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I'd forgotten this book and how much I loved it when I first read it. I've read it a couple of times now and perhaps it's time to read it again as I don't have any concrete reading plans for the summer.


I do like this one, although Venetia remains my favourite.


I will have to keep this one in mind when I'm ready for another Heyer!



Cath--This is definitely a keeper. I was all ready to go back and start it all over again, but I resisted since I have a couple of other books I really need to finish before the end of the month. Once I'm done--I plan to read at whim, too.
Becky--I've yet to get Venetia, but it seems it's either just been released or will be soon. It's one I plan on buying!
Lezlie--It's nice to have a spare Heyer or two and this was a fun one!


This is a timely post for me Danielle as I just picked up my first Heyer for $2 (new!) I have read your previous posts on them too and I thought as one is staring me in the face for such a price I would give it a go. Apparently the one I purchased, Lady of Quality, is her last. Have you read it?


This sounds like a joyful read - I haven't read this one myself, so will mark it down for future days. There are times, I think, when only someone like Georgette Heyer will do!


I am feeling well and truly out of the loop with your Heyer posts as I've never read any of her books. Something that will have to be rectified at some point!


Samantha--Lady of Quality is one of my favorites! I read that one several books ago, but I recall it being one of the nice, comic reads. You can't beat a nice, new Heyer novel for only $2!
Litlove--I enjoyed this one immensely. There are times when nothing by an easy-going Heyer novel will do and I will certainly keep this one in mind for a reread at some point!
Darlene--You'll have to give her a try at some point. If you like novels with Regency settings (in the mode of Jane Austen), I think you might like her books. They are being reissued in the US, so you should have no problems getting your hands on one. They are excellent comfort reads.


You've given such an interesting review on this book by Heyer. Thanks a lot. will be adding this one as well to my list.

Kristen M.

It's good that you had another good Heyer to pick up after Cousin Kate. I started My Lord John but set it down for another day because it was just *too* period (if there's such a thing). I didn't have this problem with her other historical fictions. I think she just researched this one so much that she was in a different time than her readers! I think I'm going to go out and buy another light Heyer soon (maybe this one).


This sounds really fun. I'm glad this was much more what you were expecting from Heyer. I'll probably get to another Heyer book but I'm going to wait a bit as I just finished two of her books recently. Not that I'll run out of reading material from her but I like a bit of space between authors :)


I haven't read a lot of Heyer yet, but this is definitely my favorite one so far. Glad you liked it too!!!


Zoya--I enjoyed this one immensely! Everything just clicked right on this one. I plan on rereading it sometime soon.
Kristen--When I was reading the Heyer biography, her biographer said it was likely better that she never finished it--it being such a complicated book and not being sure how it would be received by readers. I love historical fiction, especially if it's accurate, but I don't want the read to be a slog. Sometimes all the slang or reading something in the phrasing of that period can be a challenge--one that's not always fun! I might pass on that one for now anyway. It sounds very heavy. The Corinthian is nicely fluffy! (But in a good way!).
Iliana--I don't usually read authors' books back to back, but as these were review copies the publisher asked I post on them before the end of the month. I'm sure I'll pick up another of her books before long.
Kitty--I'm to a point where I can compare and contrast a little bit and see what I like and what I'm not as fond of--style-wise anyway. I'm glad to hear you call this a favorite, too. I'm not sure what to pick up next, though I have a couple in mind--definitely something fun and easy going!

Dorothy W.

This sounds like a whole lot of fun. When Heyer writes about cross-dressing, surely it's fun, right? The dialogue you quoted is really great.


Dorothy--She did a great job with this one--not too much slang, and fun dialogue back and forth between the characters. I think they are two of my favorite characters now! And cross-dressing in Georgette Heyer's hands is indeed amusing!


"Arabella" has always been my favourite. For those interested, a "Corinthian" is defined in this book as "besides being a very Tulip of Fashion, is an amateur of sport, a master of sword-play, a deadly fellow with a pistol, a Nonpareil amongst whips, a...". This explanation was given to enlighten the heroine (Arabella) who at one stage mistook the hero (Beaumaris) for a "dandy".


Anne--Thanks for sharing the quote--so a Corinthian is an all around (in today's slang terms) hottie (though hottie seems only to describe looks). I think I would prefer a Corinthian over a Dandy! :) I have a copy of Arabella--I look forward to reading it now!

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