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I LOVE The Bookshelf! Felt my pulse race a bit at that one, breath one and two....It's so much fun to pull out old patterns and remember when you bought them. Your bee skep project is blossoming nicely Danielle, thanks for the update.


The Bookshelf sampler looks tantalizing! Someday I would love to take some favorite quotes and turn them into needlework, but I'm sure it wouldn't be half as lovely as what these designers come up with.

Vipula Gupta

I have never really cared much for needlework ( I have a project going on since 1999)..but the literary needlework is really nice.
Btw I put up the 'House on strand" review here


Your beehive is so pretty and coming along quite nicely I think. That Sample girl link has come very close to making me want to learn how to stitch! I must somehow figure out a way to combine knitting and literature.


These are darling and I love seeing your work in progress.

I really liked the accordion book and of course you can only imagine that as soon as I saw that I wished I could make it. Maybe one day I'll have to try a class in needlework.


Oh I like The Bookshelf, especially the top images and the words 'The bookshelf' beneath it. When you say 'stitch' you donot mean 'crossstitch' do you? This is where the english language gets me all confused. You've made quite some progress on the beehive!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your samplers. You do lovely work.


I love the Bookshelf, my favorite writers and authors. Beautifully done!


Darlene--The bee skep is looking pretty good, actually. I love the colors. This is one I will definitley get framed. And isn't The Bookshelf great--I really must stitch it--I have the floss and fabric all ready to go...
Rebecca--I think The Sampler Girl has some simple designs with just words or quotes, too. Something like that might not be too hard to graph--but then there is the whole choosing colors thing and maybe choosing some sort of a border. I'm not veyr good on doing these sorts of things, and am happy there are so many talented designers out there.
Vipula--I really enjoy it but I don't always have the time to work on it like I wish I could. I tend to go in phases with it! And I have some projects just as old, I think! :) Thanks for the link, by the way, it puts me very much in the mood to read more Daphne du Maurier!!
Stefanie--Stitching is really easy if you ever want to learn--much easier than knitting I think. I wonder how you could mix knitting with literature--if you came up with something you could make your fortune! :)
Iliana--I really want to make one of those little accordion books. I have also seen larger books with the alphabet--one letter per page. It's amazing the things people come up with!!
Catharina--Yes, this is regular old cross stitch. I also like designs that include fancier stitches, but this one is very straightforward. I love The Bookshelf chart and really, really must stitch it! And the bee hive is coming along nicely, if a bit slowly.
Susan--Thank you! This is coming along nicely.
Jackie--The designer chose well with this one. I have seen some stitchers change the names a bit and vary it according to their tastes. I like her choices of authors, though!


You do beautiful work, Danielle...counted cross stitch has been one of my favorite crafts...and it is nice to see a link to designs literary in nature, so thank you for that!

Dorothy W.

I love those literature-inspired designs! I think they would be fun to stitch, although they might tempt me to return to the books instead of working on the stitching!


Oh, my goodness, thank you. I think I have just found my friend Sophie's birthday present.


Wendy--The designs are clever, aren't they! I think many stitchers also love reading, so I'm not surprised that they've come up with designs to appeal to those who like both!
Dorothy--It's hard juggling both hobbies. Maybe this is why I've never gotten very far with the Bookshelf chart--it tempts me to much to read instead of stitch! :)
Oolookitty--If your friend likes stitching and reading, I am sure she will like any of these!!

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