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Hmm mm I want you to read Sophia's Secret next because I want to hear all about it! he he


I adore Barbara Pym! I've just borrowed copies from the library but should really buy my own, seeing your pristine copies makes me want to go instantly to The Book Depository. I've just been to dovegreyreader's blog and she's reading Mollie Panter-Downes, One Fine Day, at the end of August and inviting others to join in. I think you may have read it already but just in case...And one more thing, have you read either Footsteps or Confinement by Katherine McMahone? I'm thinking about ordering them because they sound quite good but would like a recommendation either way. The Alchemist's Daughter was super!


I love choosing a new book as well Danielle, although I don't manage to juggle as many as you do.

I've heard good things about East of the Sun, and have it in my TBR pile.


Heather--You're in luck! I decided on Sophia's Secret--I started reading and it just pulled me right into the story. I'll be writing about it soon...
Darlene--I've only read one Pym book, but I loved it, too! I've got a few of the nice Moyer Bell editions (published here in the US--bonus!) and a few not so nice editions that I mooched. The story is the same, but the presentation is just not as nice! I Loved One Fine Day and highly recommend it. Maybe I should pull my copy out and reread-along! I also read her The Shoreless Sea--I think it was her first book-very nice, very sentimental. Pity it's no longer in print. Ooh, I have both those books by Katharine McMahon!! I also really liked The Alchemists Daughter (I listened to it on audio and it is the best audio book I've ever come across--and I am veyr picky), so bought a few other books by her. I've not read the other two books, but they do look very good. This makes me want to go and pick one of them up and start reading now....will try and refrain...
Sarah--Choosing is so much fun--thinking about reading is almost as fun as reading itself. I was almost going to pick East of the Sun, but I decided I wanted something a little bit further back in history. I might read it next though.


I recently read Sophia's Secret and loved it! I had never read Kearsley before, but from the first page I knew that it was going to be a book that I really enjoyed and I did!

I liked the Gregson when I read it as well. Those two books were both nominated for the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year. East of the Sun one, but as much as I liked it, I would have picked Sophia's Secret (or the Winter Sea depending on where you live and what edition you are reading).


East of the Sun is fun and a good examination of three young women's fears. I keep seeing you mention it here and get excited about seeing what you think!


So many good options! I'm interested to see your reviews of Bleeding Heart Square and Sophia's Secret, both books I am interested in. So many of the others sound good too!


I know you've already chosen, but I'll put in a word for Jane and Prudence (which for some reason I always remember as Prudence and Jane!), which I liked very much.


It's so fun to be on the verge of starting new books right? Deciding which story to go for and hoping that it'll be wonderful. You've got a lot of good choices there.

I would like to read the Yrsa book but I haven't seen it at my bookstores and I'm not checking out library books now so I'll have to wait a bit longer :)


Marg--I can see why you liked it so much (and I'm not even all that far into the story). It grabbed me right away and has me very intrigued. I didn't realize this was up for an award--I knew the Gregson had won but am not familiar with the other nominees (except Linda Gillard's Star Gazing). I plan on perhaps reading the Gregson after this one! I went ahead and ordered her "Mariana" as well and hope it is equally as good.
Jodie--It sounds like something I will really like and I expect it won't be too long until I go ahead and read that one, too! It's sitting next to my bed as a matter of fact.
Tara--I am nearly finished with Bleeding Heart Square, which I am really enjoying. I think I'llprobably write about it next week sometime. And Sophia's Secret is very absorbing!
Lily--Don't tempt me more--I'm ready to start all of these now (instead of just choosing one). I loved her Excellent Women and want to read more of her work. It's be Jane and Prudence, then! She's such a wonderful writer and her style really appeals to me just now!
Iliana--It's fun thinking about what to read next. I'll get to pick a mystery soon and I'm already contemplating what I'll read next. I do have lots of good choices--it's nice to pick from my own stacks. And I'll get back to Yrsa's novel as soon as I finish Bleeding Heart Square, which I am almost finished with. I'm seriously cooling it with the library books as well--maybe with only a very few I can actually read them all!

Dorothy W.

I have those two Pym's waiting for me as well, and am looking forward to both of them. I'm not sure what I'll read next -- probably not Pym, as I read her fairly recently, but she's always a possibility!


Dorothy--I've not read anything since Excellent Women and I think that was a couple of years ago now. I am definitely due to read something by her soon! And both books sound really good, too.

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