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Hi Dani -- this sounds like the perfect holiday read. Thank you for your wonderful blog, from which I glean all too many book recommendations!
Merry Christmas - Karen


Did you know that Devil's Cub is a sequel of sorts to These Old Shades?


Oh this does sound like fun doesn't it! I'm glad you mentioned The Corinthian as it gives me a place to start when I finally get around to reading Heyer's books.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Danielle!


Karen--It was very entertaining indeed! She's always a good fallback author, I've found. Thanks so much for your kind comment and have a Very Merry Christmas, too!
Becky--Oh, thanks, I'll have to check that one out, I didn't realize that. I think some characters in some book show up in other novels as well--it's fun to trace them through.
Darlene--I think The Corinthian is just about my favorite--very fun. I also really liked A Civil Contract that I read along with Cornflower's bookgroup! And have a lovely Holiday as well! :)

Dorothy W.

Fun! I'm always curious to hear about Heyer's darker novels; I like the light ones I've read, but darker is interesting too. She's such a fascinating person!


Dorothy--She really was an interesting person and I think I will have to reread her biography after I've read a few more of her books. It's interesting to see what her earlier books were like--for an early novel it was very good, though it had such a different feel to it than her fluffier stories. And you're right dark novels can be really very interesting sometimes.

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