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The split levels are coming! The split levels are coming!

:) As you can tell, I'm a Ferris Beach fan myself.

McCorkle was at UNC at the same time I was, although our paths never crossed. If you read The Cheer Leader you will know exactly what it was like to grow up in North Carolina in the seventies and early eighties.

I met her at a writing conference years ago and she is VERY nice.


Oh this sounds wonderful! I need to see if I can find it on BookMooch :)

Mad Housewife

I'm a fan of Jill McCorkle and wondered what had happened to her! I read Ferris Beach when it was first published and don't remember it at all, but I loved it. I'll look forward to her book in the fall.


Susan--I wanted to put that in my post, but I couldn't find a place for it! I loved this book and almost flipped back to the beginning to read again! Why am I not surprised she's nice?! Her characters are so likeable, she must be the same herself! After I read your comment I had to go and look through my books to find The Cheerleader (I only had to take the books off Three shelves to get to was in the back). I'm going to start reading it soon. Is it anywhere near as good as Ferris Beach? :)
Iliana--I looked and I think there are several of her books on bookmooch. I think you'd like this one!
Mad Housewife--I'm so glad I remembered this and pulled it out. I had forgotten pretty much everything in the story--only remembered that I liked it. I liked it even more this second time around. Now I've pulled out The Cheerleader and will look for her new book in the fall!


I really must get me a copy of this book. I nearly bought it after the last time you mentioned it. It sounds just my kind of thing - like Jane Gardam's Bilgewater, which is another coming of age story I loved.


I don't know if I can be quite reliable about books that cut so close to home (I mean, she grew up in southeastern NC and I grew up in northwestern NC and I KNOW from reading The Cheer Leader that she still somehow attended every teen party I did). I think I liked Tending to Virginia better than The Cheer Leader, though, and I'd be hard pressed to say whether I liked Ferris Beach or Virginia best of all (for whatever reason Carolina Moon didn't appeal to me). She's a fantastic short story writer and I've already got the new collection to my wish list.


Ah yes, the shag carpeting and avacado green appliances. A simpler, if more horrifying time decorating-wise. This sounds like the perfect comfort read.


Guess what? I found it and mooched it - yay, I can't wait :)

Dorothy W.

This sounds like fun -- a great comfort read. The term "comfort read" does seem a little dismissive, so I know why you hesitate to use it, but comfort reads are really great, and it's good to know about good ones, the kind that won't leave me annoyed at the bad writing.


Litlove--Now I am going to have to look up the Jane Gardam book! When I read something this enjoyable I am always after looking for another book like it and equally as good!
Susan--If Ferris Beach is anything to go by, I think her work is very good and will certainly look for more. Isn't it nice when you find a book that mirrors your own past so well--one that you can totally relate to? Even though this had a distinct Southern voice to it, I could still relate to many of the things she wrote about. I did find The Cheerleader and look forward to reading it as well. Carolina Moon doesn't really appeal to me as much either, though I will look for Tending Virginia as well.
Jaimie--It was a great read! I still remember some of the ghastly things my mom had in her house--I cringe now, but growing up it was completely normal.
Iliana--Glad you found a copy. I thought I saw it listed. I hope you enjoy it, too!
Dorothy--I love comfort reads and sometimes they really just are fluffy, silly books that you read simply for the action of the story and not for anything the author is trying to do literarily, but the McCorkle book is definitely a cut above the rest. It was just so absorbing, but she is also a very talented writer. This is just the sort of comfort read I wish I could always find! I think she's supposed to be a good short story writer as well, so I will have to check those out as well.


I had not realized it had been so long since she had published! I think I need to go back and re-read The Cheerleader and Ferris well as look for the more recent offerings.


Jenclair--I was so happy to see she has a new book coming out. I loved rereading Ferris Beach, but I don't think I ever did get to The Cheerleader. I'm looking forward to that one as well.

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