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Lost in Austen was delightful. I bought the dvd because I missed the TV showing and, like you, was not sure what to expect. I was really surprised at the freshness of the production and yeah... the gorgeousness of the new Darcy.

Dorothy W.

That Persephone offer is tempting! I really, really don't need more books, though ... but perhaps I should check it out anyway? I'm curious to hear what you choose to get. And Lost in Austen sounds like a lot of fun. I've never heard of it before. And yes, I say I "must read" something all the time -- it's a little ridiculous because I can't read that fast!

Mad Housewife

I do feel that pull, Danielle! Last summer was my summer of Persephones, I love their interwar novels, and the Persephone editors are absolutely brilliant marketers. I love the fortnightly newsletter.

I recently received the beautifully designed Persephone catalogue and magazine for the first time. I tried to get my husband to look at it, and he had to point out to me that IT'S WRITTEN TO SELL BOOKS.

I'd buy everything if i could...but is the discount worth it if we order it from the UK?

I want Christine Longford's Making Conversation. Last time I looked at Amazon it was sold out. (A reason to buy from Persephone.)


Lost in Austen was sheer bliss, I've watched the whole show a few times with a silly grin on my face for the duration. Still debating whether or not to go for the Persephone offer as I have at least nine titles on my TBR pile from that wonderful shop. I'm considering that the Bloomsbury Group books will start coming out in a few weeks and will definitely be getting those. Vacation pay will be paid out next month and since I've already had my trip....oh my god, just realized that I'm trying to justify book purchases in a comment box. Let us know which books you choose for the offer!


I'm very tempted by the Persephone offer, thanks for the head up Danielle.

I have to disagree about Lost in Austen- I wanted to enjoy it but it really didn't work for me. P & P without Lizzie isn't P & P as far as I'm concerned! I don't mind books or tv that playsaround with famous stories when done well, for me this just wasn't in that category.


Lost in Austen just arrived from I can't wait to see it!


Cath--I thought it was fun as well--very clever. I didn't really like the Darcy character at first, but he definitely grew on me! :)
Dorothy--In case you decide to order some books--let me know and I will forward you the email with the instructions! :) I don't need to order anything really, but it's so hard when they say 'free book'! I think I must say 'must bump this one up the TBR pile' at least once a day. Considering how slowly I read, I had better face it--it's just not going to happen anytime really soon!
Mad Housewife--I usually fit in several Persephones a year--would love to really binge on them. I love their Biannually, too (and the free bookmark they send--I'm such a pushover). It's the postage that is the killer. I guess the solution is to get the books from The Book Depository. Still, I think getting the free book must offset the cost of postage somehow. Not really a discount--but an even deal (sort of anyway!). Not sure which ones I want (well--narrowed down to three anyway).
Darlene--You were able to select yours in person! :) Still knowing me I would be tempted, but I won't try and talk you into more....And yes, I'm also looking forward to those Bloomsburys! The Book Depository says they'll be out early July.
Sarah--Let me know if you want me to forward the email to you with the details! As for the Austen--I generally don't like watching or reading anything that messes with the stories as they were written, but for some reason this just was entertaining to me. I can totally understand though if it wasn't your thing! :)


Jenclair--I hope you like it--I'll be curious to hear what you think!


Oohh how tempting about Persephone. I've only recently discovered them, and I do have Family Roundabout ready to read, but still.... I never saw Lost in Austen but people raved about it over here. I must look out for it for a rainy day!


Wasn't the casting lovely? It was a big bit of fluffiness but genuinely interesting (and a Wickham to die for).


Danielle, I found Lost in Austen delightful too. It was very well done and thoroughly charming.

I envy you your Persephone purchase (when you make it) this week; I simply cannot justify it this month. If you are having difficulty narrowing it down then you could do what a fellow blogger did and purchase 6 for 4!

Oh, and you are not alone when it comes to reading and being reminded of other books that then have to be added to the TBR pile; I am forever going off on reading tangents as it were.


Oh - I'm so with you on Lost in Austen. I resisted it for some time (like yourself not usually liking 'sequels') and then, on the recommendation from another Blog I decided to rent the DVDs.

I managed to persuade my reluctant husband to watch too - though to start with he sat with a book on his knee so he could read if he didn't enjoy it. However I have to say, I don't think he read more than a page - he soon got into it as much as I did and wanted to watch the episodes back to back!!

We both loved it - despite loving the original BBC production with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.


Loved Lost in Austen! I bought in on dvd because I was only able to catch the last two episodes on PBS before they stopped showing it. Definitely a must watch!


I've had a few friends tell me they enjoyed Lost in Austen but I was still doubtful because I didn't consider them "real" Austen fans, whatever that means. But now that you have said you enjoyed it, well, I will definitely give it a go! Oh, and I say I'm going to read something all the time too--must read that soon, I'll say. But really, if I read everything soon, my book pile would be a mile high.


I was also thrilled to receive the email about the Persephone offer. No, I don't need any more books, but how can I resist 3 for 2? Truthfully, it's a little bit tricky picking books at this point, I am lucky to have collected quite a few and am filling in the gaps with those I still want. But, what fun to choose!

Lori Estey

Hi Danielle,
I have been reading your blog for awhile. You have introduced me to some wonderful books that I would not have picked up on my own - Thanks!! You have also introduced me to Persephone Books & the Book Depository - not so good, as I have no will power where books are concerned. Would you please forward the email with instructions to me? Thanks so much,
Lori -


I resisted Lost in Austen but I ended up buying it on dvd and thought it a hoot actually. One of the first adaptations/dramatisations that "fiddles" with Austen that I actually liked :-)

And I have just ordered three new Persephones (see post on my blog)! What a great offer and available to international customers too - so excellent.


Litlove--Well, if you resist now, at least you can get them anytime you like (much cheaper than I can anyway). I should resist, too, but of course I don't want to. Lost in Austen would be perfect for a rainy day.
Jodie--Very fluffy indeed, but sometimes that's fun. Yes, Wickham was actually likeable! :)
Paperback Reader--I will have to watch Lost In Austen again sometime. There were some great lines in it. I was planning on ordering from Persephone earlier in the spring, but I never got around to it--now I'm glad I waited! Not sure what I'll choose.
Miriam--The BBC production is my favorite, too. I was trying to stitch and watch the movie at the same time, but I didn't get much stitching done. I might have to break down and order it now.
Nadia--Did it air on PBS? I totally missed it! I got it through Netflix, but I might end up ordering it, too.
Stefanie--I don't usually so sequels, but this was fun--not really a sequel or even a retelling--more a reality meets literature (almost reminded me of a Jasper Fforde novel). It was different than I expected--but in a good way. Maybe you can borrow it from the library (or it might be on YouTube, too)! I've contemplated writing down each title that I want to add to my TBR pile--or bump up to the top--but I'm afraid of what it would look like!
tara--I should read what I have, too, and I have a nice little pile. There are some I really want and then sometimes I'll buy one that didn't appeal a year ago (it's weird how tastes change). I need to make my selections as the week is flying by!
Lori--I am a bit of an enabler at times! The Book Depository and Persephone Books can both be very dangerous! I hope you received my email? Have fun choosing your books!
Samantha--It was a hoot--good word. It was just sort of silly and fluffy that I had to laugh. For some reason the irreverant story didn't bother me. I still need to decide which books to order--too late tonight, so will take my catalog to work tomorrow and peruse it during lunch!


I am going back and forth on whether I can resist the Persephone sale! Those books are just so wonderful. Do you know yet which ones you'll get?

And glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. One of my friends who loves all things Austen recommended that to me and I need to check it out. I figure it might be fun.


Iliana--I caved in and placed my order earlier tonight. I've been good and not placed an order with them all year (though have gotten a few Persephones from other places). I'll share my books when they arrive! :) And Lost in Austen was fluffy fun. Definitely worth renting.


I dismissed Lost in Austen when I first heard of its existence, but after a friend exclaimed how great it is, I caved in and watched some clips on youtube. I really like the casting and thought Gemma Arterton was brilliant as Elizabeth Bennet. I need to netflix it so I can watch the entire thing properly.


Joanna--It was fun--glad you got a chance to watch a bit on YouTube to check it out. It's only too bad Elizabeth Bennet had so little air time. She did made a great EB!

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