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I've read 38. It's really strange--whenever a new list comes out I usually find that I've read about a third of them.


Susan--I never do as well on these as I think I will. I didn't count how many there were to begin with, but I guess I can look at the list as suggestions for later reading!

Simon T

Oh dear... I've only read 6...


I've really read a pathetic number off this list. I love lists - thank you for this one! LOL Finding the time to read the great books out there...

Dorothy W.

I've read something like 18 of these -- not very good! Oh, well. The list is an excellent resource for someone who wants to read good contemporary fiction written by women.


I've only read 9 books off the entire list. How sad is that? At least I know I have lots of good books to choose from in the the future!


Oh dear, I didn't count the number on this list either! Usually the lists have 100 on them, and I've read a third. . .

(I really need to start turning my brain on when I post, don't I?)


Simon--That's probably not so bad actually considering you read mostly older fiction. In the past I've read primarily new books, and I still missed out on lots of these. Oh well.
Heather--Time is always the problem. And with so many lists it's impossible to have read a lot of them I think--unless you focus on one list only.
Dorothy--It is a good list to draw from. There are quite a few books I would like to read, but there are always just too many choices!
Stefanie--But I bet they were nine Good books! :) Like you say--a list to have good books to choose from!
Susan--I started counting but gave up after 85. There must be well over 200 books listed. I'm not sure how many books are on the longlist, but there are 13 years worth of longlist titles! I was just too lazy to count, so don't feel bad!


I just read 6 from the list. But few form there are on my wish list for some time. And while looking at the list of all years I decided to read them all. So there is my challenge. I'm going to start with all winners, then short lists and then what's remaining on the long lists. Starting form the 1996 of course. :-)


Oh and I did count them all. It's 277. :-)


I saw this list and now I keep meaning to print it out for reference. You've done well! I haven't counted up how many I've read, but not as many as you, I'm sure.


For a person who reads mostly fiction by women, I've read a surprisingly low number of these books! Only 13 out of 277, which is less than 5%. I must remedy this!

Pam Furry

Oh, my ...only 17 read on this list...and I've never heard of 1/2 of them. I'd better get cracking!!


Anna--Thank you for counting! :) I'd love to have a little personal challenge like that going, I think. I'd like to at least try and read the winners, though there are lots of great books there that didn't win (many that I have on my reading stacks, too).
Litlove--I think I may have to print out the list as well to use when I'm book shopping! I actually read several of these for book clubs, so I feel like I'm cheating a little bit!
Avisannschild--I read mostly women, too and thought I would have read more, but apparently I'm reading different women authors! Still, it's nice to have the list to use as reference!
Pam--There were a bunch I had not heard of either, but I'm always happy to get ideas (which is why I love these sorts of lists).

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