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I am reading this right now. I started it several weeks ago but have had a difficult time sticking with it. I am still not sure if I will finish it right now or try it again another time.


Jeannette--It was one I read a bit of and then set down again--the short passages make it easy to do that. Then I felt very much in the mood to just read it and finished the last half in just a few days. Sometimes timing is everything! :)


I love stories told from a child's perspective and - added bonus - this one comes from the interwar years, a period I am very much interested in. So this sounds like a really worthwhile read.


I haven't heard a bad thing about this book yet and would love to read it at some point. It can't be easy for people to reach back like that through all of those memories, lots of laughing, lots of tears I'm sure.


This does sound like a charming book. Maybe someday Emma Smith with write a new memoir that includes some of the things she couldn't say in this one.


I, too, have The Far Cry to read and so was very interested by your review here (not, I think that the style will be the same in the Persephone book). By all accounts she is a very talented writer.

Dorothy W.

It's interesting the way she could capture a child's voice and yet also manage to communicate more than a child would know. It must have taken a lot of work to capture that combination. The story sounds really interesting!


Catharina--I very much enjoyed this one. It's really an easy sort of read and one that can be read over time as the passages are short. I also loved the time period--it made me feel nostalgic even though it took place long before I was born.
Darlene--It's a little slow moving at first but I got to a point where I couldn't put it down. And she recalls things so vividly--I could never do that. There was a lovely afterword, too, about her parents who she recalls with affection. I have a feeling it was hard writing about two people who were so ill-suited yet so important in her life.
Stefanie--I couldn't help but be curious. There are lots of photos included and that just made me want to know more about her siblings. Perhaps her other memoir about working during the war years sheds more light on her family.
Litlove--I thought of reading the memoir and her novel together, but now I'm glad I waited. I have a feeling the two are very different. I'm really curious to read her fiction now. She is a very good writer--certainly when it comes to memoirs.
Dorothy--I read that she has written children's books, so I'm not surprised she could write in that sort of mode. The style is deceptively simple. As she gets older, so too does her knowledge of family dynamics. It's really well done--a very touching memoir really.


I have a Persephone book by Emma Smith, "The Far Cry", and I must get to reading it finally. Your review made me even more eager, and of course I'm also planning now to buy "The Great Western Beach":)


Padma--I'm really curious about The Far Cry after reading her memoir. I have a feeling the two are going to be very different, but I wonder if the writing 'voice' will be the same. I enjoyed The Great Western Beach and have been a little sad not to have any more of it to read.

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