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I have My Antonia on my TBR shelf. I read one of Willa Cather's short stories and really enjoyed it.


So glad that you are joining! I thoroughly enjoyed both My Antonia and A Very Great Profession - prepare for the latter to increase your TBR list exponentially!


Oooh -- The House of Mirth is shattering, but one of my favorite books nonetheless. And I LOVED Aristocrats -- both the book and the TV adaptation.


I signed up for one challenge and fizzled as well, I'm in good company then! You have an excellent choice of reading material there. No pressure if your list does change but I'm really looking forward to reading your thoughts on just about ALL of these titles.


I still have not read My Antonia - you're making me feel better!


Wasn't the BBC version of Aristocrats sublime, I was amazed to find it was based on real life, rather than a novel. That woman had so many children!


Kathleen--I read O Pioneers quite a few years ago and enjoyed it. I just never seem to get around to reading more of her work. My high school English teacher constantly recommended My Antonia to us, but apparently I was rebelling by not taking her up on the suggestion...very bad of me.
Paperback Reader--This should be fun--even if I don't get all my books read. I've been wanting to read A Very Great Profession. At first wanted to read more of the books she talks about, but who knows when that will happen. Better to just read the book now.
Karen--I've heard so many good things about The House of Mirth, though I know it isn't going to be a happy story. That's okay--Edith Wharton is such an excellent writer-I don't care how dark it might be. I loved the adaptation of The Aristocrats, too, and was happy to see it was based on a book.
Darlene--I love when a challenge begins--choosing new books to read. I'm sure I'll get some of them read, and hopefully I won't fizzle, but realistically... :) Still, I'll do my best.
Jordan--I have put My Antonia on so many book lists. I should drop everything right now and start reading it, really. Soon, though. I hope.
Jodie--They were an amazing family, weren't they? I even bought the book based on the film. It has a lot of the same information, but lots of photos, too!


I joined this challenge too! Looking forward to reading your reviews! Cheers!


I'll be interested in what you think of House of Mirth. I loved The Age of Innocence, and would like to read more Wharton.

Dorothy W.

This challenge sounds like fun, and it's great that it dovetails well with what you want to read anyway. I hope you enjoy the Cather when you read it -- I liked that book a lot, and also A Lost Lady. And the Wharton is great too. The nonfiction you chose sounds really interesting -- you could learn a ton from those titles, I'm sure. I'm already looking forward to your posts where you share the good bits!


Nadia--I can't wait to start reading. I would be nice to get in at least one before the end of the year.
JaneGS--I loved The Age of Innocence, too, and just reread it earlier this year. I've read several others by her (years ago though), but not House of Mirth. I'm really curious about it, though I have a feeling it might be heavy going.
Dorothy--That's pretty much why I decided to join in. Even if a only get a few books read it will be worth it. I always want to read Cather and Wharton--why do I let them sit there always? And I can't wait to start reading and sharing those good bits! :)


I want to participate in this in some way, but I'm not sure I'm going to sign up as I have such trouble reading for challenges. I might just think about how stories affect women's lives. Or something. I've been loving reading everyone's lists, and yours is wonderful. I'm particularly interested in the Cather and pretty much all the non-fiction!


Litlove--I don't often sign up for challenges anymore either as I always get excited at the beginning and then fizzle out along the way. But this is a topic that really interests me and I think I might be able to stick with it, even if I end up reading different titles. I AM going to read the Cather, though. No more excuses on that one. I do hope you will post on the subject--I would love to hear what you have to say.

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