that Bill Bryson doesn't write about?? I have his science book on my shelves right now...


Lily--I've yet to read anything by Sarah Waters that I didn't like and expect this to be just as good! :)
Kristen--I think I will have to start with this one, though I have one or two other mysteries by her as well. It sounds like a fun read, and I know what you mean by wanting to read them all in a row.
Debby--The Heyer sounds like a nice cozy mystery. Now I can't wait to start it soon. I had heard that Agatha Christie's home was recently opened after an expensive renovation. I would love to see it, too. I've only read a couple of her books, but enjoyed them both and look forward to reading more of them. I don't know how I managed to miss her books when I was younger.
Bride of the Book God--It's sad to think Agatha Christie is unfashionable. She totally appeals to me now, though she didn't so much when I was younger. I can see how easy it would be to binge on her books and can't wait to read those I have on hand (a small stack of them).
Litlove--She's such a good storyteller. She has me totally hooked now as there are strange things going on in that great house that is the setting of the book. I'll write about the book when I finish, which I have a feeling will be sometime soon...
Dorothy--I have The Night Watch, too, and had thought of reading it first, but decided I was more in the mood for a ghost story. It'll be an easy jump to her earlier book, though, as they are set in roughly the same period. I've yet to read VSW as well, but this one came so highly recommended I went ahead and got it. I have several of her books in Virago editions. Bill Bryson does seem to write on a variety of topics, doesn't he. I read one of his books years ago--and all of it NF!


I've got The Little Stranger on my books to watch for list along with the new Laurie King novel. I haven't seen either in the bookstore yet.


Gasp! I didn't even realize a new Sarah Waters book was coming out.


Ah you got the book! :)

For some reason I think I forgot it came out this weekend. Oh how exciting. I hope you are enjoying it a lot and look forward to your review!


I'm really going to try to hold out for the Sarah Waters in paperback - it's going to be hard though, I think, after reading your review.


Sam--I knew that the Laurie King book had been released, but as I am trying to work my way through in order I'll wait for that one to come out in paper. Now, the Little Stranger is one I had to have right away!
Claire--Isn't that a wonderful surprise! :)
Iliana--I really lucked out to have gotten in line so early at the library. I am enjoying it and hope to finish it by the end of the weekend!
Tara--I will probably get the book when it comes out in paper, but I had to read it right away. I love a good ghost story!

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