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Kristen M.

I liked the older Death on the Nile film better. I love David Suchet as Poirot but Mia Farrow is awesome in her role and the first movie is much closer to the story.


Kristen--I think I will definitely get the other film from Netflix. I love period pieces, so I am sure I'll enjoy the Suchet version, though it's nice when the film at least tries to follow the book closely.


That's actually a pretty good representation of how I see Nicholas Brisbane, although in my mind he is a fraction rougher around the edges! Definitely very swoonsome though!

I just recently read Silent on the Moor and thought it was another excellent entry in the series.


Oh goodness, now you've made this Cornish woman fancy a pasty and it's one o'clock in the morning here! LOL.

I too really love the Peter Ustinov version of Death on the Nile. Wonderful to see him and David Niven together and the whole thing is so sumptuously filmed.


Clicked on the link to Amazon for a peek at the Penguin by Design book - fascinating stuff! Also, the history of Cornish pasties is quite interesting. Women would create different designs on the 'holding' part of the crust so men could differentiate which pastie belonged to whom.


We had pasties on holiday a lot, as there was a cute little, well, shed really,where you could buy them just a step down the road from us. Yum. And I'm really interested to know what you think of Coraline, as I'm quite keen to both read and see it myself. I actually have a couple of those first ten penguin books; not originals, but originals of the anniverary edition, back in the 80s. That printing firm I worked for manufactured them, and there were file copies.... I've got the Mary Webb and the book entitled Carnival (I think, haven't looked in ages).

D losciale

I love what you said on "Litlove's" blog about loving to look around at what others are reading. Me, too. And the results are an ever-increasing TBR stack. I'm going to sort through mine today.

BTW, I much prefer the Ustinov ORIENT to the Suchet. But then, really, it's two different things simply because of two different actors interpretations. Wonder what you'll think of the older version...?

Carl V.

I am a huge fan of David Suchet as Poirot. Although the shorter episodes are okay it is the 90-100 minute film version that I prefer. I cannot in any way compare them to the books as I have not read any, but for pure enjoyable British mysteries Poirot is far and away one of my favorite characters.

I have the Gaiman-read audio of Coraline but have not listened to it yet. I have no doubt it is wonderful as he is one of the best readers of stories that I have ever heard. I just love listening to him tell a tale.


Marg--I've always pictured him as sort of swarthy (in a good way) since he's of gypsy blood. I must get to the newer book soon. I couldn't wait for it to be released and then with one thing or another I just haven't gotten around to reading it!
Cath--They do sound pretty yummy. I think the chances are that you'll get one sooner than me! :) Is it something you ever make at home? I think anything set in Cairo/Egypt should be sumptuous--I can't wait to see the Ustinov version!
Darlene--How interesting. I guess they didn't want their husband's lunches to get mixed up! :) Have you had these before? I'm not sure if they are just a Cornish thing or you can get them anywhere in England. And I think at the very least I'll have to go and grab our library copy and look at it again, but I would rather own it.
Litlove--Pasties sound a little like Mexican empanadas which are pretty tasty, too. How cool that you had them whil on vacation! I listened to Coraline on audio--didn't read the book myself. If you like audio books, I highly recommend it as Neil Gaiman reads it and he does an excellent job. I didn't get to watch the movie last night as it got to be too late, so am going to try again tonight. I took a peek and what I saw I thought was very clever! Definitely one to watch for! And I love those Penguins--I rarely see them in used bookstores here, but I've managed to get a couple. Lucky you to have worked for the company that made them! (The anniversay editions that is).
D losciale--My own posts tend to be of the what I'm reading type (as I'm a slow reader so my 'reviews' tend to be far in between). I also get the best reading ideas by those types of posts--so many good books to explore! And I hope to watch the Ustinov version next weekend. I did enjoy the one with David Suchet, but the movie/story felt a bit rushed.
Carl--I've not seen any of the David Suchet Poirot movies, but I did like him in Death on the Nile. I've seen a few movie adaptations (with Peter Ustinov, though not this one before). I've not read many of Agatha Christie's books, but I plan on changing that and indulging in more of them. And I agree with you on the Gaiman audio book. Did you like the movie version of Coraline? I will have to see if I can get my hands on anyhting else Neil Gaiman's read for audio--he's an excellent storyteller!


Danielle, I have to admit that no, I don't make Cornish pasties at home very often. They're a real fiddle to make to be honest and when the children were small I was more inclined to make Pasty Pie than individual pasties. On the rare occasions I have made them though, they do prove worth it!

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