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The Literary Stew

Oh my gosh, a new Tana French book! I loved In the Woods. I was so surprised that many people actually didn't like it because of some loose ends but for me it was perfect the way it was.

PS, not sure you check your LT account but the Greengage Read is coming up. I posted a reminder on my blog. Hope you're still in!


I'm delighted to see a Finnish author on your list! Monica Fagerholm belongs to Finland's Swedish speaking minority. You might also want to take a look at another of her books that has been translated into English: Wonderful Women by the See. Wonderful Women by the See was hugely popular in Finland when it was first published in 1994.
Her latest novel (published this year) is kind of a sequel to The American Girl. Actually, I am yet to read American Girl myself. I do owm a copy of it in Finnish & have been plannong on reading it for some time now, maybe this winter! :)



Wow, what a cool tip on how to find new books that are coming. It is probably "dangerous" for me to know about but I know I will enjoy looking at what is coming. Looks like you found a great list of your own!


Literary Stew--I really liked Into the Woods, and I don't mind loose ends--it works well with this story anyway. I don't think her new one is coming out until late next spring--but still, something to look forward to. I don't check my LT account as often as I should, but I still am planning on reading Greengage Summer--I have it sitting on my night stand and am just waiting to finish at work! I'll have a little over a week off and plan on doing lots of reading.
Tiina--I think I have Monika Fagerholm's earlier novel (though haven't read it yet). I should read that before An American Girl, but I still have the new one on my list. I didn't realize she was Finnish!
Kathleen--It's really hard to browse on Amazon, so that's what I've come up with to search. I usually make a list and then watch for them to show up at the library. A few are paperbacks, though, so I'll likely buy those.


I, too, loved Into the Woods, but haven't read any others by Tana French. As for Eat, Pray , Love, I was not crazy about the book (but I confess that may have been a reaction to all the hype), and am not sure I'll see the movie. I've seen mentions in various magazines lately that it's currently filming, and stars Julia Roberts.


I was looking for something else and just happened to find this little info in English about Fagerholm's latest novel, if you are interested:



I had no idea a new Maggie O'Farrell book was coming out so thank you for sharing that news! I have loved all of her books - an amazing writer.


I'm pretty sure that the newest by Tana French is loosely connected to the previous books. I think I heard that a new character introduced in the second book will be the main character in the newest.

Dorothy W.

Lots of good things here! I'm interested in the Elizabeth Gilbert book, as I really do like her and her writing. I haven't read any Erdrich except for one short story, so I really need to pick up a book of hers as well. I've heard so many good things about her.


Karen--I loved the Tana French book and can't wait to read the second (no doubt by then the third will be out, too). Elizabeth Gilbert's book was a so-so read for me. I think I was expecting more of a travel narrative but it was much more introspective, so my expectations were let down a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing the movie at some point, though.
Tiina--Thanks very much. I will check that link out. And I think I will have to go find her earlier book which I am sure I have somewhere on my shelves.
Karen--I read After You'd Gone and really liked it. I also have the Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox to read, which I've heard good things about. I'll definitely check out her new one, too.
Kristie--I was wondering if the third had some association with the second. I know there is some carryover with characters. It'll be interesting to see if she somehow ties them all together at some point.
Dorothy--There are some really good books coming out and I'm looking forward to them (though have some catching up to do on a few). I will probably check the Gilbert book out from the library. I like her writing style, but I was more interested in some of the chapters of the first book than others. I'll be curious to see how it sells, since her other book was so popular. And I think I'd like Louise Erdrich and have a few of her books--I'm not sure why I haven't read her yet. But you know how that goes!


Wow, I didn't know that Tana French had a new one on the way. That's exciting! I did some poking around, and it does look like the main character of the third book will be someone introduced in the second. The guy's name is Frank Mackey; he was one of the cops in The Likeness. It should be interesting--his character wasn't super likeable in that book, but perhaps the new one will make us like him more!


I have not read any William Boyd just yet, will look for this one or any other by him at the library and I like the title of the Maggie O'Farrell - also new to me - so will make a note of it too.


Aargh - overcome by book lust! Only kidding, although there are some very tempting titles there. I am longing to try the Frank Tallis mysteries and will do so before long, I think.


Maire--Thanks for sharing the information--that's interesting. She seems to be writing her novels around the same group of people. I need to read her second book soon.
Catharina--I've not read any of his books either, though I do have his earlier novel, Restless on my pile. This new one sounds really good, too. Maggie O'Farrell is someone I have read and enjoyed. Looking forward to her new one, too.
Litlove--I understand how that goes. At least these are not due out until later in the spring, so they'll be something to look forward to! And I really liked the first Frank Tallis novel and can't wait to read the second. I think you would like the books.


Wow, a new E George and a new Tallis! E George's website doesn't mention this title, I'm so curious about it, even though I was kind of disappointed by Careless in Red. As for E Gilbert's Committed, I read excerpts in O magazine and it was still the same friendly tone - I'm a bit sceptic though.


Smithereens--Can you believe another George novel so soon? And a new Frank Tallis, though I have two more to read before I can even think of that one (though I'll still get it when I see it's been published). I'll get the Gilbert book from the library--not sure it's my thing either, but it might be interesting after reading about her relationship with the man she eventually married.

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