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I've been looking forward to reading this one. I haven't yet read any of Charles Todd's (who is a mother/son writing duo you know) other series. I mean to. Thanks for a very comprehensive review. It whets the appetite. :-)


I love the Inspector Rutledge series but started this one and it didn't hold my attention at all; after your positive review, I think I will give it another try.


Plate o' shrimp.

My friend C. recommeded the Rutledge series to me just this afternoon. She thought I would like them and I've already downloaded a sample on the Kindle.

I told her even if the Todds didn't turn out to be my thing, I thought they would appeal to you. Should have known you'd have already read them! :)

She's reading the Bess Crawford now herself.


Kay--I had no idea there were two authors until very recently. I don't mind, though, they seem to work well enough for me. And don't worry--I only gave the minimum away in terms of plot--not much more than the book blurb describes. I hope you like it when you get to it.
Cathy--Too bad about this one. I read some Amazon reviews and some readers loved it and some not so much. It just clicked for me and I didn't want to put it down. I think I liked Bess and just wanted to keep reading to find out what happened. It does have some weak points, but I think there's lots of potential. I really do need to go back to the Inspector Rutledge series, too!
Susan--I'll be curious to see if you like it. It is a little different. If it's not your thing at least it was a freebie download--it's nice they let you do that. This is right up my alley. I thought at first this was just another Rutledge mystery so I blew it off thinking I have several unread books and would just wait for paper. I was excited to see Todd's writing a new story. Of course by the time I figured it out the library line was really long, so I splurged and bought the book. I'm glad I liked it or would have been mad at having bought a hardcover! :) Feel free to pass along reading suggestions like this anytime though.


Will check the library for this one as I love the sound of it.


This sounds very good, and definitely worth a try! Have you read David Roberts, Danielle? His books aren't perfect, but they are fun reads, very easy and enjoyable, about the aristocratic Lord Edward Corinth and his girlfriend, Verity, who is a Communist. They're set between the wars. I do love this territory too!


This is intriguing. I like the idea of Maisie Dobbs, but the books themselves don't do much for me. Maybe this would scratch the period mystery itch that Maisie doesn't.


You've intrigued me with this one and the good news is that my library has it on the shelves! Hold is placed, can't wait to find out more.


This sounds really interesting. Family secrets sorts of mysteries are somehow more appealing to me than the usual murder mystery.

Dorothy W.

This sounds fun, and I like the idea of it being set in the middle of the war -- that must be interesting to read about. I like reading these kinds of books for the period detail as for anything else, really. Certainly Maisie is fun to read for that reason.


ordered from Library
Lovely review THANKS!


I'm so glad you wrote about this, as I haven't come across this book or author. I'm definitley going to check it out.


There's only one Winspear: Birds of a Feather and one Todd: The Red Door at my library so they cannot fulfill my wish to read a series from the beginning, but the timesetting sounds so tempting that I guess I will bring home either one or both of them anyway soon.

Margaret Powling

Ooh, how could I resist. Have now ordered this on Amazon! This is the third book I've ordered today having read various literary blogs. I shall have to ration reading literary blogs because this invariably happens! The Winspear books are wonderful, I have them all. Well, except the first one which I lent to someone who failed to return it!


Cath--You'll have to let me know what you think of it when you get to it!
Litlove--I'm not at all familiar with David Roberts, but now I will be looking for his books--that's my favorite period of late. When it comes to cozy mysteries I don't mind if they aren't perfect (not all books can be perfect) if they are in some other way compelling reads. That's sort of how this one was!
Teresa--Bess is only a bit like Maisie--just the nursing aspect. You might like her as an alternative. There are lots of other authors working with this period to try it seems!
Darlene--Glad you're getting it. It's a quick read. I know you don't read a lot of mysteries, but it's not really typical police procedural, so I hope you'll enjoy it!
Stefanie--I know what you mean. I sort of like those gossipy kinds of plots--not a lot of blood but a problem to work out. And I like all the period details, too.
Dorothy--I like learning more about the period through these books--if only peripherally. There's not really a lot of 'war scenes', but Bess returns to France at the end of the book, so I'm curious how the author will integrate that into the next book.
Val--I hope you like it as well. I would have gotten it from the library but the line was too long and I didn't want to wait! :)
Tara--I've enjoyed his other books as well and didn't even realize at first that this was a new series. I'm glad someone pointed it out to me! I hope you like it!
Catharina--Too bad they aren't the first in the series, but it probably doesn't matter all that much. The first Maisie Dobbs goes back and tells about her youth, which is nice to know, but I think Winspear is good about filling in the details (and not too blatantly) in each book so the reader isn't lost if they haven't read the previous book.
Margaret--I have the same problem!! I do try and get a book from the library first, but often the books I want have only been published in the UK, so I break down and order them. I'm trying to just write them down at the moment and ration out my purchases. I also like Maisie and think this series has potential. Charles Todd is actually a mother-son team and they are American, so I'll be curious how accurate they were with details. I'm glad I'm not the only one tempted by the books I read about!


*Love* the sound of this one, must check the library catalogue.


Sounds like a good one, and I need to get to Maisie too!

Margaret Powling

Yes, I read that they were a mother & son writing team. I should hate to 'share' my writing in this way, and how do they decide who writes what? A chapter each, alternately, or perhaps they choose to be 'characters' and then write from their character's viewpoint?
Would love to know more, but their website doesn't give anything away regarding their writing process.

Carl V.

I've read a handful of the Rutledge books and really enjoyed them. I think what he does with the character actually works very well. My wife is a big fan and has read them all, so of course I made sure she saw this as soon as it came out. She really enjoyed it, from what I remember.


Cath--I hope your library has the book--or will be getting it soon. It's fairly new here.
Debby--It's a nice cozy mystery and you have to give Maisie Dobbs a try if you haven't yet!
Margaret--It is interesting to think how writers collaborate on a novel. I'm curious, too, how they work. I took a peek at their website but didn't get a chance to read too much. I didn't even realize until recently that it was more than one person writing the books--and I think the Rutledge series has been around for a while now.
Carl--It's been too long since I read the Rutledge books--I should go back and start from the beginning again. Did you see that there is a new Maisie Dobbs mystery? It's due out in April--you'll have to tell your wife. She and I should swap authors sometime since we seem to like the same period for mysteries!!


I look forward to this one as I've enjoyed so many of the Inspector Rutledge novels!


Jenclair--It's been too long since I read the Rutledge books so I can't compare them, but I really liked this one. And I need to go back to the other books now while I'm waiting for the next one!

Kristen M.

This one is right near the top of my TBR pile next to the bed. I'm hoping to get to it in February because it sounds like the start to a good series. Luckily I'm still in the middle of the Maisie Dobbs books too so I have plenty of good mysteries ahead of me!


Kristen--I hope you enjoy it. I thought it was a good first novel. Perhaps not perfect, but I enjoyed it and am looking for the next book. And I'm reading the newest Maisie Dobbs now, which I always enjoy!


You made it so suspenseful I want to buy the book right now! But I'll be reasonable and wait until my birthday, perhaps?


Smithereens--Have I made you curious? I was bad and didn't even wait for a library copy, so I am glad I enjoyed it after buying it in hardcover! Now I will have to be patient and wait for the next one!

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