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Oh Oh, I've just come home from my evening shift at the library with The Franchise Affair tucked in my bag. I'm really curious so I may flip through a few pages but R will probably steal it from me. Looking forward to hearing from you on that one once you get around to it.


Darlene--I just started it today--am just in the first chapter where a solicitor gets hired to represent a mother and daughter accused of a kidnapping...The Franchise sounds very dreary compared to Hundreds Hall. Are you going to read it as well?


I read a biography of Christie years ago. She had a fascinating life but I don't remember any details about her writing style. I think the book concentrated on the time she went missing and then turned up in Harrogate. I'd like to read a full bio - any suggestions?

I bought The Franchise Affair a couple of months (or so) ago and have been meaning to read it soon - it does look good.

Table Talk

Interestingly, I've heard that same 'Desert Island Discs' story told about Ruth Rendell, so it may be that we both have to take it with a pinch of salt. It doesn't stop me loving Christie though. I was very lucky that as a teenager a friend of my mother lent me her collection of the complete Christie and one summer holiday I indulged in a crime feast. That's long enough age, i think for me to go back to them and have the same thrill of discovering 'whodunit' as I had then.
I'm also a great fan of Tey. Did you you know that there is a current writer, Nicola Upton, who is writing crime novels that feature Tey as a character? I'm just about to finish and post about the first, 'An Expert in Murder'.


Danielle, I think that will at some point but my reading is pretty well planned out into the Fall. I'll be watching for your comments though!


Ooops, that should read 'I think that I will...'

Kristen M.

I think that you will find that as you read more Christie, you become really acclimated to her style and you will start picking the murderer in every story. Though she makes you doubt your conclusions throughout the story, you will inevitably find that you were right. It doesn't make the stories any less enjoyable though!

And I am totally going to do some Tey re-reads this fall and winter. I've read all of her books but it's been a few years and I miss them!


You know, I've never actually read Agatha Christie but after reading your post, I think I will.


BooksPlease--My biography is by Janet Morgan and I think it is a full fledged biography. I saw a movie of Agatha Christie's life that also concentrated mostly on that period she went missing, which I had not known about (before I knew virutally nothing about her). She seems like a fascinating person. I'm not far into The Franchise Affair, but I am enjoying it. It's an interesting plot and I'll be curious to see where she goes with it.
Table Talk--How interesting. I had not heard that about Ruth Rendell. I wonder how many other crime writers out there have been 'accused' of doing the same! :) It does make for a good story, though, don't you think? I like both authors, so however they work/ed is fine by me! I think had I had a chance to read Agatha as a teen I would have loved her, too (though I'm enjoying her now). And Expert in Murder is the mystery i finished right before reading Agatha--so it was a natural progression to move on to the Tey (plus I read that Sarah Waters was inspired by it and I loved The Little Stranger). I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought of it. I liked it and will be reading her next one at some point.
Darlene--So you plan your reading ahead, too? I think my list goes somewhere well into next year, but then I rarely stick with plans so am constantly interrupting myself!
Kristen--Dare I say this--I have a feeling that Agatha's books may verge on the formulaic, but when you like the formula I personally don't mind. I did guess right, but she had me doubting myself right from the start. Still, they are nice, enjoyable cozies, so I'll definitely be reading more. Tey didn't write a whole lot of books, did she? I've got a couple but if I like The Franchise Affair (and I suspect I will) I'll search out the rest of her books.
Kirsten--I think I've seen more Agatha movie adaptations than read books! (Though I'm going to read more books now). If you like cozy mysteries, then you should definitely give her a try. The two I've read were light and entertaining. I also love that period when the Golden Age of Mysteries were so popular, so I am happy to give most books *(mysteries) from the 1930s a try. I hope you enjoy her!

Kristen M.

Yes, Tey only has eight books. I really wish there were more! Especially as I've already read almost 60 Christies and wouldn't mind some time with another mystery author. :) I tried Ngaio Marsh but didn't like the direction she took after the first few in the Alleyn series. Maybe I need to try Margery Allingham or something.


Well, you know I'm a big Christie fan. I also like Tey, but some of her books are definitely better than others. The Franchise Affair was great, and I also loved Miss Pym Disposes.


I am glad you liked this book. This one is my favorites.I would recommend Murder on the Orient Express. It's really good - it is again a drawing room mystery and could have very well happened anywhere - but it is a good read.


Kristen--Have you read Dorothy Sayers? I've only read one, but many people have recommended her to me. Too bad Tey didn't write more. I've read one by Margery Allingham and have meant to read more of her books, too.
Litlove--I think I'll enjoy reading Agatha Christie's books--nice to have a good mystery to fall back on. I've only read Tey's Brat Farrar ages ago, but I recall liking it. I'll look for Miss Pym Disposes, too.
Vipula--I have Murder on the Orient Express so will dig it out. I don't mind so much that the detail is a little lacking when it comes to place, as the mystery is really the important thing with her books.

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