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This one caught my eye the other night at the bookshop so I had a flip through - another great read. Any sort of social history involving women is interesting but also quite frustrating at times. Imagine not being allowed to light up a cigarette in public or do a lot of things for that matter, sheesh.


Darlene--Or cutting your hair and being considered fast or racy! Not being able to vote and losing all your property/money to your husband when you marry! I like these sorts of social histories, too. It's fascinating stuff and helps put into perspective character's lives and actions in literature. And it's a nice reminder of how far we've come and makes me appreciate all the more the freedoms I now enjoy!


I've read all of Fitzgerald's novels and most of his short stories, and they are all such colorful depictions of the Jazz Age; you will really enjoy them. I've just mooched "Everybody Was So Young" which is a real-life story of Sara and Gerald Murphy, who knew Fitzgerald and I think Hemingway in real might like this too. Reviews have all been very positive.

Table Talk

I had a real Fitzgerald binge some years ago but missed out on 'This Side of Paradise'. Reading what you have to say I would love to go out and get a copy this morning but it would join the TBR pile and ........
There are just too many books.


What a perfect combination! I would love to read both these books as I find this such a fascinating period. Oh and I remember reading somewhere that all you needed to know about a culture could be deduced from the way it viewed and treated its women. That's an intriguing thought!


Debby--I'd like to read all of Fitzgerald's works as well. I've put it off for so long, that I figured now was the time. He seems to have written quite a few short stories as well. I will look for Everybody was so Young--that sounds like a perfect fit for the books I'm reading at the moment! Thanks for the heads up!
Table Talk--I sympathize! I go around reading book blogs and end up with a list a page long of more books I want to read and/or buy. This is why I always have so many books started. It's dangerous reading about what other readers are reading! :)
Litlove--These books work so well together. I don't often read two so similar at the same time, but in this case I am really enjoying it. That is an intriguing thought, certainly it says something about America in the 1920s!


I've been meaning to read 'Flapper' for a while now since I read 'Bright Young People: the rise and fall of a generation 1918-1940' by D.J.Taylor. Reading your account, I feel like going out and getting it straight away!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and that your taste in books is impeccable!


I saw Flappers at the bookstore yesterday and I *almost* bought it. I still kind of wish that I had. There was an internal struggle and the book lost....but I still might have to buy it.


Chasingbawa--I will have to look up the DJ Taylor book as it sounds right up my alley--perhaps my library will have it. I've been very into this period for a while now, and this is a new slant to my reading. Thanks for the kind words by the way. So many books sound good at the moment, it's hard to stop at just one or two!
Sassymonkey--Maybe you can find a library copy? I think you would like it. It's very much an overview of the period--lots of interesting information and anecdotes. Of course it's nice to own your own copy, too...

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