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I'm so glad you enjoyed this Dani. I've read all SK's novels & loved them. All of them involve a slipping between two time periods & the sense of history is really well done. It had been some years since SK published a novel when Winter Sea came out so I really hope she keeps writing. The book was shortlisted for a couple of awards so that may give encouragement.


Lyn--I loved the dual storylines and she managed to keep them both up so well. I was impressed and plan on reading more of her work. I've got Mariana and am contemplating another order to the book depository to get one called The Shadowy Horses. I suppose I should really read the one I have on hand first, though? According to her website she's working on a book set in Cornwall both in the present day and in the 1700s, which may come out next spring! :)Cornwall sounds great to me, so I hope it does materialize.


I've seen this come up a lot on UK amazon as a recommended title, and so am very glad to have your review! This sounds very good, and a perfect story to read with the nights now drawing in.


I may have mentioned here once or twice how much I loved this book! I am so glad that you enjoyed it as well. I am now trying to read as many of Susanna Kearsley's books as I can! So far, this one is my favourite though. One of my top reads of this year.


Sophia's Secret sounds very interesting. I'm always looking for good historical fiction recommendations.

Kind of off topic, but I ran across this author, Sylvia Townsend Warner, on the NYRbooks blog. Have you read any of her books? They sound quite interesting, too.


Litlove--Very good escapist sort of story. It was perfect for the gym as I was pretty well glued to the pages and could block out all the other noises!
Marg--And I have finally read it! I really liked this one and wonder how the others will compare. I do have Mariana, so that will be the next one by her I read.
Maire--I like good historical fiction as well. If you like Scottish history you might give this one a try. I have not read any of Sylvia Townsend Warner but I have heard of others reading her. I've looked at those new NYRB Classics and am curious about them myself. I must check out your link now and see what it says!

Dorothy W.

This sounds like a very satisfying read. From your review, I can see it was worth the extra effort (and probably money) to get it. Yes, publishing can be very bizarre, can't it?


Dorothy--I wonder if the books are even available in Canada? I've had to get books by US authors from the UK before because I didn't want to wait for the later US publication. And this year Sarah Waters new book was published here before coming out in the UK, but she's very successful over there. Weird really.


This sounds great -thanks for the review. I have this author on my radar now, and I'll be looking for this 2010 release!


Tara--I really enjoyed it--a nice, light entertaining read. I'm happy to hear she's going to be published here in the US!


I don't think I'd heard of this author before but I just now went over to BookMooch and got Mariana. Can't wait!


Iliana--I think you might like her--very much a page turner type of story! And lucky you to find a copy on Bookmooch. My library was supposed to have a copy of Mariana but they could never find it so was declared lost. I had to go and buy it, then. I look forward to reading that one as well.

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