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I'm reading this one right now! :D So of course I haven't read your review yet. But I think it's great fun so far. ;)

Kate S.

It sounds most entertaining. I haven't read any Heyer yet and I think it's time I started!


Oh that's a wonderful quote by Heyer. I love a good fun story and from the few books I've read of hers I think they are great fun. Looking forward to hearing more on the gothic romance one.


Eva--It is a fun read and I hope you enjoy the rest! It's good to have a few of her books on hand.
Kate--I only read my first Heyer a few years ago. I think my favorites are A Civil Contract, and Faro's Daughter, but all the boks I've read by her have been enjoyable! She wrote so many, I have yet more to look forward to.
Iliana--This is very entertaining--a bit different than her other books, but very fun. Isn't that a great quote! And I've just started the gothic romance, so will let you know how it goes!


I love a bit of escapism. I always feel quite tenderly grateful to books that have given me a real laugh, lifted my mood and provided some distracting entertainment. Heyer is brilliant at doing just that!


Litlove--She's great for escapism and this is really the perfect light sort of read for a little distraction. I'm always up for a bit of that.


I've just begun Heyer's biography, and it is fascinating. I've read many of her books but can always find more to put on the TBR!


Melanie--I loved her biography and find myself going back to read about Heyer's novels. I have a stack of Heyer's books to look forward to!

Dorothy W.

How fun that you've read so much Heyer lately! I agree that she's great escapist reading, and I'm glad I've got another novel of hers on my shelves. This one sounds like a whole lot of fun.


Dorothy--This was fun--pure escapist sort of story. I've a couple more to read, but after that I think I'll save the other Heyers for a rainy day later on!

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