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D losciale

well, it was about time I got out and about in blogworld and found other book blogs and stumbled upon yours and love it!

Do I have a book I read over and over? Yes. And I cannot even explain why. It's Edith Wharton's AGE OF INNOCENCE. I love old NY, the time period, the "etiquette" of that time.

happy reading!


This sounds enjoyable--I'll have to look for it!

I tend to reread parts of favorite novels rather than the entire book, especially ones I loved when I was younger. That will probably change as time passes, but there are still so many other unread books waiting!


Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol. I get a silly grin on my face when it gets to the part where Scrooge realizes he hasn't missed Christmas Day and sink a little further down into the sofa. It's more than wanting to read those stories again and again - I'm compelled to. I'm going to tell my daughter about Learning to Swim, sounds like a book she would love.


Just ONE???? Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, most of Gladys Taber's books (real comfort reading), ditto Madeleine L'Engle (especially the nonfic), Addie Pray, The Horsemasters, Little Women, Eight Cousins, Murder Must Advertise and The Nine Tailors, Wyoming Summer, Red Sky at Morning, Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Secret Garden, The Open Gate...oh, yeah, and A Christmas Carol. There are more...


I have several favourites that I could read over and over again. Sometimes I think it is hard to say why but some books just have an essence and a feeling about them that makes you want to keep going back. Persuasion is one of those for me.

Table Talk

I'd have to stop and think about a favourite novel to re-read and re-read, which I suspect means that I don't actually have one - just at the moment. At various times in my life there have been books to which I have returned and I suspect that says as much about what was happening in my life at the time as it does about the books themselves. As for Chambers, she's new to me, but I'm off to the library site now to see if this available. I love both Trapido and Atkinson, so this sounds like a must read.


You know I'm right up there with you at the head of the Clare Chamber's fan club. I just love her narrating voice - it's so warm and witty. I loved Learning to Swim, and In A Good Light, and I also loved The Editor's Wife, so I wouldn't worry too much that it will disappoint. The only real trouble I have with her is that after finishing one of her books, nothing else looks quite as tempting for a while!


Most of my books I have reread at some point I think. My favourite is 'Carry's War' by Nina Bawden.


I read Tam Lin, by Pamela Dean, at least once yearly. It's one of those books that has so many tiny references and associations that you discover something new every time. I'm actually due for a reread on that. I have a feeling The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets is going to become another book like this, and probably also The Secret Garden.


D losciale--Thanks for the kind words and for dropping in! I just reread The Age of Innocence earlier this spring and loved it more the second time around. It is a fascinating period and I need to read more of Wharton's work.
Rebecca--I think you'll be able to find an inexpensive used copy--I really like her work. It is hard balancing new books with rereads--for me it just depends on the mood I am in and what sort of story I feel like reading. I have lots of new books to get to, but sometimes I just want a good, familiar story.
Darlene--I've only read A Christmas Carol once, but I think I could easily reread it every year during the holiday season! And I think I almost know by heart some of the famous P&P lines! :)
LindaY--I have more than on favorite reread, too! :) I know some people prefer not to reread at all and others love it and reread often. I can see that I need to read more Dorothy Sayers!! Every time I read comments like this I am ready to go and raid my shelves and start yet more books!
Karen--I am hoping to reread Persuasion this year (and fill in the gaps with the last two Auten novels I've not read. I had wanted last year to read them all or reread them, but my project seems to have spilled over into this year! Some books do just leave you feeling completely satisfied and those are the books I like to return to.
Table Talk--I love Clare Chambers--she is so witty and her stories just flow. I hope you enjoy her--she does remind me of Barbara Trapido and Kate Atkinson (her novels not the mysteries), which makes me want to return to those two authors as well.
Litlove--She does have a good voice. Even though this story is one that's been told before, it still feels fresh when I go back and read again. I'm glad to hear The Editor's Wife is good, and I also have one called Dry Spell (I think...). I love the other two so much I'm almost afraid to read the others. And it is hard to pick up another book after you finish one of hers--I found I was flipping back and rereading sections.
Catharina--I saw a film adaptation of Carry's War and I've been meaning to find the book as surely it is even better. I can see where that would be a comforting book to return to!


Anna--I'm not familiar with Pamela Dean--I will look her up. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the Eva Rice book. I read it earlier this year and loved it. I've never read the Secret Garden (though I think I know the story). I should go back and read some of these children's classics that I've missed!

Wisteria Leigh

If you have read it twice and contemplate a third time, it must be really good. I'll have to look it up.
I tend to reread Dickens. Although Ahabs Wife by Sena Jeta Naslund I have read three times.


Now I am intrigued by Learning to Swim! :) I have to check if our library has it.

My absolutely favorite rereads are Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath, and all Anne and Emily books by L. M. Montgomery. :)

There is also some books I loved, when I read them, and am afraid to reread, in case I didn't like them as much now (Gone with the Wind being one of those and The Egyptian by the Finnish author Mika Waltari being another).



Wisteria Leigh--This is a book that has really clicked with me. I hope if you do give it a try that you enjoy it as well! I've not read a lot of Dickens, but I have read (and really enjoyed) Ahab's Wife. That is a good story to read again!
Tiina--I has a little Virginia Woolf project going, but I've not read anything by her this year--I must get back to her work. She would definitely be a good author to reread as I bet you must get something new with each new reading! I know what you mean by being afraid to reread sometimes--I also have that fear the book won't live up to how I felt the first time around!


Hi, I always read your blog but have never posted a comment before. I've read Learning to Swim and thought it was a great read, although I did prefer In a Good Light. I can tell you that The Editor's Wife is another fabulous read - give it a try!

Dorothy W.

This sounds great -- really good, high-quality comfort reading. As for books I can reread again and again, I'd say Pride and Prejudice and then books I loved as a kid or teenager, such as Anne of Green Gables or the Alcott books. I really did read those over and over! And I have no idea how often I've read P&P, but it's a lot.


Nicola--Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. Feel free to do so anytime--I always love hearing from other readers! I have read In a Good Light and recall liking it very much as well, but it's been long enough now that I've forgotten details. I plan on rereading it as well very soon! I've got The Editor's Wife and am happy to hear from people that it's just as good a read. I'm really looking forward to it. Have you read any other books by her?
Dorothy--I think Litlove called her most recent an intelligent comfort read--I'm glad others agree. It's nice to have authors like that to fall back on! I think between the number of times I''ve seen the films and the few times I've read P&P I can almost say many of the lines and know the story pretty well--yet I never tire of it either. I'd like to read some more Austen this year. And I really to need to read Anne of Green Gables--my niece loaned me her copy!


At the moment the books I could reread over and over are Ali Smith's 'Boy Meets Girl' and 'Who Will Run the Frog Hospital' by Lorrie Moore (both short). I'd love to reread 'A Suitable Boy' yearly but where's the time? I wish I could be like the guy who taught my community creative writing course and was on his third reread of 'Anna Karenina'.


I loved this book, and am interested with the comparison to Trapido, since I love her books too. I must look out for some more of Chambers as I don't think I read all of her work.


Jodie--Wow, three times reading Anna K. I've yet to tackle it once! I have some favorite books that I can read over and over again, too. I read the Lorrie Moore novel ages and ages ago, but I don't remember it now. I will have to look up the Ali Smith--I read one of her most recent novels (or most recent novel) a few years ago. And I've always been curious about A Suitable Boy, but that would be quite an undertaking!
Verity--I've read Bother of the More Famous Jack, which I really liked, and while the stories are different they both deal with the same themes and have quirky sorts of characters. I'd like to read more of Trapido's work, but I think I'll read Clare Chambers' In a Good Light first (reread I should say).

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