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No Bleak House then...


Obligation reading is no fun, even though the book may have started out as a fun read. Hope you can get through your stack soon!


At least there are a couple of Georgette Heyer there. Those are quick and fun! Good luck!


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Lovely looking books! I was perusing Jill McCorkle's novels on amazon yesterday. I might have to try her.


The black and white striped book looks very inviting. The bookmarks showing your progress in each one of them?

Dorothy W.

Well, it looks like you have a couple really fast reads in there -- the Heyer books go quickly, don't they? And I see you've finished the McCorkle already! That must have been the one you were having trouble putting down.


Darlene--It's on vacation at the moment...I need to just devote a month to it and read the last two thirds straight through. Maybe July should be Bleak House and lots of fluffy nonsense on the side! :)
Debby--I really do want to read all of them, but when I have to read them by a certain date it puts more pressure on me and it feels a little more like work than pleasure. Once I get through these I should be fine, though.
Lezlie--They should be! I'm moving a little slowly with Cousin Kate, but I need to give it a nice chunk of time and I'll be fine.
Litlove--I really, really enjoyed rereading Ferris Beach. She's really a good writer, though I suppose I should read more of her novels to make a more educated statement! Ferris Beach would be a great mother-daughter read.
Catharina--The striped book is for my postal reading group--it's called "The Nervous Condition" by Tsitsi Dangarembgba and is set in Colonial Rhodesia. I'm not far in but it's good so far--very unlike all the other books I'm reading, which is nice!
Dorothy--I'm already finished with two of them (and yes, Ferris Beach was great--I really couldn't put it down--it had me entranced). So now on to the review copies--including those Heyers! They should be easy, quick reads-I hope.


I will never figure out how you make time to read so many books. Ashmita ( and I discuss your posts and are always fascinated by how many books you own and read. We both struggle to finish one book in a week :(
Well anyway, Happy Reading!

Mad Housewife

I know what you mean about review copies "feeling like work." i love free books, but there are inevitably other books conflicting with the assignment. Like you, I enjoy wandering from book to book, by mood, not by schedule. And what if I'm in the middle of War and Peace? How do I fit in the review copies?

Still, I'd love to get more. It's a compliment to you that you have the conflict!


Summer/beach reads are the antidotes for me right now, as the mind-bloggling Satanic Verses has sapped my brain juice. I need books that don't make me think too hard, just to enjoy the story. No interpretation sorta thing.

I read Georgiana Harding's The Spy Game and liked it. So I'll give the Solitude of Thomas Cave a try. I also want to read The Painter from Shanghai except I don't seem to have luck in finding a copy!


I can so relate to this post Danielle! I can't wait for my summer reading to start. Good luck finishing your books. I'm looking forward to your review of Painter from Shanghai - I got a copy of it last year and sadly it's still lounging on my stacks.


Vipula--I think I look better in paper than I actually am in reality--LOL. Actually I read about six books a month--just a little over a book a week, so very much similar to you, too. The book buying think is a bad habit--I do admit. I think I talk about books so much it seems like I read them fast, but mostly I'm contemplating them and fantasizing on what I want to read (whether I actually get to it anytime soon is another matter entirely!).
Mad Housewife--It is indeed a compliment that an author or publisher would like me to read their book! I wish I could do more of it, but with work and just the business of daily chores, it's hard to fit everything in. I do only take books I really do want to read and am interested in, but as soon as there is a date added--when I need to post on the book--it does become a little more like work. And it does throw off reading my own books (like trying to finish Bleak House!). I need to try and find some sort of balance between the two.
Matt--I bet The Satanic Verses was quite a read! It's nice to read something less demanding after you finish an especially challenging book! Lately I've just had so many other stressful things going on that books that are a bit more easy going and that I can lose myself in have been what I've been wanting to read. I am enjoying The Painter of Shanghai very much--such a foreign world! And I need to get back to The Solitude of Thomas Cave--I also have her new one as well.
Iliana--I'll be posting on The Painter from Shanghai in about a week! EEk. I'm making progress in it, and am enjoying it very much. If I can just get to July, things might start to look up!

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