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Your description (f.i. The great cold is coming)makes me want to read this book too. Last year I found Jon Krakauer 'Into the wild' fascinating and very moving. 'The Solitude of Thomas Cave' might just bring that same awe for (the forces of)nature.


When you first mentioned this book, I thought it sounded like something I'd probably like to read. These passages make me think that I'd definitely like it. And yes, it can be so good to read a wintry book on a hot day!


You are once again sending me off to the bookstore. (No great hardship!) Stories of the Arctic have always intrigued me, and this sounds right up my alley.


It sounds like a great book. I don't remember when you mentioned it before, but now I'm adding it to my TBR.


Catharina--I really liked Jon Krakauer's book, too. There is something awe inspiring in books like this where nature almost becomes a character--it's so extreme. And there's more to this one than meets the eye.
Heather--I think I'd actually like weather somewhere in between the two extremes of--really hot and really cold, but somehow these decriptions were nice when it's so hot and humid. This is a slow, contemplative sort of book, which has made me feel a variety of things so far!
Karen--I'm about halfway through right now--there is more to this one than meets the eye and I'm going to have to contemplate it before I post something proper about it. It's a slender novel, but that's a little misleading--sometimes those are the ones that give you the most to think about.
Jeane--I think I've mentioned it a couple of times, but only in passing in posts about a variety of books (and likely the first time was weeks ago!). As I'm only halfway through I think it might be one of those morally ambiguous tales that wrenches you one way and then another. We'll see what the second half brings.


I like reading wintery books on hot days myself. I very much enjoyed this book; but the second half had a much different feel, to me. I will look forward to your thoughts on it once you've finished.

Dorothy W.

I think reading about the Arctic in the middle of summer is great -- the cold does sound nice, and it's nearly impossible to remember or imagine what extreme cold really feels like when you're sitting in 90 degree humid weather. But those last couple lines are ominous -- to have seen the last of the sun! Yikes.


Melanie--As much as I like beach books, books with wintry settings are also nice too. I've heard that the last section of the book is not as good as the first. I'm nearing the end of Thomas Cave's narration, so I'll be interested to see what happens.
Dorothy--I remember a few -20F days last winter and my scarf covering my face turning to ice, though I don't actually remember how it feels. Those days I was wishing for the hot days of earlier this week! :) If only it could be somewhere in between. And I can't imagine being alone in such circumstances--I'm sure I would never survive and if I did I would probably go mad. No sun would be awful on top of the cold.


Great read for a hot summer!

I am reading about Whaling also (Moby Dick) but I am not at the whale hunting section yet.


Isabel--A few blizzard scenes are always nice when it's hot and humid out! :) I've never read Moby Dick--someday I'll get around to it. I only hope Melville doesn't get too descriptive on just what they do to those whales!


That;'s a great passage - and definitely something to cool you down in a heatwave! :-)


Good choices to beat the heat! My two latest acquisitions are set in Iceland and Sweden. Yep, I'm trying to escape the heat too :)


Litlove--How quickly I've forgotten those icy days of January....just a little bit of that cold now would be lovely.
Iliana--Which books did you buy? Anything in those two countries sounds good right now!

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