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I love du Maurier as well. So many good female writers have been dismissed by the critics -- I'm trying to rediscover as many as I can. When I was in college, one of my professors said that writers like Jane Austen were dismissed by critics because they didn't write about "important things!" For instance, although there was a war going on, Austen didn't write about it -- she focused on silly things like the everyday lives of women, which could never be "important"!

Love that attitude!


oh my! Thank you so much for mentioning this story -- it sounds wonderful. I'm off to find it.


I have a DuM short story collection I picked up in a charity shop that I also want to read from for RIP IV. It's Not After Midnight, a hardback which, for 99p, I simply couldn't leave behind. I think she was very under-rated, especially by men!

Dorothy W.

Your short story project sounds like fun! It's great that there's a new NYRB collection of her stories out; I'll have to keep my eye out for it, although I should read one of her novels first.


Kitty--And look where Austen is ranked now! :) I, too, am always looking for authors who have faded away for the same reasons. I'm so glad Virago has chosen to keep Daphne du Maurier's work in print (and Sourcebooks here in the US has reprinted a few books as well). I suppose being 'popular' is the kiss of death--anyone who's popular can't be good! It's strange how war as a subject is so much more important/serious than the daily lives of people. Feel free to recommend any authors you find, byt the way! :)
Lily--I hope you find a copy--it's SO good!
Cath--I have several DuM short story collections, including one from the 70s (maybe) with the chessiest cover! Still, it's what's inside that counts and like you I found it cheap at a library sale. Not After Midnight is in one of my collections, too, so will try and read it as well. I think she was very underrated, too!
Dorothy--I miss reading short stories actually. Although writing about them last year became a bit of a drag, I enjoyed the 'reading' part of the project!The NYRB collection is good, though the cover of the book is sort of freaky! My favorite novel is Rebecca, though I'm not sure it's actually considered her best. She has some other excellent books as well!


Great review, and I think you're absolutely right: du Maurier never got the credit she deserved. Her spooky stories were really, really frightening and not many authors can get that level of fear to translate onto paper.


Sounds chilling! I will definitely look out for this. What a tempting review! Coincidentally I'm currently reading Hungry Hill and loving DDM all over again - it's been a while since I read anything by her and I'm swiftly realising I have been missing out!


I need to read some of Daphne Du Maurier's short fiction; it definitely appeals. I'm looking forward to "The Birds" next week! I may attempt to watch Hitchcock's Rebecca and The Birds for RIP.


Oh this sounds good! I loved Rebecca and I have a short story book hanging around here somewhere, not the NYRB but another one. I must dig that out.


Reading coincidence - I just received my Folio edition of Du Maurier's short works. Your review coupled with the beauty of the book is driving me over in that direction. Happy reading!

Kristen M.

I definitely need to look into Du Maurier's short stories. I've only read two of her novels for the first time this year although I have been a longtime fan of several movies made from her books.


I reread "The Birds" (the only Du Maurier I've ever read)right after Carl announced RIP and read "Don't Look Now" this morning. I'm very tempted now to put myself on your schedule and parcel them out instead of rushing on through.


Litlove--Maybe she'd be pleased to know that so many people are still reading her now at least? And she does do this type of story really, really well.
Rachel--I really love her work as well and think I'll have to pick up another novel when I finish reading this collection. She just knows how to raise the level of tension in her stories so you can't stop reading--it's all very carefully controlled, but very chilling indeed.
Paperback Reader--She is a talented short story author! I think Virago recently published a collection of her stories, too. And you know I have never seen The Birds in its entirety--only bits of it. I'll read the story first and then look for the movie later.
Stefanie--I think there are a bunch of editions of her short stories. This story is great, also The Blue Lenses, and The Pool.
Frances--I'm curious about this Folio edition. Where did you get it? And what works are in it? This is one of my favorite stories by her and I'm looking forward to reading more of them, too!
Kristen--I've read a smattering of her work--a handful of novels and several short stories, and with the exception of one book, I've loved everything I've read by her. Definitely give her stories a try--it's a nice wayt to get a taste of someone's work without too much of a time investment.
Susan--I don't do well when I try and read a story collection straight through quickly. If I ration it out to a story a week I know I'll get through it. I'm just reading one every weekend starting with the first and making my way through the end!


I want to know what happens next! This sounds like such a great read.


Iliana--This is a story that will stick in your mind! I highly recommend it.

Carl V.

I really need to read more of her work. I love Rebecca, and last year read a handful of stories out of a short story collection of hers. This one sounds like it would be one I would enjoy. I'll have to see if your library has a collection with this story in it. And I need to look for the film on Netflix as it sounds like it would be a perfect one to watch during this autumn season.


Carl--I think you'd like this story. Daphne du Maurier was such a good short story writer, the tension she creates keeps you glued to the story. And this one is very creepy--the movie especially!

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