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I read Molly Keane's Good Behaviour recently, one of her later books. While it was very much about the huntin', shootin' and fishin' set in Ireland it was also a very intense, serious read about family relationships. It's the only one I've read by her so obviously have no idea whether it's more sophisticated than the few you've read. But I did think it was very good indeed.

Oh my, are there really less than seven weeks left of this year? That's scary. I only tend to read between one and three books at a time so don't tend to have a lot to finish off. I do intend to pick out a few Christmas books to read over the holidays though. And creepy reads. :-)


I'm definitely one to finish things before the end of the year. I dont have a huge TBR pile, but there is one there. I've also working on the Japanese Lit, Lost in Translation and Operation Read the Bible Challenges - which still need to be completed. 7 Weeks hey? Better get going! Good luck with your endeavors.


Cath--what first started me was reading Two Days in Aragon, which was very like you describe it--that sort of Anglo-Irish aristocratic lifestyle, but with a more serious and meatier theme running through it as well, which I loved. Young Entry is good, but maybe lacking in a more serious theme as well and I'm just struggling a bit with it. However, it's the sort of book that needs to be read in larger chunks and not set aside, which is what I've been doing. I'd like to find a short creepy story for the end of the year, too!
Tamara--I'll have books to carry over to the new year (some years I don't do that, but I have a feeling I won't be able to finish things in time), but I'd like to at least finish the books that I started a while back! I also need to finish one book that is for a challenge that already ended! Good luck getting caught up on yours!


I have no particular plans for what or how much to read between now and the end of the year. I just know I want to read!


Kathleen--That sounds good to me! :) For me it's just a matter of prioritizing what I've already got started and hoping to finish a few before the end of the year (without start lots of new ones...easier said than done, for me anyway).


Only seven weeks left? Yikes! I had better get a move on. I really ought to do something similar with the pile beside my bed, which is looking very teetering-ish at the moment!


Seven? Oh well at least most of my Christmas shopping is done. I thought about having a plan, decided I wouldn't stick to it and so just plan to read, read, read.


Litlove--It's really scary how quickly time flies now. I recall when I was little saying how bored I was and see that same attitude in my niece sometimes. I'm never bored anymore--I wish I had more time to be bored in! :) After hedging and hawing I've decided on a list of books (almost all already started) to read before the end of the year. Seven weeks doesn't long enough somehow.
Jodie--You are very good! I bought two Christmas gifts last weekend at an art fair and haven't thought about it since. I really do need to start thinking about it! I wish I could be so organized. Now, with the books, I do have a plan! :)


There are five books I would like to finish before the end of this year. Three of them are Dutch authors, the other ones Julia Otsuka When the Emperor was Divine and Tove Janssons' autobiography. All reasonably small volumes so I think I can start 2010 with a fresh new reading plan.

Dorothy W.

I do make a distinction between one year and the next, mostly because I count how many I've read each year, and it's nicer when I don't carry too many books over from one year to the next. I'd prefer not to think that way, as I feel like I shouldn't care, but I do, a little bit. Good luck with your reading plans!


Catharina--Five is such a nice manageable number! I wish my pile were the same! :) I'd like to read Tove Jansson by the way--I have her Summer Book! And I think I'm ready for a new year/new reading plan, too.
Dorothy--When it comes down to it, I like finishing with a clean slate too. I don't mind carrying over a few books, but I hate the idea of having books I started last spring still half read in a new year! If I can just avoid starting anything else new I think I can work my way through these books since most of them are half read anyway.


I was thinking of trying to work through more of my challenges but at this point I am sort of craving a bit more fluffy, comfort reads so I think I'm actually going to be wrapping up some challenges soon. I don't want those to feel like a chore you know. So no real plans for end of the year reading although I would like to read the same number of books I read last year but I don't know if I'll meet my goal. Ah well, as long as my books are good that's all that matters :) Good luck with your reading plans!


Iliana--I'm not sure I'll read as many this year as I did last either. If I get through my pile I might! Just one challenge will be good for me--and it's nice as it's a year lone one, too. I hope to not make too many plans, but I would like to read more books that stretch the mind a little. I'm sure to intersperse them with fluffier reads, though, too!


That is an overwhelming pile. I did carry three books from India - My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk ( its a period murder mystery based in Persia), From the Holy Mountain by William Darlymple ( I love his travelogues) and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins ( a book about atheism). I really want to finish all three by the end of this year but I am sure I am going to add more to the pile by joining the library so not sure what I will end up reading by end of 2009.

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