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Recently I've been watching the wonderful HBO series John Adams, and it's made me really interested in the lives of the early American settlers, male and female. Abigal Adams seems to have been a remarkable woman so will be interested to hear about the other women in this book.


Ooh I so nearly bought this book once when browsing on! Very interested indeed to hear what you think of it as I was most tempted.


Ooh, this sounds fascinating! Can't wait to hear more about it!


Ditto Stefanie's comments. A lot of what was previously known about the Founding Fathers was "revised" by the Victorians. I believe there is a figure that states that at least 1/3 of colonial brides were pregnant at the time of their marriage; not sure how accurate that figure is.


Sarah--I should borrow that miniseries from my library--I'd heard good things about it. And wasn't Abigail Adams great? I have a book of letters they exchanged that I've been meaning to read. I did read a bio of her ages ago. This should be a good read going by that first little taste.
Litlove--I wonder if there would be information in it for your motherhood book? It looks like very interesting reading and I will certainly share how it goes.
Stefanie--I like this sort of book that looks at history from a feminine perspective. It does sound fascinating.
LindaY--How interesting--I had not heard that but I wouldn't be surprised. They probably sanitized things a bit. Now that's a big number of women who were pregnant before marriage, but maybe it wasn't at all unusual--I wonder if this book will talk about it?

Dorothy W.

That seems like an odd title if the book is mostly about women. Still, the book sounds very good -- it's always interesting to know details of how people lived in earlier times, and I love it when people can make the time period come to life.


Dorothy--I like that type of nonfiction read as well. I wonder if the author/publisher is capitalizing on using the Founding Fathers to sell the book in fear readers won't want to read a book about the women? Or maybe not. When I realized it was about the women I became instantly interested.

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