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I love your blog, read it every day; I also use many different bookmarks, often old concert ticket stubs or postcards. Please put my name in the draw for your beautiful Reading on the Rocks. Thanks!


I, too, try to match the bookmark to the book - or use an old favourite.
I didn't know that Pomegranate did bookmarks, but their cards are lovely, so I'm sure these are too.


What a lovely bookmark! Please add me the draw.

I too am curious what The Bloomsbury Group will bring us next.


You have 2 addictions, books and bookmarks.

I approve of them! Won't be make you old and ugly before your time, like drinks and too much sun!

Please enter me for the drawing.


I use the ones you get from the library counter, but that is lovely and I would love to enter, please, thanks. Interestingly, in my last post I included a painting by Edward Hopper. :)


Great bookmark collection! I must check out the Bloomsbury catalog. Today I received one of the 3 books I purchased from Book Depository and got one of the Jasper Fforde bookmarks! so excited about that because I am a huge fan of his and met him when he came to the states twice on tour. Would love to get all the bookmarks that he did. looking forward to getting the other 2, hopefully soon. Do they usually ship each item separately?


Cathy--I sometimes use whatever is at hand as a bookmark, but I always feel my book is a little naked without a proper bookmark. I know...I'm weird! :) Thanks for the kind words by the way!
Cornflower--Pomegranate does have nice cards and calendars as well. When I worked in a bookstore, we carried these type of bookmarks, which is how ended up being hooked on them.
Paperback Reader--I'll add your name to the rest! And I can't wait until the Bloomsbury books are finally released. One more month to go for the first two!
Isabel--Books even make you smarter, so what's not to like! :) There are worse habits to have--and thankfully I pretty much stay away from the rest. Will add your name, too. Thanks!
Claire--I pick up bookmarks from the library as well. They usually get those PBS advertising bookmarks and the last one I came across was for the Wallander series! I love Edward Hopper!
Jackie--Of course these are all nice and shiny and new, so I'll have to be careful when I first use them.... :) I ordered several books, three came today, but only two had bookmarks. I also got a Jasper Fforde one!:) I've only read one of his books, but it was fun. I'll have to pick up another sometime! Ibet he must be fun to meet. They do send off books in separate mailers. I was told that they do this so that all the books can be delivered to the door as British mail slots are different than those in the US and larger boxes won't fit. At least I'm guessing thsi must be the reason.


Oh I adore bookmarks! I tend to only purchase leather ones and use them at home only - for the books I commute or travel with I use index cards so I can write notes on. The web site you linked to is very, very tempting though.


Oh, please, Dani! I would love to be in a drawing for this lovely bookmark!


What a beautiful bookmark! I have a "Reading Woman" book journal, and "Reading Woman" note cards. I'd love to win this great bookmark. Thanks.

Dorothy W.

The bookmark with the woman reading on the rocks is really cool! Count me in! I'm curious about the Bloomsbury Group too -- their books looking really fascinating.


I LOVE your new bookmarks! "Please add my name to your draw" she said excitedly! I've posted a shot of my book purchases as requested so come on over to ours for a peek.


Have discovered the right bookmark will add to the reading experience!

rhonda  L

love a beautiful bookmark.Please add my name


Thanks for the link to Pomegranate -- very tempting!
I've added it to my bookmarks. (No pun intended.)


I'd love to be included in the draw too please!


Heather--I like the idea of putting an index card inside a book for notes. I have a little notebook, but I don't always have it handy when I'm reading. I may have to try that!
Linda--I would be happy to drop your name in!
Lindymc--I always buy the reading woman calendar each year. This would be a perfect painting to have in it!
Dorothy--It must be new, as I had not seen it before. I wonder why it is only women who are illustrated while reading. Had I come across a man, I would have bought that, too.
Darlene--Thanks for sharing your books! I'm so nosey, but I can't help myself when it comes to books.
Sherry--I'll drop your name in, too!
Rhonda--I'd be happy to add your name to the hat!
Karen--I love Pomegranate books and notecards. Their bookmarks are my favorites! :)
Cath--Certainly! I'll add your name as well.


What lovely bookmarks! I do have a few nice ones, but I can never find them when I need them, and resort to sticking old receipts and labels in my books to keep my place! So I am definitely in the draw, please.


I love bookmarks and have quite a large collection myself. Whenever I am at a bookstore I have to look at the rack of bookmarks! Your new ones are beautiful. I'd love to be put in the drawing for the giveaway :)


Beautiful bookmarks! Please add me into the draw!


Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing that bookmark website. They have Edward Gory bookmarks! I'm in heaven!!!


I love those bookmarks - I don't think I've bought bookmarks - except for gifts - since I was a kid. I'd love to be entered in your drawing! And how do I sign up to get a copy of the Bloomsbury brochure?


Litlove--I'll add your name! :) I keep mine in a canister on my nightstand, but I will often pick up a book from my bookshelves, that I've not looked at in years and find one mysteriously hidden in it! I wonder how many other bookmarks are temporarily out of service as they're hiding in my bookshelves' books!
Stefanie--I'll add your name as well! I always check out the bookmark rack, too. Once and a while I splurge and occasionally I order these Pomegranate ones which I can no longer find locally.
Jaimie--They are nice, aren't they! Will add your name as well.
Christina-Yes, they have several Gorey bookmarks. I've got two or three of them and was tempted this time around, but I already had too many selected!
Tara--You're so good not to be tempted. Sometimes you can get freebies from The Book Depository or other bookstores as well as the museum or library! Bloomsbury was kind enough to send me a review copy of a book I was about to read (that I had borrowed from the library) and they included the pamphlet. Perhaps if you emailed them, they would drop one in the mail to you? I feel very spoiled!


I keep all my bookmarks in my top drawer. I have more than enough but can't seem to stop acquiring more from various places.


Marg--I really didn't need to buy more, but it's nice to have some new ones to look at and choose from! Often when a friend goes on vacation they will bring me back a bookmark--which makes me very happy! :)


How nice of Bloomsbury - lucky girl!


I don't think it's geeky at all to match the bookmark to the book. I also love bookmarks and am always looking for new interesting ones. Love the reading on the rocks. Thanks for sharing. I recently bought a postcard collection of women reading. Sadly, this one wasn't included in the collection.


Tara--That was indeed very kind of them!
Lisa--I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! I always get the reading woman calendar, but I don't remember that picture either. Anytime I find a postcard of a woman reading I try and snag it, so I should love for the postcard book!


Is it still time to join the lucky draw? I love this bookmark!


Smithereens--Yes, there is. I'll draw names tomorrow!

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