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I just loved this book, too, Danielle. A totally satisfying comfort read. Now you're inspired me to root through my overcrowded shelves to find my copy -- I could use some time in a comfy armchair myself!


I am pretty sure I read Pilcher books years ago, but I can't remember anything of them. Might be time to revisit.

Dorothy W.

This sounds like fun. I can see how satisfying it would be to read 1,000 pages of interesting story and well-described characters in a historical setting that is interesting and accurately captured. That sounds like perfect comfort reading all right!


I love this book so much. I also love her book "The Shell Seekers", which also takes place partly during the war, and has similarly awesomely great characters. But this is the one I return to and reread when I need a good comfort book!


Isn't it funny how some big books are so daunting and others not so much? I've never read a Pilcher book, I guess I just assumed they were all romances! I think I need to add this book to my list :)

Table Talk

Pilcher is an author I would never have dreamed of thinking about reading, but you've made me realize that I am passing her by without good reason. Would you say this is a good place to start or are there others I ought to consider first?


It's ages since I read anything by Pilcher, but she really is a wonderfully comforting writer. I think The Shell Seekers will always be my favourite.


I read her years ago and remember enjoying her books very much indeed.


I read all her novels in my early teens because they were favourites of my mum's and we didn't have many other books in the house! I agree with you that they're not chick lit - they're fantastic and should be more widely read.

Aren't they the ultimate comfort reads? You should get Coming Home on DVD - they did a great adaptation back in the 90s with Joanna Lumley, Emily Mortimer, Paul Bettany, and even a young Keira Knightley! You can buy it. In fact, that reminds me that I want it...I should get it for my mum for Christmas then borrow it!


Rosamunde Pilcher is a wonderful storyteller and I am so pleased that she is getting more attention. And she captures my bit of Cornwall wonderfully. I hope you make it here one day!


I remember reading and absolutely loveing The Shell Seekers when I was at boarding school - I found it in the library one winter evening. And I also recall Coming Home was on telly a few years ago which was beautiful to watch.


I love books like that! They have a way of hypnotizing me and the phone ringing or a car honking zaps me back into reality. I'll have to keep this one in mind when in the second-hand shops, it sounds like a gem.


I read this book years ago and don't remember any details, but I know I loved it, recommended it to others, and got positive feedback from them. Great book!


I found this book at the back of a shelf not long ago; the shelves are all 2 layers deep and the back ones tend to get left alone. I loved The Shell Seekers years ago, so will definitely enjoy this one too. Thanks for mentioning it.


I am afraid Coming Home will always be connected to the endless very, very, very bad cold I suffered, but how that book lifted my spirits. Now I seem to come back to Rosamunde Pilcher at least once a year.


One day I must read her books -- so many people have recommended her to me. It's too bad she retired since she was so talented a writer!


Read this year and years ago, loved it , but don't remember it now. Great to have a comfort read lined up for when it's needed. Thank you.


Gosh that was a lovely review, she is a good writer isn't she. I wish I could write an informative and interesting's a skill I don't have yet but perhaps with practise....
Anyway if someone is looking to try RP and doesn't wish to start with a lovely fat read but just wishes to dip their toes in and test the water, so to speak...
"The Blue Bedroom" is a nice collection of short stories.


Goodness, I know I read this when it came out - I own it in hardcover, but I don't remember a thing about it! I think that like you, these sorts of books are simply my perfect comfort read. This is going to have to be a re-read for me, as well as The Shellseekers.


I would've never picked up this book, in judgment of its cover. You made me want to read it, though, just for the "contented sigh" I'd feel at the end. Great review!


I love Rosamunde Pilcher -- not only for her story telling, but her writing -- she knows how to write! There are paragraphs in this novel that I read over just to enjoy the way she uses words.


What fun this sounds! I know what you mean about some huge books being daunting and others you just leap into without a second thought. I have a couple of those daunting books languishing by my bedside!


This one sounds wonderful. Added to the list...


Karen--It's a favorite of mine, too and was a very satisfying reread!
Marg--I was surprised by how little I remembered, but it made it a nice reading experience--almost like a first time picking up the book!
Dorothy--It was so good I'm a little afraid to pick up any of her other books that I've not read for fear they won't be quite as good! It was a nice book to settle down with and escape into!
Oolookitty--This is my favorite as well. I also read The Shell Seekers and enjoyed it, but I loved this one.
Iliana--Do give her a try--this is a wonderful story if you like the period and setting. And her books do have a touch of romance, but I think I'd just consider them straightforward fiction.
Table Talk--If you just want a good book to pass an afternoon, something enjoyable and engrossing, I do recommend her. If you want something a little shorter try The Shell Seekers which is also good, but this is my favorite. To be honest I only have read the two novels, but I also have one called September on hand. It's not necessarily highbrow fiction but she's a good writer and I think you might enjoy her.
Litlove--A good friend recommend The Shell Seekers for ages to me and when I finally read it I loved it too. I think I like Coming Home a tad better, but when it comes to comfort reads you really can't miss with Rosamund Pilcher!
Cornflower--I think she might live in Scotland now? I know some of her books are set there--she is indeed enjoyable!
Rachel--I think the covers are a bit misleading. I'm glad she's still in print, though, since it'e been a while since she retired. She must still be popular and from the looks of how many comments I've gotten on this post, lots of people like her! I've been a little afraid of watching the addaptation--thinking it wouldn't live up to the book, but perhaps I'll see if Netflix has it and give it a try if you liked it!
Fleur Fisher--The setting was a big part of why I decided to pick it up again this summer and I'm so glad I did. I enjoyed it at least as much as I did the first time around--maybe even more!
Sakura--I enjoyed Shell Seekers as well and will have to dig my copy of that out as well. I may have to give the film of Coming Home a try now that I've heard good things about it.
Darlene--I think you'd like it. I'm sure you'll come across a copy of it at some point. It's a long one but once you get into it, you're glued to the end.
Lindymc--I thought I would remember more details, but it was almost like I had never read it. A bit scary how much a book fades from mind, but it means I can do lots of rereading! :)
Cathy--So I'm not the only one whose shelves are completley crammed full? If you enjoyed The Shell Seekers, I think you'll like this one, too.
Catharina--She would be a great author to read while stuck in bed with a cold. I think she would take you mind off aches and pains!!
Debby--She wrote quite a few books, but I'm a little afraid to try some of the others as I think they won't live up to Coming Home. This is certainly her longest book. Definitely keep an eye out for her as I think you'd like her!
Sherry--To think of all the books I'm forgotten all about! And she is a perfect comfort read. So I'll put the book back on the shelf, but not let it sink too far to the back!
Val--I think I always sound better when I'm talking about a book I loved! :) She really is a good writer--I was so absorbed in the story I never wanted to put it down. And I must check out that story collection!
Tara--I could only remember a couple of details when I started, so it was like discovering it all over again. I'll have to reread The Shell Seekers, too.
Kari--I think if the publisher repackaged the book--maybe put it in a trade size with a really nice photo of the WWII era it would sell to an even broader audience. That mass market size is a bit of a put off really. But the story is really well done if you like this period!
Stephanie--She really is a good writer, and you can tell she writes what she knows. I especially loved the descriptions of Cornwall.
Stefanie--I still have Bleak House (shorter by the way by about 100 pages) sitting waiting for me. But I breezed through this one. Go figure. This one, I couldn't put down!
Cath--It is wonderful! I hope you get a chance to read it!


I LOVE everything by Rosamunde Pilcher, esp. September. I think of her as the British version of Maeve Binchy.


>Reading such a sprawling story is really an investment of time and effort and at the end I very much felt a satisfying payback.

Oh yes! I love sprawling stories that leave you warm and happy that you spent the time you did with them. Great review--I'm homesick for a good Pilcher read. Shell Seekers here I come, then Coming Home, again :)


Sarah--She's really very good, isn't she? I have September to read sometime this fall. I think of her as being similar to Maeve Binchy as well--another author I've not read for years!


JaneGS--I'll have to reread Shell Seekers as well. It's nice to have an author like this to fall back on. I know her books will be good, filled with drama and maybe parts of it sad, but ultimately it will be a happy read!


You've hit a nerve here Danielle which makes me think that I will add this to my bookdepository wishlist right away. I have been really wanting a good WWII page turner for some time and haven't read Pilcher before - may be a good place to start!


Samantha--I love this book and think its an excellent start with her work. I also liked Shell Seekers, but this is my favorite. I love the WWII setting as well.


I felt like I wrote this--my own feels so eloquently expressed. Pilcher is 3 years younger than my mother would have been and Judith is the same age. Although American, I kind of felt it was an insight into my mother I did not get to have. One of my all time favorites I like to re-visit every now and then.


One of my favorites, too. I was just thinking today how much I would enjoy picking it up again now--I have read it twice do far. Sounds like you have some lovely memories of your own family, which is really cool. I should try some of her other books (I read the Shell Seekers, too, which I thought very good), as well.


I read this ages ago and absolutely loved it. For some reason, the character, Loveday Carey-Lewis' name popped into my head recently. I couldn't remember the title of the book, I just had a strong recollection of reading a book with this character in it and loving it. I asked a friend (who had lent me her copy of it to read so long ago) if she remembered the book and she did. I just ordered a copy of it and can't wait to get it and enjoy every minute or rereading it over the summer.

You have a lovely blog!


Hi Sharon, thanks so much for the comment and for the kind words! This is one of my absolute favorite books. I have read it a couple of times and it is probably about time for another read. I have never seen the movie adaptation as I am afraid it would not live up to the book, but the novel is really lovely and the characters are wonderful. It is a good summer read, isn't it? Enjoy!

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