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Dorothy W.

I haven't read many historical novels, but you do make them sound fun! It sounds good that Chadwick could describe the characters with depth and yet tell a good story too and cover a lot of time. That's really a lot to accomplish. As long as I had reason to think the author knew what he/she was writing about in terms of historical detail (and it sounds like Chadwick does know her stuff), I think I would enjoy this.


Dorothy--I haven't been setting out to read lots of historical fiction, but that just seems to be what I've been picking up lately. This is really easy going reading actually though she seems to have done a lot of research and used primary sources to write about William Marshal. This is sort of escapist fiction, but at least she's tried to be accurate. I should probably try and read more history and not just historical fiction, but you know how it goes.


I don't read as much historical fiction now as I used to do. I used to read practically nothing else, but I haven't read any of Elizabeth Chadwick's books, even though I have The Winter Mantle, set in the time of William the Conqueror, which looks good.

Did you know she has a blog?


I really enjoyed the Chadwick novel I read and hope to get to more this year - and this one is high on my list. I'm kind of odd about historical fiction as I need the story to bounce along in a jolly, easy way. If it's too difficult or detailed or intense, I lose interest, which I'm sure is bad of me, but there it is! I'd also like to read more Emma Darwin and Phillipa Gregory this year. Both historical authors I've enjoyed in the past.


I am slowly but surely working my way through Elizabeth Chadwick's backlist and loving it! I am trying to do it slowly so that I can stretch them out, but I know it is not going to last too much longer. Thank goodness for a new book in May!

So glad that you enjoyed this and that you are reading more Chadwick.


This sounds like fun and you zoomed right through it! I'll have to put it on my TBR list for a time when I feel like an escape.


BooksPlease--I tend to go in phases. I don't really set out to read historical fiction, but I think I find those settings so interesting that's just what I pick up in the end. Thanks for the link--I didn't realize she had a blog--I'll be curious to read it!
Litlove--I know what you mean and this does move along at a nice pace and doesn't get bogged down by details. I expect her books are similar in this, so I am looking forward to reading more. I've yet to read either Emma Darwin or Philippa Gregory. I have one of Emma's books which looks good and I am sure I must have something by Philippa as well. There's so much historical fiction out there, it's nice to have good authors to fall back on.
Marg--She has quite a few novels so that's quite an accomplishment for having read most of them as they seem like they are pretty chunky reads. I have two others on hand. I didn't realize she had a new one coming out. I will have to check out her blog!
Stefanie--This did go really fast for such a big book (if only I could do the same with Dickens! Ha). She seems like a good escapist author. And the nice thing is this was a library book over 500 pages which means I can count it as two reads for my Winter Reading Program! :) It feels like cheating, but I'm not the fastest reader.

Jennifer Dee

I'm glad that you liked this book; it is one of my all time favourites of this period. I love the Middle Ages and so read anything I can get hold of. I also studied this period for awhile. It was the first Elizabeth Chadwick that I have read and was impressed with her research, so the next on my list is 'The Scarlet Lion'. I have to say that I like Chadwick's writing more than I did Hilary Mantel in 'Wolf Hall'.


Jennifer Dee--This is my first by her as well! I've not read a whole lot about this period, not lately in any case, but she really brought the story and setting alive! I also have The Scarlet Lion on my bedside pile and hope to start it soon. I'll be reading more of her books as well! I've yet to read any Hilary Mantel--I'm curious about Wolf Hall but will wait until paperback I think to give her a try.


I've been ignoring this one because it's sitting around the 3 for 2 tables and the cover and blurb made it seem a little overblown. But now I think it sounds just right and I'm into familiar with this period at all so it could be a good starting point. Thanks for the recommendation!


Jodie--I almost hate those three for two deals. I wish they would pick books that were off the beaten path, but they never do, do they? I really enjoyed this. It's not heavy reading, yet she covers a lot of ground. If you like history--this period especially, it might be worth a try. It's great escapist lit.

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