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Dorothy W.

Well, if your reading habits work for you, there's nothing wrong with that! But I understand the impulse to want to read more closely and carefully. I do as well. How fun to compile a list of books for the holidays! I'll have to think about whether I want to make a similar pile. Or perhaps I'll just read at whim -- we'll see.


I'd like to read more closely and carefully also. Mostly I would just like to read more in general. You have a great stack of books to finish out 2009! And we all get to start fresh in 2010 with new reading goals!

Amanda A.

I freaked out the other day assembled my final pile of end of the year reads. Then I lost interest in a few, had to return 3 to the library, and, of course, found many more to add to the pile!


Dorothy--I'm happy with how I read, but then I'll read another reader's thoughts on a book and love how they manage to get deeper into the story than I usually manage and want to try and do the same. Or at least think about how things are constructed a little more. Actually I love reading with the Slaves group as I always see so much more in a book than when I do reading on my own. And I tend to read at whim, but lately I give in to every whim and my pile has gotten way too big!
Kathleen--Some books probably don't really call for being really closely read, but I'd like to read more challenging books that stretch my mind a little more than normal. I'm already thinking about next year's reading plans, but I hope to keep them very simple!
Amanda--I'm going to have to return some library books as well if I want to finish the books on my pile! There's always a new book to take the place of one that has to go back to the library or gets returned to your shelves, isn't there?!


I tend to have several books going on at once too but lately I'm trying to stick with just one. It's worked great as the last two I've read have really grabbed my attention so well that I haven't wanted to read anything else. Of course though I get so tempted by all the other books I see!

I haven't come up with my goals for next year but I like yours. I hope you'll find a lot of good challenging stories to read next year Danielle!


"Too many things sound too interesting and I have no self control when it comes to books." Although you and I read different types of works, Danielle, I think the same "diagnosis" would apply to us both! I always wonder whether I could read more if I was less easily distracted in this regard, but reading multiple books at the same time has felt more comfortable to me for years and years. Good luck with your plans and thanks for always being so enthusiastic in your posts--it's very inspiring!


I remember the days when I would finish a book AND THEN go and buy another one. Now it feels as though I live in a bookshop. But then we didn't have cheap internet discounts and free delivery...


Good luck with getting those read! I've been trying to cut my TBR pile down (actually it is a bookcase not a pile...) but with little success as even though I'm not buying boks, I'm borrowing them at a greater rate from the library!

It's fun to start making holiday reading plans too :)


Sounds like a good plan but something I only have the discipline to do if I am sorting out books to put in a case and take away on holiday!
Doesn't help that I keep getting bored at the office and requesting books from the library online and they all seem to come in at once!
Glad you have enjoyed Minnie's Room - have you read her novel One Fine Day? I got it from the library and loved it so much that I had to go out and buy my own copy as soon as I had read it.
I can recommend East of the Sun as an enjoyable read too - not quite the standard of the MPD but a good one none the less.


Blogging has definitely been a bittersweet experience. Finding others who like and recommend the books that I love has given my spirits such a boost but my bookcase full of new books is causing a wee bit of anxiety. What if I'm hit by a bus before I read them all! These are not huge problems by any stretch but I am going to try and not be so inspired by other's recommendations until I've read a huge pile of previous ones.

Good thing you have a lot of bookmarks Danielle!


Blogging did me in too. I used to have only 2-3 books on the go at once as well, usually a fiction, nonfiction and then either a poetry book or another fiction book. Please don't make your in progress pile too short becaue you know I rely on you to enable my towering in progress pile!

You are too good to have most of the book in your end of year pile be ones already in progress. My end of year and binge pile is growing by the day and I haven't even added in the books I am currently in the middle of! But isn't it fun thinking about it?


You always make the best piles Danielle! :D I can't have more than 5-6 books going at once (one audio, 4 regular, and maybe a short story collection), but I also would get antsy if I only had one.


Wonderful writing, Danielle. I sympathize and understand. There were times when I'd try to read more than one book at a time. I thought that I was reading more that way, but really I was creating stress in the area of life where there should be just pleasure and joy. I also found that gradually I would stop one and just read the other. I am not one of those women who can multi-task. I do one thing at a time, and read one book at a time. I'm calmer that way. The only exception is an occasional audiobook. Again, a lovely pensive posting.


Iliana--Now that I have my list of end of the year reads I think I will be concentrating much more on just one or two at a time. It will feel good to whittle my pile down and I think this will be the best way. I don't plan on having many goals, but I do just have a couple general things in mind for next year. I just want to keep things simple and under control.
Richard--I think I do better with a variety of books on the go. It's nice being able to choose a book based on my mood. I sometimes wonder if I could make better progress with just one book at a time, but I'll stick with what I enjoy. And I think readers don't need to like the same books to appreciate the act of reading and pleasure we get out of it! The nice thing is having the same experience even if our tastes vary!
Sakura--Bookstores have made it too easy for readers, haven't they?! I used to mostly use the library! Now I use the library And buy books! :)
Verity--It's a pretty big pile and I think I'll get to most of them (it would be nice to get to all of them) as most are already partially read. Now I need to try and not be distracted by library books!
LizF--I loved One Fine Day. That one is a definite keeper for me, too. I will be rereading it at some point. And East of the Sun looks like a perfect holiday/vacation read. I'm looking forward to it. My library has virtual new book lists, which get me in a lot of trouble! :)
Darlene--I'm past that point of wondering if I will get all my books read. I have too many now I think. That's why I always have so many on the go--trying to read as many of them as I can!! :) And I have lots more bookmarks, too. (You can never have too many).
Stefanie--Don't worry--even if I do get my pile read, it will grow again once the new year comes. The thing is my binge pile is separate--whether I finish my ongoing reads or not--those are the books I'm planning on working on during my vacation! I'm greedy that way. I'm already thinking of what books I want to read next year... :)
Eva--I'd like to get my current reading pile down to no more than six at a time. That's still pretty generous, but not way out crazy like now!
Nan--Thanks for the kind words. I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, but I think slowing down just a little would be a good thing, too. You are right--reading should be an enjoyable experience and not stressful--and every reader is different. I just have such a hard time stopping at one. Why does everything sound so good?! :)


It's really easy to end up with a backlog of half finished books. I like to have several on the go at once as I do read to suit my mood (which changes!), but there comes a point of reckoning, I agree. Still, you have a lovely pile here, full of delights and I like the look of your holiday reading too. I've made it a policy over the past couple of years to read only uplifting books in January. The month needs a bit of cheering up!


Litlove--My backlog seems larger than in recent years! I'll get through them eventually, though. And January is a really grim month, isn't it? I like comfort reads about then, too. I'm thinking those Bloomsbury titles will be perfect.


I do empathize with you. I notice that I am reading more about the books on the blogs than the actual books themselves. And I am also buying more and much faster than I can read. Unfortunately for me, my husband and I have just moved to the US for a few years..I am not allowed to buy books coz it will be too expensive to ship them home to india. Hence its just going to be the library - so I look forward to catching up on my reading. I do hope that you get through your 12 books before Christmas - it would be nice to read their reviews


Vipula--How cool you are in the US! However it's a drag you won't be able to buy many books--postage is awful from here to anywhere abroad as we no longer have surface mail--only air. Even the smallest books cost a mint to ship--I've learned that from mailing out books on Bookmooch. You'll still be able to get lots of good books from the library at least. I've already finished two of the books on the pile and am making speedy progress through a third. I'll be writing about them soon! Hopefully you'll be settled soon and can get back to reading!

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