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Carl V.

This one looks great and is going on the list. I love that time period.


Carl--I'm really enjoying it. Someone gave me a title for a book about this Jazz Age period in the UK--called Bright Young People by D.J. Taylor, which I've ordered. It is a fascinating period!


Fascinating! I love reading about the way that culture changes. I must get hold of this!


What about reading Save me the Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald for something by a woman, Danielle?

Amy Reads Good Books

Yes, "Save Me the Waltz" is fascinating!

Great review! I agree. . .it's really interesting to read about the 1920s. It seems like the decade where the world became modern.


That sounds fascinating (adds to overburdened list of joyous reading possibilities). You could also try 'We Danced all Night' by Martin Pugh (also on the list).


Litlove--I hope I don't get boring sharing passages but it's just so interesting. Social history fills in so much necessary background to literature.
Paperback Reader--I was thinking I should read something by Zelda (I know she has at least one book--maybe more?). Definitely something by a woman!
Amy--I will definitely check it out! I think this is my favorite historical period for that reason--so much rapid changes--the world must have been almost unrecognizable to the older generation!
Jodie--Yes, my list is the same. I have not heard of the Pugh book, but I am off to look it up. I've already ordered one other book set in this period but the British version the Jazz Age, this sounds good, too!

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