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This sounds like a gripping and difficult read - wonderful review as ever, Danielle!

Vipula Gupta

It sounds like a difficult read and really depressing - am not too sure I will pick this up.


"it becomes clear that this was no rash decision of Thomas's, rather he sought out this extreme solitude."

It sounds amazing - I must, must get that.


Thank you for this - I wanted to say beautiful but I think I mean insightful/wise - review Danielle. I am about halfway now in this - in my experience - very unsettling yet poignantly beautiful story. I think it will take quite a while before I have digested it.


Oh, this sounds good. Is it entirely fiction or is it based on a true story?

Dorothy W.

Well, this sounds really good -- interesting because of the setting and the time period both. I think it might be jarring to go back and forth between the narrators, but it sounds like the author may have pulled it off.


Litlove--It was good, but it was dark in parts. Still the descriptions were at times beautiful.
Vipula--Ultimately it wasn't really depressing, though there were some dark parts. The writing was very lovely--it was a different sort of read, but very worthy really.
Jodie--You'll have to let me know what you think of it, if you do read it. Rereading my post I hope I've not put off anyone from reading it--the darker sections are really fairly small in comparison with the rest of the novel.
Catharina--Please let me know what you think when you've finished! It is one I'll be thinking about for a while as well! I'm looking forward to reading her new novel now.
Stefanie--I read in a newspaper review that this was indeed inspired by a true story--I think it was a Dutchman who attempted to stay in the Arctic during the freezing winter months--I'm not sure how it turned out and must see if I can Google him.
Dorothy--It was a different sort of set up really, but I thought it was pretty effective. I think other readers were disappointed in the last third of the book, and I can see why they might have liked it less than the first part of the book, but that might have been less because of the narrator than the content of his part of the story (I'm not entirely sure though). It reminded me a little of Robinson Crusoe--similar situations and time period, but the stories varied quite a bit otherwise. It was certainly an interesting read!

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