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This sounds like such an interesting read. I'm going to check and see if my library has it. Great post!

Dorothy W.

I commented on your post a couple years ago that I think I would like this book, and it's still true, although I haven't gotten to it yet. I think I'd really enjoy the Connecticut and Yale stuff, as I've at least been on the campus now, and I do like reading about academic life. The cross-dressing would make a fun twist on the subject.


Thanks for reminding me that I should read this book! With so many other books clamoring for attention it is hard to remember them all even when I put them on a list!


Great jumping off idea.

Adding to my list.


Nadia--Hopefully your library will have a copy--I borrowed it when I read it the first time around. It was published a few years ago,so there might also be sale/used copies out there as well at an inexpensive price.
Dorothy--I really like novels with academic settings as well, though I've not really read any this year. I think this has been out long enough now that you might even be able to mooch a copy. It's always fun to read about an area you are familiar with, and I just have this thing for women who break free from tradition, even if it means dressing as a boy/man. I hope that doesn't sound totally weird--it's the adventure aspect of it that appeals to me. In any case, Adele is a totally likeable character (as a young man or a young woman!).
Stefanie--I'm good at reminding people when it comes to books I like! :) But I do totally understand all those books clamoring away--I have that problem myself occasionally. This is definitely one to grab if you happen upon it.
Isabel--This is an unusual idea, isn't it. Not necessarily new, but the idea of a young woman entering an all male college at such a time. I do hope you get a chance to read it!


Dani, This sounds wonderful. I was an undergraduate at Yale, a place I'd never visited before I arrived, and I often felt like I was there in disguise, under sufferance, and when it was discovered who I REALLY was, I'd have to go home to Tacoma, Washington. But gradually I realized that pretty much everyone felt this way. I love your reviews, and can't believe how many good books you manage to come up with!! xoxo


Oh I must have missed your original post on this but it sounds like such a good book. Next time I'm at the used bookstore I'm going to have to look for it!


This sounds excellent! It is going on 'the list'!


Lily--I have a feeling I would be exactly the same had I gone to such a distinguished university! How daring not to have even visited first! I think I still was nervous even going to school here in town! :) I like books like this where the characters seem to know exactly how you feel--or you can empathize even if the situations aren't the same. I think that's why I love this book so much. I found this one in the library originally completely by chance--and am so glad I did.
Iliana--Do check it out. I think there might even be a copy or two up on Bookmooch. I think it's been out long enough you should find it easily. Do give it a read!
Tara--I loved this as much the second time around (maybe more) than the first! And I just found out she has a new book coming out in the fall! Yay.

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