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Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

I loved this book too! It was very different from her usual style, having much more in common with books like The Thirteenth Tale or The Seance, but it was better than both of them - pitch perfect as you say!


Something about Fingersmith put me off, and I haven't read any Waters since then. But I really loved the Thirteenth Tale, so Jackie's comment makes me want to try this one! She really is an excellent writer.


Jackie--It was different--at least from the other two books I've read. She's such a talented person. I read the other two books as well and thought they were both good, but she just seemed to get everything right!
Jeane--This has a very different feel to it than Fingersmith (not least because the settings are so different), though the same very good writing still. It's very subtle. I think it's my favorite of her books so far!

Kate S.

I haven't read any of Sarah Waters' books yet and I think it's time I started! I tend to gravitate towards 20th century settings in my reading, so this one and "The Night Watch" appeal to me more than the earlier Victorian ones.


This sounds marvellous! That's another wonderful review, Danielle, and I will most certainly be getting hold of this myself. I think Sarah Waters is an amazing stylist and a clever, clever plotter.


I have this book here to read. I am really looking forward to it, but I just seem to have too many books that fit the whole 'can't wait to read' category... Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day!


Well, it sounds fantastic! Thanks for your great review.


I just finished this book! I had never read any Sarah Waters until now. I love those type of "ghost" stories where there is "something" lurking that you can never quite put your finger on.
You should read "The Man in The Picture" a Ghost Story by Susan Hill. It is a small hard cover, 145 pages. It came out last fall. It goes quickly because you can't put it down, you want to see how it ends!


You tempt me.


You are making me want to go out and pick this one up right now!! I have been trying to be good and restrain myself but I think the time for restraint is over. I only just finished Fingersmith last week after reading (and loving) Affinity earlier in the year. I think out of those two Affinity was probably my favourite and I loved The Thirteenth Tale so I am sure I am going to love this one. Thanks for the great review and suspense building Danielle!


Kate--I think you'll like The Little Stranger--set firmly in the late 1940s! And Night Watch is next on my list of reads when it comes to her books!
Litlove--She really is very clever. Whenever I read one of her novels I always wonder when I finish--how did she do that! She tells such a good story. I'm glad I still have two unread novels by her to look forward to.
Kailana--I have that same exact problem! I have so many "I want to read this next" books, I can't keep track of them anymore.
Tara--I highly recommend this one!
Jackie--Didn't she pull that off well? Nothing is really obvious, she leaves so much up to your imagination, which is almost more frightening. Thanks for the heads up on the Susan Hill book--I am going to look for it! I've read her Woman in Black, which was excellent, too!
Ted--Good, that's what I was hoping to do! :)
Karen--I was so excited to read this one, and it surpassed my expectations! I loved Fingersmith and really liked Affinity, I wondered if she could possibly pull another great novel off, and she did. Now I am looking forward to reading her other two novels.


Thanks for this review - you make the book sound very tempting. It sounds a bit like M R James in theme, another ghost story writer worth seeking out. I like Waters a lot; Affinity is probably my favourite; you have a treat in store if you've yet to read it. I'm going to hear her read from this sometime in June, and will almost certainly succumb to a signed copy.


Oh I'm so looking forward to this book and now with your wonderful review I can't wait! :)

I've also got two of her books waiting on the shelf. Yay.

Dorothy W.

So glad you liked this! Waters is such a good read, and I'm glad this latest one doesn't disappoint. Nice review -- how can anybody resist reading this one after all the good things everyone says about it?


Tanya--I saw an interview with her and she talks about MR James and his Victorian ghost stories, so I bet she must have read him and had him in mind while writing. I have read a couple of his stories and would love to read more. I thought of calling a NYC bookstore as I know she was there the day her book was released, so I thought I might have a chance of ordering a signed copy. Haven't gotten around to doing it yet, so have probably waited too long, but will buy a copy eventually in any case.
Iliana--It's nice to know you have some books waiting for the right moment (hence spreading them out!). This would be a great RIP Challenge book if it's something you're saving for later.
Dorothy--I really did like this a lot. She's such a wonderful writer. There was nothing at all weak about the story or characters, and she seems to pull this off book after book. I do hope it does well with the critics, but I know I liked it. I'll have to buy a copy as it's a book I would love to reread sometime!


After reading your review, I succumbed and picked up a copy. I couldn't wait for the library copy to come in! Well, I'm half way through and glorying in it. It's books like this that make me feverish to be a writer (someday!). I'm reading too "The Slaves of Solitude" (thanks, Slaves of G!) and that seems to fit in with this book. Oh so, different, yes but oh so similar. The main character in "Slaves" also thinks a lot of about class...
And I so enjoyed the interview you linked to Waters. I've always wanted to read her and I'm so glad I've gotten around to it now. So much to savor and contemplate here!


Catherine--So glad that you are enjoying the book. She's such an excellent writer--she knows how to tell a great story. You'll have to let me know what you think when you finish! I've only just started Slave of Solitude, but it seems like it will be interesting and I'm looking forward to getting into it more!

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