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Happy Christmas, Danielle!
(We are having our first ever white one!)


Merry Christmas!

Kristen M.

Merry Christmas! We are snow-less in the Pacific Northwest this year but it's okay. Have a fantastic holiday!


We are scheduled for a white Christmas as well (although now it is just in the form of ice).

I wish you safe travels to family celebrations and a very Merry Christmas once you get there!


Merry Christmas to you! Have a safe and relaxing holiday!


Merry Christmas, Danielle! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and keep warm :)


Merry Christmas Danielle! Have a safe trip to the family and a happy day!


Merry Christmas Danielle! Have a happy holiday with your family. Looking forward to your 2010 reviews!


Enjoy the figgy pudding, a cup of good cheer and visions of bookshop gift certificates dancing in your head!

Merry Christmas Danielle!


Happy Christmas! May it bring you joy, peace and...oh, yeah, books!

Carl V.

Merry Christmas to you Danielle! I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday. As I sit here and listen to the wind howl and watch the snow fall I certainly do wish you the safest of travels.


I truely hope you have been able to travel safely to your family celebrations. What I heard on the news about wheather conditions in the mid(west)was not very good. Our snow is slowly melting away now.
A very Happy Christmas Danielle.


Many thanks everyone for the holiday wishes and I am sending those kind wishes back at you! Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!

Ex Libris

Merry Christmas, Danielle! Sounds like you are having great reading weather :) Hope you are able to dig out soon. Have a great holiday!


Merry Christmas Danielle - hope you stay safe and warm. We are having rain, rain, rain here in Australia (but no snow!)


Merry Christmas Danielle!

Mad Housewife

Merry Christmas! I'm sorry you got snowed-in. Your photos of the snow are beautiful but I know the snow is prettier to look at than to endure.

Happy reading!


Merry Christmas to you, Danielle! I know it's nice to be with your family on Christmas Day, but I can think of worse ways to spend it than in the warm with a good book.


Lots of people hope for a white Christmas, but maybe not quite *that* white. Straight rain here at my house, but we still had a nice Christmas despite my slight disappointment in the weather. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas whatever day you can get out to spend it with your family!


Merry Christmas Danielle! I hope you have a safe trip to your family celebrations today, and enjoyed a cozy day inside with your books yesterday.

I've just caught up with your posts from the last week, and didn't realize you had two cats. They are adorable, and perfect companions for winter reading, aren't they?!


Looked like you had a very white Christmas. Happy Holidays...sorry I've been out of the loop lately due to family trouble.


Oh, what a lovely drift! Looks lovely to go out and play in for a while, then come in, change clothes, and snuggle on the sofa with a good book!


A very peaceful and contented and WARM Christmas to you, dear Danielle. Wow - being snowed in sounds like the start of a novel! Ours has finally gone, which was just as well because it was all grey ice and not very pretty. Do very much hope you've found just the books to suit the situation. Take good care of yourself and stay safe and cosy.


ExLibris--If nothing else I have enough Christmas cookies to keep me going for a while! :) We're watching for a snow plow to visit out street soon!
Karen--I think I'll trade you for that rain! :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!
Sarah--Happy Holidays to you, too!
Mad Housewife--It was sort of fun at first--certainly pretty to look at but now I wish the streets and sidewalks were at least clean. At least I have next week off from work. Will be doing lots of reading.
Cath--I'm really lucky actually--it would have been awful to spend the holiday in an airport or worse in a car on a closed highway! At least I had a refrigerator, warm sofa and lots of books!
Megan--I think too many people must have been wishing for a white Christmas all at the same time--LOL. An inch would have been just fine with me. It was a strange holiday, but still nice to be with family.
Debby--My cats are a momma cat and her baby, even though Chispa is a big baby and bigger than Dulce! They are warm when they lay on your lap, aren't they?! I did get to see my family today, which was very enjoyable, though we couldn't stay long due to the not very clean roads. It will melt....eventually!
Matthew--I was so sorry to hear about your dad and hope he is on the mend now! Hope you had a nice holiday as well--and a sunny one, too!
LindaY--You should see some of the drifts in my back yard. I expect lots of little kids will be sledding in the days to come! I think I will stick to my books and warm blanket.
Litlove--Oh yes, please warm! Being snowed in is like a bad novel (when it's happening to yourself anyway). Glad to hear yours has melted--it makes for a sloppy mess, doesn't it. I think ours might hang around for a while. Oh well, another reason to stay inside with a good book. Hope you had a lovely holiday, too!


Merry Christmas! I hope you managed to get to your family gathering. Incredible amount of snow where you are!

Dorothy W.

That's a lot of snow! I'm glad you spent the day safely at home -- much better than some kind of traffic nightmare. A day spent reading is a pretty nice holiday, right?


Sakura--I hope you had a lovely holiday too! My family celebrated yesterday, which was nice. And we've not seen this much snow in years. I hope this is all we'll get this winter!!


Dorothy--What a mess. All of last week was sort of miserable. I can't believe we got that much and we're still digging out. So far the City has not done a good job with clean up. What bizarre weather and all over the US. I, too, hope this is all the snow we see this season. I need to move somewhere more temperate.

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