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I have Company of Liars out from the library at the moment, and I have my name down for Tears of Pearl.

I bought one of those Bloomsbury books based on Elaine's rec. They just look so nice together don't they!

Happy reading.

Amanda A.

I had Company of Liars out of the library earlier this year. I had to return it before I got to read it! I LOVE Galsworthy. LOVE HIM! I'm so glad he's back in print.


RF Delderfield is one of my favouite authors and I envy you just starting on his works! He wrote a number of series about England and the English middle class. God is an Englishman is one of the best and has two sequels. Enjoy!!!


I love RF Delderfield and God is an Englishman is really one of my favorites. I can also say the same of John Galsworthy.


Marg--You are so good at using your library. I've become a bit of a slacker--gone from one extreme to the other. I was on the library list for Tasha Alexander's book, but then I got a coupon from B&N and decided to just buy it. I've read the first few pages and it looks good. Those Bloomsbury books are nicely done!
Amanda--I had Company of Liars out from the library as well, but as it's longish I decided I would do better with my own copy! I hadn't realized Galsworthy had written so much. I was happy to come across them and can't wait to finally read about the Forsytes!
Cathy--I hadn't heard of this book until another blogger wrote about it. It sounds exactly like the type of story I've been reading. I will have to look for the sequels as well! Another book I can't wait to read.
DebbieQ--I wonder how I ever missed it? It looks like a good story to settle into--good for the fall I think! And I've wanted to read Galsworthy ever since I saw parts of the remake of the movie a few years back. I had no idea there were so many books about the Forsytes--I love sprawling family dramas.

Mad Housewife

Danielle, I'm so glad your Forsyte Saga books arrived.

And God Is an Englishman is so much fun. It's one of my bedtime books. i'm about three-quarters of the way through it but I put it aside a few months ago and forgot about it. You know how it goes...


Oh, R F Delderfield! I read as many of his books as I could find some years ago. For some unaccountable reason when I was trying to make room for more books I gave them away! Now I regret it so much - I want to read them again. The lesson is - don't give away any more books!

I read Company of Liars recently and loved it - you have a treat in store.

I've been promising myself to read Galsworthy for about two years now. Maybe reading your blog about The Forsyte Saga will spur me on.

Kristen M.

I just finished God is an Englishman (review up this coming week) and it was surprising that it only covered 9 years in over 600 pages. It makes sense that there are 2 more books! I enjoyed Delderfield's historical expertise and his writing was good.

Table Talk

I'd forgotten all about 'Company of Liars'. How could I? It was on my list for ages. I'd better go back and add it to the library reservations again. And I wish I could think there was time to re-read the Galsworthy. I would love to move back into that world again.

Bride of the Book God

I've only read the first six of the Forsyte books and thoroughly enjoyed them, so you are in for a real treat. I have the other three somewhere, now tempted to dig them out...

Simon T

Hurrah, Miss H! I do hope she scrambles her way to the top of the tbr pile soon... I'm on my fifth read of it now!


I think I might be drooling! These look wonderful.


The nine books of the Forsyte saga are wonderful, definitely a family saga worth investing time in.

I'm eagerly waiting for my copy of Tears of Pearl, I hope it's as fun as the first three.


I can see that I must own a copy of God is an Englishman and soon! Thanks for bringing this book to my attention Danielle. The other books in your possession look wonderful and I dream about a holiday on an island with The Forsyte Saga in its entirety. My opinion on the gift cards is this - go for it! You will most likely be receiving gift cards in December as gifts for Christmas so use what you have now. How's that sound?


I recently did one of those Facebook quizzes to "Get to know each other better" and admitted Amazon is the store in which I would max out my cc if I could--I see you share that feeling :)

I read Delderfield in high school and haven't since, but I remember really enjoying what I read.

Company of Liars is officially on my list, and I'm surprised I still haven't read Galsworthy.

Looking forward to reading how you like all of the above!

Dorothy W.

I very much need to stop buying books and just read for a while! The library sale season is now over, so perhaps I resist until Christmas? (Probably not) I have a volume of the Forsyte Saga, but I'm not sure how many volumes that includes. I like the idea of a really long series like that.


Mad Housewife--I was happy when the books finally came in the mail and might have to get the next three just to have on hand. And I do indeed know how it goes when a book gets set aside...temporarily!
BooksPlease--I'm always leery when I weed my books as well. I don't do a lot of rereading but occasionally I will want to read a book a second time--you never know when the urge will hit! I'm looking forward to Company of Liars and the first Forsyte book as well. I think I'm more likely to read the books since they are in smaller packages--they won't feel so overwhelming.
Kristen--I'm looking forward to your review. It sounds like a sweeping sort of story, which I like, though this one looks pretty chunky, so I'm not sure when I'll start it!
Table Talk--I try and not buy hardcovers (doesn't always work...), so I tend to write down titles to get when they are in paper--I often forget about a book in the interim, so I know how that goes. And I'm always interested in anything set in Edwardian England!
Bride of the Book God--I can't wait to read them...and I had no idea the full story actually consisted of so many volumes!
Simon--Wow, five times! I love books that you want to revisit so often. I am duly moving it to the top of the pile!
Litlove--Now to get them read...or rather find the time to get them read!
Sarah--I feel I'm a bit behind in reading the Forsytes--must get to it! And I hope the Alexander is as good as the rest, too. It looks promising.
Darlene--I haven't yet placed my order, but I have my list of books and just need to narrow it down. That will be happening tomorrow! :) And I had never really paid attention to Delderfield before though I had heard of him. This new edition looks lovely--will not be thinking of the sequels until I read this...I could use a little island vacation as well. I like that the Galsworthy books are sold individually-they seem much more approachable this way.
JaneGS--Any bookstore is dangerous for me and my credit card! As are library sales and online stores...I'm glad I'm not the only one to not yet read the Forsyte saga--so many people have. Oh, so many books to read... :)
Dorothy--I am feeling a little gluttonous at the moment. I need to cool my heels after this little batch, and I do have a library sale coming up on the 11th! Of course I feel less guilty about library sales since the books are so cheap and the money is for a good cause. How many other readers rationalize this way?? My Forsyte book (my original one) has the first three books. I had thought that was it, so was very surprised to know there is not only three more, but six more! I like getting involved in a long family story like that as well!


Another R.F. Delderfield fan here! Oh what joy to read God is an Englishman for the first time! I loved the whole trilogy and many of his other books.

I'm actually planning on a re-read of the trilogy sometime but I'm collecting the actual hardcovers I read the first time around and I have two of them but still need to find the other before I start them.


What wonderful looking books! you have lots of good reading to look forward to!


What a great pile of books to look forward to! I have some RF Delderfields that I picked up used several years ago (including this one). From the comments it looks like they are a treat!


Nicola--I can see I've missed out with the Delderfield, but I'll make amends now! :) I've heard the second book (new paper edition) is just out but the third won't be out until next summer! A bit of a wait!!
Stefanie--I do have lots of good reading and I'm ready to start now! Too bad every weekend wasn't a three day weekend!
Rebecca--I'm glad Sourcebooks decided to publish Delderfield again, I might not have found him otherwise. I can see I'll have to start it soon!


All of these sound wonderful! Aren't those Bloomsbury Group books so pretty too? I am assuming you bought those online right? I have not seen those at any bookstore. I am trying to curb my book purchases (ha, I know what a joke) but I think I need to treat myself to one of those maybe! :)


Iliana--Unfortunately I've not seen them in stores, but you can get them from the Book Depository and at some point I bet Amazon will get them. I heard that the US Bloomsbury is supposed to start their own series of books like this as well--I hope that's not just a rumor! I'm curious what they will publish!


Your posts are always so inspiring and your recommendations are great. You don't know how many times I've gone straight from your post to buying the book (or at least putting the titles on my wishlist - especially titles set in the interwar years!)

I hope you don't mind but I've nominated you for a small blog award.


I have been so interested in reading The Forsyte Saga - but the size has put me off. Those single editions do seem so much more manageable to me. I had no idea it was a triple trilogy - am I understanding that correctly - nine books? I would also like to obtain some of these Bloomsbury Group editions at some point. I believe Love's Shadows is part of a book I have in a Virago edition.


Sakura-Thanks so much--I will pop over to your blog this weekend. That's very kind of you! And I'm glad you find some books here that might interest you. I know I am always finding good reads from other bloggers, so I hope to pass along my own suggestions.
Tara--I have the Virago edition that has Love's Shadow, but I had to have the Bloomsbury edition, too. Very greedy of me! Yes, apparently the complete Forsyte Saga consists of three trilogies--nine books in all. My copy that only has three books in it was huge, but the individual books are much more approachable!


I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the Forsyte Saga. I've heard many good things from others. I'm also interested that you found some single volume editions...very tempting!


Maire--I can't wait to start the books. I am going to try and finish a couple of other books first, as this seems like a nice undertaking. The books are lovely by the way and not too overwhelming to read one novel at a time.

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