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What an interesting post! You've got a whole variety of wonderful books in your collection.
I think that "Portrait of a Lady" is James at his best and not a daunting read. I love Elizabeth Jane Howard and nobody writes about repression as well as Ishiguro. As always, you've given me additions to my ever-growing list of books that will keep me busy reading until I am about 600 years old!


What a delightful find. Your page and random list was just what I needed on a rainy day. Some of the books have escaped my avid search for new and wonderful reading...but now I look forward to finding them. The search is on! In particular for the Cazalet Chronicles. I too am very fond on that time period between the Wars. Thank you so much.


That's a pretty fun meme. I'm too tired to go pulling near a dozen books off the shelves right now, but I might do it tomorrow. I liked seeing your selections.

Dorothy W.

That does seem pretty representative of your reading tastes! This meme sounds like a lot of fun, and I may give it a try one day. I will probably go visit a bunch of different shelves to find different types of books.


Wow, I think all the books you randomly picked actually reflect your reading tastes. Mysteries, non-fiction, historical novels, biographies, etc... Great post!


Natalie--I'm glad to hear this Henry James is not as hard as I think it is! I've wanted to read it for ages. I think I have enough reading material to keep me busy for a few centuries as well! :)
Sheilah--I love the Cazalet Chronicles and felt like starting in on the second one as soon as I had it in my hands! She's marvelous. There is also a BBC film made from the first few books! Do look for them--they are easy and entertaining reading.
Jeane--It's fun pulling them out and less fun putting them back! I suggest just one photo, too (all that resizing...!). I'll watch for your list.
Dorothy--I tried to vary things, but I didn't come up with anything too surprising! It's fun having a meme like this on hand for a rainy day. And it's fun seeing what books are on other reader's shelves!
Mrs. B--They were all totally in line with what I read--not surprising I suppose since they are on my shelves, but I thought I might find a tricky book or two in the bunch. The ones I've read I've loved and the others I look forward to reading.


What it tells me is that I would LOVE to spend some time browsing your bookshelves! If only, eh?

Liz F

Another great post, thank you. I agree with Litlove - you have enough books that I have read/want to read to know that I can trust your recommendation so any that are unfamiliar go straight onto my list of must-reads. Just as soon as I have fished my Cazalet Chronicles off the shelf and re-read them!


Hi..interesting post. Again a completely unrelated post. I got my copy of the Persephone biannual catalog and there was your views on "Greenery Street" under Our Bloggers sections!!
It was so cool to see that.


I think the selection is very representative of you and, like Litlove, I'd love to browse your shelves! I'll have to do this one sometime but it makes me worried that I will want to suddenly read all the books I select!


Litlove--It would be nice to have a fellow booklover look through my shelves rather than the shocked looks I usually get! :) they say, have you Read all those books...?
LizF--It's really nice to share similar tastes in books with another reader. I love being able to exchange reading suggestions. And I've been eyeing that second book of the Cazalet Chronicles. Surely I can fit one more read in??
Vipula--I was so surprised to see my name and the excerpt from my post there. It's a little weird to read your own words in another context like that. I did love Greenery Street--such a nice read!
Stefanie--Ditto--I remember a photo you posted of your bookcases and I share the same sentiments! I seem to be having that problem now...wanting to start new books--at least one of these is sitting next to my bed...ahem.

desperate reader

I loved doing this meme and have loved reading other peoples selections even more. It's a while since I've read Arturo Perez - Reverte and think I'll look out for an Alatriste adventure - not read any yet and might be just what I need at the moment to take my mind off all the books I should be reading. Perfect timing really because I'm in a library at the moment...


Desperate Reader--I think I have nearly all of APR's books, though I haven't read all of them yet. I love adventure stories--they are great for escapism. I hope you like Captain Alatriste if you find him in the library! :)


Love this meme. I may have to steal it and play this week! :)


Iliana--Feel free. I look forward to your list!

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