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Dorothy W.

This sounds really interesting! I'd never heard of the author or title, so I'm glad to learn about something new. And I'm not really familiar with the press either, so I'll have to check them out. I think I might enjoy reading about the dark side of a community like The Cascade.


The words "reminiscent of Barbara Vine" piqued my interest right away, especially since I'm trying to read more books by international authors. I had a peek at the Bitter Lemon website, and they do have an exciting catalogue.


Dorothy--I'm not sure where I first discovered Bitter Lemon Press (probably through the Euro Crime blog), but they have a great list of international authors. I hadn't heard of Claudia Pineiro either, but I hope they translate more of her books into English. I really liked this novel--not really very crime-ish, but still so interesting and well constructed. I'd love to see the movie, too, though doubt it will ever come here!
Teresa--Between the psychological insight into the characters and their motivations and the stress on contemporary society, the book reminded me a lot of Barbara Vine/Ruth Rendell. Granted there is a different slant culturally, but this is just the sort of novel I like to read. I've gotten a few of their other books from the library and may have to order a few as well! And I also want to read more international fiction!


I love true crime novels and this sounds like some good crime fiction!


This sounds really good! You have such a talent for making books I've never heard of sound like books I really must read!


This sounds good! I have to say though at first when I saw Thursday in the post title I was expecting it to be followed by "thirteen" and then I was confused because it isn't Thursday but for a moment I thought it could be.


I'm glad you wrote about this. The cover and the blurb rather put me off, but clearly they were deceptive and I must track down a copy.


Kathleen--I read somewhere that the book forshadowed an actual criminal case that was quite scandalous in Argentina. Although not heavy on crime details, if you like the psychological aspect, this is really good!
Litlove--I love finding off the beaten track books. I tend to read a good number of books that already get lots of press, so it's nice to balance things out a bit!
Stefanie--If it was Thursday then tomorrow would already be Friday and one more day closer to sleeping in! I like my job and don't mind working, but it's the getting up in the cold and dark and getting there that is so tough! :) It was good and I hope they publish more of her work. I think this is the first book by an Argentine author I've read!
FleurFisher--It's sort of hard to tell from the cover just what the book is about. I really enjoyed this one and hope Bitter Lemon's other books are as good!


This was a really good review and has piqued my interest. Also I like the fact that it is by a Latin American writer - just ideal for my Lost in Translation project which is not making any progress!!


Vipula--I want to read more books in translation this year, so this was a good start. I think this is the first Argentinian author I've read. I'm happy some of these smaller presses are publishing more books by foreign authors as the big ones seem to ignore them most of the time.


Great review, Danielle! I've got this one waiting for me, as well, as The Lie. I can't wait to see what Bitter Lemon Press has for us. They do have a great name don't they? I've spent a bit of time on their website and get the feeling they'll become a favorite.


Iliana--I'm really liking The Lie and plan on looking for more of the author's books. They seem to publish really good stuff so I will be keeping an eye on them!

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