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I am coming to The Franchise Affair from just the same route - just as soon as I read a few Persephones and catch up with my library books!


Josphine Tey is the name that has repeatedly popped up in my e-mails and recommendations. I think I'll be on a binge of her works!


I just picked up The Franchise Affair from the library today! I will read the Sarah Waters article after the mystery, I think. Very good review, Danielle.


Gosh, I'm jealous to just discover an author and still have all their books to look forward to for the first time!
I love the Grant novels, then there are, Brat Farrar and
Miss Pym Disposes How lovely!


FleurFisher--You'll have to tell me what you think as well! Definitely squeeze it in!
Matthew--I can recommend this one and Brat Farrar, which I'd like to reread. Many people have told me The Daughter of Time is excellent, too.
Cathy--Have fun reading it--it's pretty quick going. And definitely wait to read Sarah Waters' article as she does give away the plot--well worth reading afterwords, though!
Val--I am looking forward to reading more of her workds. I did read Brat Farrar some time ago, but it's been sufficiently long ago that I have forgotten most of the details. I will be on the look out for the rest of her books, though I do have The Daughter of Time on my shelves. I do love discovering a new author!


The only Tey I have read is Daughter of Time and I really, really liked it. Based on your recommendation I have borrowed the first Upson novel. Looks like I will have to do the same for this one.

Bride of the Book God

I think I'm going to have to give the Franchise Affair another attempt after this review!


So glad you liked it, Danielle. I want to read more of her, too, having only read TFA and Daughter of Time so far.


I loved this when I read it, oh years and years ago. But I have to say that the Teys I read more recently weren't as good as this. The Man in the Queue had a bit of a lame ending. But her writing is always good (and again, it's that era thing that always works for me!).

Kristen M.

I am going to re-read all of the Tey books this fall and winter. I really wish she had written more though!


My husband is thoroughly enjoying this book. I asked him if he would like to read your review and he said that he will after he's finished. Sort of a hands-over-ears la-la-la moment:) I also told him not to say anything else about the book to me as I'll read it later in the Fall. p.s. - he sees The Little Stranger in there.


Marg--Enjoyed the Upson and loved the Tey. It was interesting reading them close together and seeing how Upson's style was influenced by Tey! I must read Daughter of Time now, too.
Bride of the Book God--Have you already tried it once? Maybe it was a timing thing. Once the story starts rolling I felt like I couldn't put it down. In some ways very much of its time, but I'm intrigued by that period and want to read more!
Cornflower--My other Tey read was Brat Farrar, which I would like to reread now--it's about doppelgangers.
Litlove--This was especially good wasn't it? It seems I read that she really excelled in stories with unconventional plots--maybe the others were humdrum? I love this period to, so I'm sure I'll give more of her work a try.
Kristen--It is too bad she didn't write more novels. I'm lucky since I have them all to look forward to reading.
Darlene--I don't like reading anything about a book before or while I'm reading, too! I highly recommend the Sarah Waters link for when you and he finish the book--she does an excellent job talking about it alone and in reference to her The Little Stranger. I could detect aspects of the Tey in Waters' writing, too. I'm glad I read the two close together. It's a quickie read, too!

Table Talk

You already know of my love of Tey's work and if I wasn't so snowed under with other reading your review would make me go back and re-read them, they gave me so much pleasure the first time round. I'm interested, though in what you say about 'The Little Stranger'. I find Waters almost unreadable and haven't even tried the last two. Maybe this might be my way into her work.

Dorothy W.

I'm very glad to hear she's so good! How interesting to learn about the connection with The Little Stranger. How fun to see connections between the two books!


Table Talk--Check out that article I linked to--it might give you an idea of what Sarah Waters did in her last book. I think The Little Stranger is very different than her other work, so if you've not tried it maybe it would be worth looking at in the library? I've really enjoyed the books by her I've read and plan on reading The Night Watch soon. And Tey is just great. I can't wait to read more of her work, though I wouldn't mind first rereading Brat Farrar!
Dorothy--Your book group might like her. Didn't you say you have Miss Pym Disposes? Litlove recommended that one to me as one of her better novels. And it was interesting to see how the Tey book inspired Waters's most recent novel.

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