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This is a new series to me. Sounds interesting. The picture, by the way, is great!:)



This really is an excellent series. I liked it a lot from the start, but book 8 is the one that really got my enthusiasm going. The Campaigners (book 14?), which I just finished, is my favorite so far. I do hope that the Sourcebook reissues generate some new interest!

Elaine Simpson-Long

Thanks for this - I am a Woman on a Mission at the moment and think this is a very short sighted decision. If anybody would like to nip over to Random Jottings and leave a comment I would really appreciate it.


Tiina--I came across this a few years ago in a book catalog and it sounded right up my alley. It's fun following a family from book to book. I have most of the books and was trying to be creative with them! :)
Teresa--I've really enjoyed the books I read and am always ready to start the next after I finish one. Perhaps I will do the same as you and read one a month! It looks like they only get better as they go and I am close to book eight! The Sourcebooks reissues look very nice, too.
Elaine--Hopefully readers here will click on over to you! I do hope they reconsider as she is so close to finishing out the story. Besides, I hate to think of the books going out of print--they just need to be marketed the right way and perhaps re-jacketed!


I only have read the first few books of this series, but I have really enjoyed them!

I will post a link to Elaine's over at Historical Tapestry as I know we have a few Moreland fans, and will post over at as well.


Marg--Thanks, that's great. The books are so enjoyable I really hate to see them disappear and I suspect many fans don't know that this has even happened.


That series is huge and I have quite an urge to start it! This spells trouble.

Margaret Powling

I have known of this series for a long time, but have not delved deeper as I have so many TBR books. However, I have now been tempted and have ordered The Founding from Amazon. 32+ books is a daunting prospect, but if it's as good as others say it is (the series, I mean) then I have much to look forward to!


I have enjoyed the first few books in this series greatly and always look forward to the next. Thanks for bringing the problem to our attention! Someone is making a mistake!!!!


I love this weries, too! It's too bad that she won't continue to publish it with her current publisher. But maybe Sourcebooks will help her out a bit. I'm up through book 11, so I too have a ways to go in the series!


I'm pretty sure I've read some of your posts on this series but I've never tried it. When I was reading this post I'm thinking oh I don't know if I could read a series that long but it's not different from a long standing mystery series in a way isn't it?

Dorothy W.

It sounds like a great series, and so many people speak of it highly, which makes me curious. That's too bad about her contract renewal -- I hope she can continue to get the books published! There's something appealing about a family saga that goes on so long and covers so many years.


Jodie--They are addictive when you start. I know I've enjoyed the books I've read.
Margaret--It is a little daunting to start reading a series of books when there are so many. It might be worth just getting the first and seeing if you like it. Although it's about one family I've not had a problem reading the books so spaced out. There is a family tree in each book and each story is about a new (more or less) branch of the family. So far anyway.
Cathy--I don't think they realize how many people read and enjoy the books. I guess they only worry about their profit, which is of course understandable, but it would be a shame to let this one fizzle out!
Katherine--The Sourcebooks editions do look nice. I'm glad they are picking up the books, but I hope they will also publish her new ones as well.
Iliana--I don't think I can think of another long series of novels I've read like this. There are certainly lots of mystery writers with lots of books with one character. If you like historical fiction, these are really good, but you're right it is a bit of a commitment!
Dorothy--I can't believe they are just dropping her when she is so close to the end, but I guess it means they also just won't be printing anymore of the books at all! I do enjoy them and think they are well researched and written. If you like historical fiction they are certainly worth trying out. And I also love the idea of following one family and seeing how they change over time--each new branch of the family and generation. She had a great idea--I think she hadn't really planned on it becoming so long!

Table Talk

I wish I'd known about these when my mother was still alive. They are just the sort of book she loved and 32 volumes would have kept her going for ages.


I've heard of this series but never read any. How mean of the publishers to cut her off at the last moment like that! Hopefully it will all get sorted out now, and the publicity over the case will raise her profile again and introduce the books to new readers.


I hope she gets to publish the last books in the saga. How terrible to be so close and then be told she can't finish. If here current publisher doesn't let her finish maybe Sourcebooks will do her final ones.


Table Talk--This really is a series-lover's dream! Some people really love those ongoing stories. I enjoy them, too, but as you can see I like to do lots of interspersing as well.
Litlove--Isn't it a shame to leave her and her reader's hanging?! I don't imagine the publisher will listen to any of us, but maybe a different one will take her books up and publish the remaining ones. I think there are lots of potential new readers out there.
Stefanie--I hope so too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sourcebooks is going to pick things up. They seem to be publishing lots of British authors, which makes me happy.

jean smith

I love these books I have 1 for Christmas each year. I'm on book 33 and was looking forward to reading many more. i think the publishers are stupid to end a series before the end, so I hope someone else while start to publish them instead.


Jean--You're much farther than me! I really need to get back to them as I really enjoy the stories. Sourcebooks in the US is publishing them, but they've started from the beginning and have a long way to catch up, I'm afraid. I do hope she'll get to finish the Morland story in some way--she's so close it is a pity that any publisher would drop her!


I've just finished book 25 The Question and feel part of the family....cannot imagine how I will feel when I get to the end, dreading the day.


Janet--I'm still back in the early days of the Morlands--still in the Restoration era, though I think after the book I've got sitting on my reading pile is finished I will be in Georgian England (happily...since I am not a fan of Anunciata!). I'm sort of glad it has taken me so long to read the books as I still have the majority of them ahead of me, but I know what you's easy to get wrapped up in the drama of their lives.

Barbara Le Cornu

Have nearly finished 34 having read one year since the start. I can' t believe this is the last. I'm devastated!

Barbara Le Cornu

That's 1 a year since the start.


Barbara Le Cornu--Wow--that is quite an accomplishment to finish them. I know of one other lady who has read them all and also just read the final book not too long ago. She also enjoyed the experience. I admit that I am sort of stuck in the Restoration period--am not a fan of Anunciata, but I need to get past the book I am on so I can get into the Georgian period. It's really a pity she is not going to write more--she could probably self publish or do ebooks and people would still buy them!

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