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I haven't read The Foundling but now I may have to! You are in for a treat with These Old Shades. I still refer to bad coffee as 'pigwash'.


I have not read The Foundling, but I agree with Becky, you are indeed in for a treat with These Old Shades! :)



What a great way to treat yourself for Thanksgiving. Fun review!


Becky--The Foundling was fun--not necessarily my favorite, but an entertaining read nonetheless. I'm looking forward to coming across 'pigwash'. So far I'm really enjoying in the story.
Tiina--I think I like her earlier books--they're fun swashbuckling sorts of stories, which I get a kick out of. I think this one is going to be hard to put down.
Isabel--I've had some nice laid back days. I wish I had spent more time reading, but I'm still happy to have read the Heyer and hope to get through one more book this weekend. And this one was indeed fun!


I'm going to be looking for something light in a week or so and have been toying with the idea of a Heyer or two. The Foundling sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.


JaneGS--GH is most definitely light. I really enjoy her books (I think of those I've read only one hasn't clicked with me) and usually I want to keep reading--once I've finished a book I'm ready to pick up another! Good luck finding some light reads!


I am terrible in that I tend to stick to the romances, but this sounds very good and I ought to branch out a bit. I read The Nonesuch at the end of last week, which was very jolly and enjoyable, although she did go a bit mad with the Regency slang, I felt!


Litlove--I prefer the romances, too, but I don't mind her other books as long as they are entertaining. My only criticism of her work is the excessive use of slang in some of her books. I've read it got worse with her later books, and I've noticed the earlier ones don't seem so bad. A little bit is nice, but she can sometimes go overboard with it.

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