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Oh, I couldn't resist this one. Not so easy is it... but I had a lot of fun with it.


Cath--Some were easier than others, and some sound odd when you fill in a title, but it is fun. It's weird how well they work for answers to questions!


Great answers! Can I join your Monstrous Regiment of Women? ;)


Oh yours is really good! I'm going to do this, but it's so hard! Might take me a while to come up with a full meme....


Too funny! I have to work this morning but later on I just may give this one a go.


Well done Danielle! This does look like fun!


I love your choice of you and your friends. It aptly describes me and mine too!

Dorothy W.

A monstrous regiment of women! People have been coming up with funny answers to that question about friends. I found that the hardest part of this meme was deciding which book among several possibilities to choose from, at least with some of the questions.


I love your answers! I agree, it was too fun to pass up; I had to try it myself, and was surprised at how titles fit in as answers to the questoins.


What a great meme! I could not resist, but joined the fun over at my book blog. :) A Monstrous Regiment of Women made me laugh. I love the Mary Russell mysteries.


Simon T

This is so fun! I've done one, saved in my drafts, which will appear at some point...


Sylvia--Indeed you can. In the Laurie King novel a monstrous regiment of women are the bluestockings/feminists. And it has a nice ring to it!
Litlove--I look forward to your answers! It's fun to see what everyone comes up with--it's funny how the meanings of the titles change when you pair then with a question.
Darlene--It's actually a nice, lazy post but interesting and fun to read at the same time (right up my alley--especially the lazy part).
Karen--Give it a try (or save it for a day when you need a nice easy post!).
Chasingbawa--Those titles fitted very nice, if I do say so myself!
Dorothy--Yes, I had the same problem, though there were one or two that nothing seemed to fit so I fudged. It's all in fun. And I love the title A Monstrous Regiment of Women!
Melanie--I will check out your answers. It's weird how the titles sound so different when you match them with a question.
Tiina--I'm not sure who came up with it, but it is fun. I love Laurie King's msyteries, too and this makes me want to go pick one up...
Simon--It's nice to have a post or two in the ready--memes are especially good for this. I look forward to reading yours!


What a fun meme! Some of them seem harder than they look. I'll have to give it a try at some point, too.


Rebecca--It is a fun meme--some people are so creative when they come up with these things! Some I had multiple choices and others I had to fudge a little! :)


It's been so fun reading everyone's answers! I love your answer for describe you and your friends :)


Iliana--Yes, the Laurie King book provided the best answer! :)


I found this challenge on normblog - irresistable - Describe yourself: Lady of Quality (Georgette Heyer)
How do you feel? In the Dark (Mark Billingham)
Describe where you currently live: Main Street (Sinclair Lewis)
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Roma Eterna (Robert Silverberg)
Your favourite form of transportation? Family Roundabout (Richmal Crompton)
Your best friend is: Lavinia (Ursula Le Guin)
You and your friends are: Hominids (Robert Sawyer)
What's the weather like? This Perfect Day (Ira Levin)
You fear Disgrace (J.M.Coetzee)
What is the best advice you have to give? It Can’t Happen Here (Sinclair Lewis)
Thought for the day: [Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K. Dick)
How would you like to die? Greybeard (Brian Aldiss)
Your soul's present condition? Life and Fate (Vasily Grossman)

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