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Mad Housewife

Let me know about A. N. Wilson. I've read a number of his books over the years, but not this one.

A good list!


I don't think The Mist in the Mirror is better than The Woman in Black, as that book is a hard act to follow. But it is definitely *really* good.

The Oxford Book of Ghost Stories is one of the best anthologies I have and has an excellent selection of creepy stories.

You mentioned We Have Always Lived in the Castle - I have that on my RIP list and can't wait to read it as I've heard it's a bit special.

That's a good list you've got there.


Great list as always Danielle! I'm adding several to the TBR list. :D

Dorothy W.

Great list! I'd like to read Shirley Jackson, and I didn't know Wilson did a rewriting of the James book. Interesting!

Amanda A.

As always, most excellent choices!


Sounds chilling! I have Everymans Library Ghost Stories on ice until the latter half of October. There are short stories by Katherine Mansfield, PG Wodehouse, Edith Wharton, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Bowen and Penelope Lively to name a few. Need I say more...


Mad Housewife--This will be my first book by him--I've had it for a while, so it's time to read it, I think! Anything in the vein of Henry James (or one of his stories) should prove to be interesting.
Cath--Really good is still a great recommendation. It's really hard to surpass The Woman in Black! I've read stories out of a variety of Oxford collections and they all seem to be very good. And I loved the Shirley Jackson book--I think you'll enjoy it. There's a subtle humor to it as well. I want to read her other book, though I think it won't perhaps be as good.
Eva--I actually got The Grange House from you! I saw it on your list and recalled that I had read it, looked it up and figured it has been long enough that I could read it again!
Dorothy--If you've not read Shirley Jackson you really should. I think you would appreciate her--We Have Always Lived in the Castle is great! And the Wilson is a retelling (from what I gather) of James's Turn of the Screw--a modern day setting, though.
Amanda--Thanks. I've been mentally preparing my list for a few days now in anticipation!
Darlene--I will have to see if my library has this EL collection. I checked out their Christmas story collection for the holidays last year and loved it. They are such nice books, too! And such a who's who of names! All authors I like or want to try!


That's a wonderful list as ever. You know I have to space out my scary books (!) but I really would like to read Shirley Jackson some day. I have a biography here of her - I should pick that up soon (if only there were more hours, etc, etc).

Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

That is an impressive list!

I have The Mist in the Mirrow here, but I haven't read The Woman in Black yet. I'll keep an eye out for your review and perhaps you'll be able to tell me whether I need to go out and buy The Woman in Black before reading Mist in the Mirror?

Heather Bond

Great list!

I read Ghost Story years ago and it scared the socks off me. I haven't re-read it so I'll be curious to see how you like it.

The Haunting of Hill House is also excellent. Please don't be put off by the incredibly bad remake with poor Liam Neeson (who I can only think really needed the money). The one to see is The Haunting (1963) with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom. It does a much better job of capturing the feeling of the book.

And Edith Wharton's ghost stories are also worth a read. In case you need more!


I'm reading 'The Mist in the Mirror' right now. It's pretty good but I wish I had 'The Woman in Black to compare it to as the play was so creepy.

Carl V.

Fantastic to have you in again this year Danielle, and as always you don't disappoint. Your list is a treasure trove of literature in the true gothic spirit. Well done! I certainly look forward to reading about whatever you decide to read.


Litlove--If only extra hours (to spend reading or otherwise relaxing) would grow on trees--I'd invest in an orchard! :) If it helps--Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle isn't really scary--I think you'd be safe from bad dreams, but I do know what you mean about spacing this type of read out!
Jackie--I'd like to read four of them--and most of the books are pretty slendor, so I hope I can manage it. The Woman in Black is wonderful, so I'll be curious to see what Mist in the Mirror is like. Hopefully that's one I will get to read.
Heather--I do really want to read Ghost Story, only I've been looking through my piles and can't seem to find it now. I know I have a copy--at least I'm pretty sure I do...just where is it?? The copy of the Jackson book has been retitled just The Haunting, which I thought was interesting--probably due to the movie. I'll try and keep any images from it out of my mind while reading. I had no idea there was another movie made of it--thanks, I'll check it out. And I forgot about Edith Wharton's ghost stories--I'll have to see what my library has.
Jodie--I'd be curious to see what the theatrical version of The Women in Black is like--the book was great! It's been a few years since I read it, but the story has still stuck in my mind. I read it for the holidays one year (nothing like a good ghost story for Christmas). I'm curious now about The Mist in the Mirror.
Carl--I've been looking forward to this for a while now! I'm really in the mood for some good Gothic reads. I've been checking out other reader's lists, too, getting more ideas...


I have to agree that the 1963 version of "The Haunting" is WAY SCARY. A bit talky, perhaps, by today's standards, but WICKED SCARY anyway.

And the book, of course, is fantastic; no one does creepy menace, while making you wonder if anything is really going on at all, better than Ms. Jackson. I worship her.

And I enjoyed "Hold my Hand" well enough; pretty atmospheric. I'm curious to see what you think of the Susan Hill, as I have not read that one yet and loved the book and play of "The Woman in Black."

Table Talk

The Susan Hill is wonderful. She is so good at creating atmosphere. Have you read her latest, 'The Beacon'?


I don't think I've ever heard of Don't Look Now by du Maurier. I'd be interested in that review!


You've got a wonderful pool of books to choose from Danielle. I hadn't heard of that Susan Hill book but now I have to look for it. I loved her book Woman in Black too!


Wonderful list - the A.N.Wilson sounds interesting. I wondered about re-reading The Turn of the Screw (maybe I will). I hated Don't Look Now, both the book and the film, but I think I'm on my own on that one.


Kitty--Shirley Jackson is definitely good at 'understated'! I'm looking forward to reading The Haunting of Hill House now--can't decide whether to start with it or with a reread of The Turn of the Screw! I will look for the 60s movie, too! I'm curious about the Hill as well. And I've had Hold My Hand on my pile for a while now, so now's the time!
Table Talk--I've only read her The Woman in Black. I've wanted to try her mysteries and then came across this one. I will check out her new one as well. She must be taught in UK schools?
Deslily--That is actually a short story and the title of a collection of short stories. I've read it before and loved it! It's very, very creepy. I wrote about it here:
Iliana--I'm looking forward to starting one of these books. Now to decide which one!
GeraniumCat--I think I'm about due for a reread of Turn of the Screw. I have a feeling it will make more sense the second time around. And as for Don't Look Now--that happens. Some books/stories work for the reader and some don't. It's nice that there is such a variety to choose from!

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