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Kristen M.

Great review. Totally the same as I felt. I have actually just started My Lord John (the book she was working on when she died) and apparently it's only one third of the story she wanted to tell. It's a hard one to get into because she uses a LOT of period language that doesn't flow well in my modern brain. We'll see if I get used to it though.


I'm a Heyer fan, but I confess I've never strayed far from the jolly books. I loved Faro's Daughter, and Lady of Quality for instance (and The Grand Sophy is probably my all-time favourite). Still, this one sounds unusual and I'll be writing about Heyer as a mother who really did manage to stay sane and write a great deal! So perhaps I might try it one of these days. It's very good review, Danielle, in that you're clear about its strengths and weaknesses.

Vipula Gupta

Thanks for updating the blogroll :)

Vipula Gupta

I have read exactly one Heyer book till now - I believe this will be my second one.


I've yet to read anything by Heyer. It sounds like maybe I shouldn't start with this one if it's that different from most of her books. Nice review.


It sounds like such a promising book too!


It definitely sounds "darker" than any of the Heyer books I've read. Do you know if this is the only gothic romance she wrote? I'm curious if any of her other books fall in this category. I recently read some of her mysteries and while I liked them, I didn't love them. I think I much prefer her novels like Lady of Quality or Regency Buck - these are so fun and witty.


Kristen--I look forward to hearing what you think of My Lord John. It was interesting reading the Heyer bio and hearing about this book, which she loved working on. I know she tried to make it very much of the period, but I'm not sure how I would do with the language either. I think I prefer her more lighthearted comedies, though some of the historical books sound good, too.
Litlove--I think I prefer her lighter novels--those comedies of manner that she was so good at. I'll have to look for The Grand Sophy--that one sounds very popular and was just reissued over here (or is about to anyway). I'll look forward to hearing what you have to say about her--she certainly did manage to have a nice private home life yet she wrote consistently all her life, too!
Vipula--Thanks for letting me know your link had changed. I really need to go through and make sure mine are all working! And I hope you enjoy reading Heyer. I absoutely don't want to put anyone off reading Cousin Kate--it was good, but I just happen to prefer some of her other books!
Lisa--It is unusual compared to her other works. I think you can't miss with just about any of her books, though I think I prefer the lighter ones, and perhaps those with a tad less Regency slang (though that can be fun, too).
Stefanie--It did sound promising and it was good, just not quite what I was expecting. Though I will say Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is my favorite Gothic, and it's really hard to beat her!
Iliana--It was very different than her others, but I'm still glad I read it. I thought I read she had a couple Gothics, but I'm not sure which other one is similar in tone (might be interested in reading it, too). I still have to try her mysteries, but it's the lighter ones that I really enjoy!

Dorothy W.

Very good to know a little more about this novel. When it comes to Heyer, I'm likely to pick up whatever I happen to see, and it sounds like this one really isn't the best one for me to turn to next. I'm a fan, but not so devoted I am willing to read the less-successful books. I'm curious to hear about the next Heyer novel you're reviewing!


This was actually my first Heyer years ago, and one of my first gothics as well. I remember finding it slightly odd! I'd love to go back and reread it to see how it compares now.


Dorothy--I loved The Corinthian and will be writing about it tomorrow. Cousin Kate was okay, but it just wasn't really my thing either. I love her more easy going, humorous stories that she's so good at. It's a good thing she stuck to those types more than darker, gothic stories!

Mike B.

I should be receiving my first Heyer novel shortly, thanks to Iliana. I've been reading so much about her lately that she's a must read. Much like last year and Colette. Everyone was blogging about her and she became a quick favorite of mine as well. Hopefully Heyer follows suit.


Mike--I love Colette--and I would love to read more of her work! Heyer is good fun-just pure entertainment of the fluffy kind! I hope you enjoy her as well. Very different than Colette, though I'm sure you know that already! :)

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