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I've been interested in M K Fisher since I read a Joan Acocella review of her work. This sounds delightful and thank you so much as ever, Danielle for informing me so well on a literary figure I'd heard about but had no chance to get acquainted with.

Amy Reads Good Books

Interesting! I've always thought of Fisher as a food writer. I'd love to check this one out.


Essays are one of the things I never read and I really should. Thank you for reminding me that this is yet another genre on my list to read more of this year.


Litlove--I'd love to read what Joan Acocella wrote about her. She seems like an interesting woman and I'd love to read about her life in France. A short essay is a nice introduction to her work!
Amy--That's what I assumed as well. Certainly this essay is about her reminisces over food. I'm curious what else she wrote about!
Kathleen--I love the essays I've read, but I never seem to pick them up either. I'm trying to read an essay a week this year!

Dorothy W.

I've never read Fisher and missed that essay in the Lopate book. I'm just not much of a foodie and tend to think that food writing won't interest me. But that's probably not true -- if someone is a good writer, they can make writing about food fascinating, I'm sure. I'll have to make sure I read her one of these days!


Dorothy--I've never had much interest in reading authors who write about food, but I have been interested in MFK Fisher for a long time now. I've had a book about Provence she wrote for years that I've never gotten to. This was really good and sort of humorous, too--especially the stories about her family. I'm curious to read some of her other essays now.


Essays are a genre strangely unpopular in France (I suspect we prefer philosophy, but personally I don't)... I'm curious about this book, it looks very interesting!


Mmm, this is making me hungry. I read an MFK Fisher book years ago and while her writing is marvelous the book was about food and she is definitely not a vegetarian so we didn't really get along. Maybe I will have to try and find some of her non-food writing sometime.


Smithereens--I have never studied philosophy--that's something I really should rectify! I do love essays. You should look for this book--it has a nice variety of authors and the essays are all written in various periods.
Stefanie--To be honest some of the more gourmet foodie type books don't appeal to me either--foie gras and all that stuff just isn't to my taste no matter how sophisticated it may be. I have a book by her about Provence that looks good--I think she must have some non food books out there! This was a fun essay, though, even if I don't like mayo I got a kick out of how her grandmother made it!

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