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I still haven't read many of Du Maurier's short stories - I must find a copy. I borrowed the Daphne du Maurier Companion from the library but returned it mostly unread as I thought it seemed just the introductions from each novel, as you did initially. It does sound interesting - I hope I can borrow it again. Knowing more about her life does throw more light on the stories and somehow makes them more meaningful.


I know I've read the story behind this story but I can't remember all the details. It sounds such a creepy one!

Simon T

I've heard about this story so often, and still not read it, though I'd really like to. It's sadly not in either of the D du M short story collections that I have.

Dorothy W.

That sounds like a wonderful story -- you've made me want to find out how it ends! du Maurier has such a wonderful imagination.


BooksPlease--That companion has turned out to be a nice handy little reference book, though initially I thought I had wasted my money as I have most of her novels in the new Virago editions and therefore the introductions. I usually can't find any information on short stories, so it's been nice. It also contains an uncollected, unpublished short story, which I think I'll have to read when I finish this NYRB collection. It is interesting knowing a bit more about an author and what might have inspired them to write something.
Litlove--DDM really must have had quite an imagination. So many of her stories border on the macabre. It's like she takes a person's worst fears and then builds a story around it and often times they have this sort of shocking ending.
Simon--I have to say this story is a really good one, and I'm glad I have it in a collection now. I had to find it in a library anthology when someone recommended it to me the first time around. I really like her short stories, though they are very different than most authors I've read.
Dorothy--This has a nice twist at the end--all of which can be taken at face value, though there is more to it than what's on the surface of course. It was actually made into an episode of The Twilight Zone, which I would love to see if I could ever find it!


hi :) well i have a project about this article, "the blue lenses" and i need to know if there's such thing that can change human's perception just because of a failure operation that had cause her to see animal heads in human bodies.

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