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Kate S.

They look gorgeous! I'm looking forward to getting copies of these ones and to checking out the rest of the series as is is published.


I hope to order copies some day too!


I love both of these books. I already own both, but these are such nice editions that it makes me want to own them twice over!!!


I'm waiting for my copies to arrive...They look terrific!


Kate--They are nicely done. I hope they are popular with readers so Bloomsbury will continue to bring back into print titles like these!
Debby--I got mine from the Book Deppository, but I hope Amazon will also distribute them eventually.
Kitty--Lucky you to already have them (especially the Ferguson!). Maybe one of the forthcoming ones will appeal. The books are very pretty--inside and out!
Karen--I was surprised they showed up so quickly. Sometimes my orders from Amazon (here in the US) take longer than orders from the UK. Weird. Hope yours show up soon.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

They look lovely I would like to get a copy myself.I love the art work inside the book.


Its kind of strange - a lot of bloggers whose blog that I follow have received these lovely copies.
I am just too tempted to buy them only the exhorbitant shipping cost is holding me back. Well , happy reading :)


They are such beautiful editions.
I am lucky enough to own a Virago edition of The Brontes but planning to order Henrietta's War soon.


Hooray! Isn't it so nice to open your mailbox and find that books you've been anticipating have arrived. Just like you, I'm already looking forward to September - for the books mind, not the end of summer. By the way, is it still ridiculously hot for you there?


Yay! What lovely looking books!! I definitely plan on ordering The Brontes Went to Woolworths soon!! Happy reading and rereading!!

Dorothy W.

Those books look great! It's wonderful that the Woolworth's book is now available, so you won't have to get it through interlibrary loan any more.


What beautiful books! I put the Brontes Went to Woolworths on my tbr list after you read it. now I suspect after you read Henrietta;s War I'll be adding that one too!


These are very nice looking - thanks for sharing the insides, too!


on my way to purchase right now! love those covers!


These look just gorgeous Danielle. I would love to get copies of them myself but as my overseas trip looms closer I really do have to cut back on book spending!


Carolina Girl's Literary Cafe--They are nicely done. The publisher obviously took a lot time to get the feel just right. The little inside designs fit with the story contents, too! I look forward to seeing the rest now.
Vipula--I think they will be big 'blogger' books. I think the whole idea for the series came out of what people were reading and then talking about online. If it makes it any easier--The Book Depository ships for free worldwide, so it's just the cost of the book. That's where I got my copies--if I had to order from Amazon I wouldn't be able to afford them either as shipping costs are so astronomical!!
Paperback Reader--I would love to have that Virago edition. If I ever come across a copy at a reasonable price I will snap it up! Until then, this is a lovely edition to have as well!
Darlene--I love having something to look forward to in the mail. Sometimes not all the books I order come together and then I can stretch the experience out a bit. It's been pretty warm here lately, but nothing to compare to that week or so we had at the end of June. It was insufferably humid then. We have a few warm/hot days and then it cools off just a bit, which makes life much easier. I hope it stays this way so I can actually enjoy summer! Has it warmed up where you are?
Nadia--I hope you enjoy the book! I thought it very clever and well done. I'm so glad it will be readily available now, too!
Dorothy--At least I can use the interlibrary loan service at my library for free! Still, you have to return the books (of course!:) ), and you don't always get a lot of time to read them. I try and use ILL sparingly. Now I will have a copy at my fingertips for whenever the mood strikes!
Stefanie--Have you read The Diary of a Provincial Lady (an excellent read if you haven't). I'm told this is very similar in style--and equally delightful. And there is also a sequel, which perhaps Bloomsbury will decide to publish as well.
Tara--They are nice outside and in! :)
Jackie--I like the style--very elegant. They reflect the type of books they are very well.
Karen--Perhaps you can get them later (they'll be publishing the other titles later in the year). I don't blame you for saving for a vacation!! Where are you going--can I be nosy and ask? :)


I received my copy of Henrietta's War last week and have already had a little dabble in it :-)


Love the covers! I haven't read either of these books, so I think that might just be a good excuse to buy these beautiful editions.

Elaine Simpson-Long

Please check out my blog tomorrow. I have copies of this up for grabs in a draw and will have full details on Sunday


Samantha--I haven't had a chance, but it is sitting by me bed--close at hand! :)
Lisa--They are certainly nicely produced and thought out. I think they'll look nice all together on the shelf. The Ferguson book is very good (though very different) and I've heard many good things abou the Dennys.
Elaine--Sounds great. Are your copies slightly different than those published? It seems I've seen some with striped covers.


Those are so nice! I'm trying to keep from going over to the web site because I just know it'll be hard to resist buying one. Do you know how many they are planning on releasing?


Iliana--It's hard to resist temptation for them! I know there are six coming out this year, but I'm not sure how many more are in the works. If they are successful I think they plan on continuing the series!

Simon T

Hurray, they've arrived! Do hope you enjoy Henrietta, I'm sure you will. Though the illustrations inside are actually by Joyce Dennys too, from the original - Penelope Beech's illustrations are just the cover and Ex Libris page. Oh, and I think the stripey covers were just an interim design, not used when they were actually published.


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