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Great minds think alike! I was reading the extracts of the books myself a few days ago.

I've put three of these on my Christmas wish list, and I'm hoping relatives in England might take advantage of the free shipping from Book Depository UK. :) :)

Seriously, if I don't receive them for Christmas, I'll get my own copies. They look terrific!


These are beautiful...I love the pastel colors. They make me think of Easter in November!

Dorothy W.

How fun to own the whole set! They are such nice-looking books, and I'm sure the stories are lots of fun too :)


Oh my! Those look wonderful, and how neat to have the whole set. I've recently read The Bronte's Went to Woolworths, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it.


Debby--These would make lovely gifts! The last two I managed to get at a 50% discount and with free shipping they were a steal! If all else fails they are going to be published in the US, too, though it's nice to have them sooner rather than later. I'm not sure which one to start with.
Kathleen--Aren't the colors nice? They designs/illustrations are really well done and they will look nice sitting together on the bookshelf.
Dorothy--Bloomsbury did a great job designing these. They remind me a little of Persephone Books or Viragos (their uniformity). I think they tend to me lighter stories, to the pastel colors seem perfect.


They do look yummy - like book candy! And I really want Miss Buncle's Book. I'm going to have to buy it for myself for Christmas at this rate!


I have these and they are very pretty. There is a set of matching bookmarks which Bloomsbury are going to send me!
I didn't think the books themselves were as wonderful as Persephone books but nonetheless enjoyable and it's good to see out of print books being reprinted.


I have Love's Shadow and can't wait to read it. They are such beautiful candy colours and I bet they look lovely together on a shelf!


They are lovely aren't they. I'm really looking forward to reading Love's Shadow, there's something about the imagery of that era. Corsets and parasols and carriages oh my!


They are lovely as a set, aren't they?! I have 5/6 as already own a Virago edition of The Brontes Went to Woolworths; I also have a set of the matching bookmarks that Verity mentioned.

So far I have only read The Brontes and Henrietta's War and each were charming.

I also wonder what Bloomsbury will bring out next...


I went to Bloomsbury's site last night to check on an author that they publish and these popped up. I was drooling over them (just something I do with books I want). I am seriously thinking of splurging and buying them all!!!! Then this morning I get on to check blogs I follow and you are already ahead of the game. :) Lucky!


As I have Henrietta's War I can only imagine how attractive the whole set would look in my bookcase. My copy has to make do with the company of T.S. Eliot (left)and Joan Didion(right)on the shelf for the time being!


They all look so pretty fanned out like that. I am tempted to read A Kid for Two Farthings for no other reason than the author's name, Wolf Mankowitz, Just tickles me. Can't wait to see what your reading binge pile looks like!


They are so lovely that I knew I had to have the set too - despite having two already in green covers. I've started with Love's Shadow, and I am completely enchanted.


Yay! They look so pretty. I'm very tempted by them but I'm not buying any books right now. (At least not until after Christmas.)


How cool that the bloggers helped get some of those books back into print! And the covers make such a pretty rainbow. I've given you a blog award!


What a gorgeous collection! Yea, you could not cancel that order - these are a must have. I was just going through the Persephone catalogue yesterday but now I want to check these out - temptation! :)


They do look so lovely together! I own Henrietta's War but haven't read it. If I had a dollar for every time I said that about a book I would be able to fund my expensive reading habits without any dramas at all!


Kate--I read the Brontes Went to Woolworths a while back and posted on it, though I'd have to search around for the link. I had to borrow it from the library (via interlibrary loan!) to get a copy as it was so hard to find. I'm happy Bloomsbury has made it so accessible again.
Litlove--Don't they look yummy--those colors are fun. And my public library has a much older edition of Miss Buncle, but of course I want the nice Persephone edition! :)
Verity--I think you are right about these compared to Persephone Books. I think these are much lighter reads-not quite so serious as most of Persephone's titles. But they still look like fun reads. I'm envious of your bookmarks. I've seen them on other blogs. Too bad they didn't put them in the books like Persephone does.
Rachel--They do like nice together. I like the black silhouettes, too, which match the stories. I've got Ada Leverson's omnibus in a Virago edition, but I was bad and bought this one, too!
Darlene--I love anything Edwardian and I get the feeling this is very Edwardian. It really was a fascinating period wasn't it? Even though the disparity between the classes was really awful...
Paperback Reader--Yes, charming is the word. They seem like nice light reads. I can't decide which to read first (though I've also read The Brontes...). I'm leaning towards Mrs Tim, but Henrietta's War seems like a quick read...
Maddie--I often have that response with books like these, too! :) They are a lovely set and I hope Bloomsbury continues publishing in this series. I ordered them as they were released, so I could stagger buying them.
Catharina--I wish I had enough shelf space to alphabetize! My bookcases are an awful hodgepodge. These have such distinctive covers you'll have no problem picking it out.
Stefanie--I'm contemplating my reading binge pile as a matter of fact...! :) And I had to try and share a little of the covers as these are so pretty! Isn't that a great name--I was looking at the books, reading the first few paragraphs of each, and this one seems very whimsical.
Fleur Fisher--I also have two of these in other editions, but I had to have the whole set. It helps that I bought them before they were released and TBD gave great discounts on their preorders! I may have to start one sooner rather than waiting for the holidays, I think!
Sassymonkey--I just got these in before my own book buying embargo! They'll still be around long after the holidays, so maybe you can partake next year! :)
Jeane--It is cool that they have listened to reader's suggestions--how often does that happen? And thanks for the award--I'm off to take a look!
Iliana--I had sort of forgotten these were still coming, but it was a nice surprise to get them in the mail when I wasn't expecting more books! And isn't it fun to browse the Persephone catalog?
Marg--I'd be rich, too, as I say that all the time as well. Lots of people have read Henrietta's War and I've heard nothing but good things about it.

The Literary Stew

Oh wow, that's so cool that you have the entire set! I'm so envious! They look beautiful! I only have the Brontes go to Woolworths but haven't read it yet.


I looked at that picture and immediately thought: I want! They look so wonderful all together like that! Enjoy!


Literary Stew--When I initially heard about them I knew I had to have them all. Although at the time I was wishing they all came out at once, it was actually good the releases of the books were staggered. I really liked the Brontes book by the way!
Kailana--They are nicely designed, aren't they? And they look so nice together. Even the insides have nice little details. I think I will enjoy them--both reading them and seeing such pretty books on my shelves.

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